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    I Love My Goat Girls

    I have been meaning to post pics of my goats for quite a while... so here goes: These are pictures of my Standard and Mini Silky Fainter does in the pasture just the other day. And I had to take pics of my fat mini boys, too. The photo session ended when my gelding (the grey-looking silver bay)...
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    OMG What a nightmare!

    My step-daughter bought a horse (a Paint horse) at an auction last year, brought it home, handled him for two weeks. He kicked her (spooked) and then she didn't handle him again...for six months. Meanwhile, it was up to me to feed and water him- step-daughter did pay for his hay. I have a baby...
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    Cat problem

    oops double post
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    Cats ticking me off

    I have 6 cats. Only one seems capable of using the dang litter box. I have three clean litter boxes: two in the laundry room, where most cats sleep, and one in the living room. All cats are allowed in the laundry room as they please because it's cold out and I can keep the door closed so they...
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    Goat People

    Is there a particular goat forum that you would recommend? I've browsed a few. I'd like to find one that has the kind of "family" feel that I find on here.
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    September- Crazy Month

    What a month! If I didn't have pictures, even I wouldn't believe it. September 1st: Wonderful day! My daughter Gracie Lou was born. September 13th: Not so great. A severe thunderstorm sent golfball- to softball- sized hailstones ripping through our little town, destroying any car or house...
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    Is it a sin...

    We live in rural Ithaca, NE. Our neighbors live about 1/2 mile away "in town". They are good people- they help us out, we help them. Currently we are boarding their horses and two of their dogs on our property- no charge. They are technically the grown daughter's critters, but she has little...
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    New kids! Updated!

    My fainter doe had quadruplets last night during a horrendous thunderstorm. Fortunately, I had decided THAT day to put her in the kidding pen a day earlier than she was due. I expected to have to wait ten days. All are healthy, one is a bit small. One looks to have a contracted tendon on his...
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    Put our Saint to sleep

    First of all, I wanted to thank all of you for your kind words, thoughts and advice regarding my posting earlier this month. As you may recall my Saint Bernard had Eosinophilic Myositis which caused her face to swell up and jaw muscles to waste away. Let's just say it wasn't pretty. After...
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    Eosinophilic Myositis

    Eosinophilic myositis, hopefully spelled right, is an auto-immune disease in large breed dogs and King Cavalier spaniels in which the dog's body attacks its own jaw or mandibular muscles. We have been fighting this disease with my St. Bernard for 10 months and I am just not seeing any end in...
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    Cats are driving me nuts

    Help! My six cats are in good health. They range from six months to seven years old and are indoor/outdoor cats. Ever since we had a blizzard last Tuesday, my cats have been spending a lot more time indoors. Three of my cats have decided that the carpet makes a great potty- and convenient, too...
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    Goat Kid Jumping on Bullet

    I don't remember if I had posted this before, but this is from earlier this year and one of my pygmy kids was using Bullet, my large mini, as a trampoline while he was snoozing. Hopefully this video will work for you guys. Thanks for looking, enjoy.
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    Need help thinking of a farm name

    Hi guys, My husband is not too much help thinking of a farm name and many of you folks are really good at naming things. A little about us: we live on a small acreage (just under 5 acres)lined with cottonwood and elm trees next to the Silver Creek in Ithaca, NE. I have bunch of critters, many...
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    So Proud

    I don't know if anyone recalls, but I bought a mini horse from a teenage boy at a 4-H show last year. The 140lb 5'10' boy was riding him and the poor horse had a sign duct- taped to his rear :$75 obo. The kid guessed the horse's age at 2-3 years old and had no background info only that he'd had...
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    Is there a market for fainter/ silky goats?

    Okay, so I like goats and I have some pygmies and a Nubian and a Fainter buck. I would like to get some more fainters and a couple of silky fainters. I have a couple of does picked out that I like. They are really sweet and DON'T jump fences. My husband is afraid we are going to overrun with...
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    My boys

    Hi folks! I bathed and clipped my newish, black, 13 year old gelding Goliath and he did very well. He was the hairiest of the three boys I have, so he got clipped first. Next will be Trigger. I don't think I need to clip Bullet because he already shedded out just fine. Goliath in his winter...
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    Are there trainers in NE?

    I was wondering if anyone knows of someone who can to train my 4 year old gelding to drive.He is not world class, but he is a sweetheart and not spooky. He ground drives well, but I haven't put him to cart yet. Before I do, I wanted to see if there was anyone nearby that has more experience than...
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    Craigslist ad

    I like to browse Craigslist to see what kind of horses folks are selling and I came upon this ad in Omaha, NE: Greenbroke Building 8 yr old - $550 (ceresco). Yep, it was for a horse. I just had to, perhaps you mean "gelding"? He or she posted an ad in Lincoln listing the horse as a...
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    Got another potato chip

    I have been keeping my eyes open for an older black gelding, broke to drive and kid- friendly and just happened to find him on craigslist last week. He's no show pony: unregistered 13 year old with a slight overbite, but he's just the guy I was looking for. I think he's rather lovely with his...
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    Aaaaaghhh! What a day!

    Well, it's not unusual for 4 of my nearly dozen goats get out. I haven't figured out how all four of them do it, but two are great fence jumpers. They were out. No big deal; I coaxed them back into the pen and noticed they had opened a small gate- closed it. Went to my neighbor's house to...