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    Fair price for almost new cart?

    What does everyone think a fair price would be for a Kingston almost new (one year old, 6-10 drives on it) Kingston mini cart? Maybe 1/3 less than the going "new" model? Not sure how much to knock off the price without giving it away. Thanks.
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    Anybody here make a Buckboard?

    Hubby wants to make a sturdy buckboard for Cappy. It needs to be usable to carry small logs, manure tubs and stuff like that. He was thinking about buying a frame (you can get them at tractor suppy etc) and building on that. I am going to assume we need the front wheels to turn(and with...
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    Happy Thanksgiving to Those Who Celebrate :-)

    I hope everyone had a nice day.
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    Ryan Johnson how are you?

    Just wondering how you are. I don't think I have seen you post for awhile. Things OK in your neck of the woods?
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    Kicking Strap Advice Needed

    Peanut :confused::eek:o_O. That's all I'm gonna say, lol, because the title of the thread says it all.
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    Amish Voice Commands

    Anybody here familiar with the voice commands that the Amish use with their driving horses? I have one that was probably from Amish country and was wondering if he and I might be having a small language barrier :).
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    Harness fit question/breeching

    I bought a harness and I am not sure of the fit. Pretty sure it is too big for Peanut as I am one hole from the tightest on each side of the girt and if the leather stretches I will have no adjustments. It fits Cappy better, but the breeching looks big. The breeching rings where the holdback...
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    Grazing Muzzle Question

    How much does a grazing muzzle really limit grass consumption for minis? I use one on my welsh pony and it does limit his intake a lot, probably by 80%. My dry lot is full of fallen leaves and will be for amount a month. It is futile to rake or leaf blow it and then let them out as it fills...
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    How Small is too Small to Drive?

    I am considering a 30 inch mini for myself to drive. Do you think this is too small? He is a more refined type and four years old. Any hope of more growth? I know I shouldn't be hoping for more growth on a mini, but I am a fairly rugged lass to tote around. Mini would be used for Pleasure...
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    AMHA World Champ Live Feed???

    Anyone know where I can find the live feed for the AMHA World? I watch every year but can't find it this year. Many Thanks!
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    Hoof Boot Question/advice needed

    OK, so this is a two part question. First, do hoof boots usually make a noise when is use? Cappy's boots "floppity clop" with each step. I am wondering if this is normal. It is certainly annoying as heck to listen to :cool:. They stay on and are very snug at the end of his trim cycle, they...
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    I saw an eagle today

    My hubby, mom and I went out to breakfast this morning and on our way home we spotted an eagle. It was about a quarter of a mile from our house and we watched it fly almost over our property. It was quite low and we were able to get a good look. It was my first ever confirmed eagle spotting...
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    Has the name of the Forum changed?

    Has the name of the Forum changed? I don't see "Lil Beginnings" anywhere like I used to. Just curious!
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    Putting footman's loops on metal cart help, please :-)

    Has anyone added footman's loops to a metal cart?  If you have, how did you go about it?  Thank you!
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    AMHA World Live Feed

    Can anyone point me in the direction of the live feed for the AMHA World.   Can't find it!  Thank you! 
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    Fitting a harness saddle that has a tree questions

    It seems that I am at the point where I need to upgrade to a harness that has a tree in the back saddle.  I am not looking forward to this.  I love my harness, it is serving me well and it very easy for me to use and buckle (arthritis).  But Peanut is using himself differently and we are asking...
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    Royal Wedding/Beautiful Horses

    Did anyone watch the Royal Wedding?  The horses were beautiful. And the bride and groom were well turned out,  too :-).   I am always amazed when I see a carriage with a rider on the horses controlling them instead of someone driving them.   Wish I had a "Windsor Grey" in my barn.    I do not...
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    How to measure cart for leg room?

    My Kingston metal cart is a wee bit tight in the leg room department for me. I have fairly long legs and I can feel it in my hips after I go for a drive. I like to drive with one foot braced against the front of the cart as I feel more secure that way, but if I do, I'm a little scrunched. If I...
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    Quiessence/Remission question

    About eight days ago switched Peanut from Remission to Quiessence and yesterday noticed his crest was harder. Today when I was ground driving him I noticed he looked fatter, so I taped him. Yup, fatter. I weighed him the day I switched supplements and he has gained about 10 pounds. Has anyone...
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    Minis and Vaccinations

    Why do minis get the same amount (volume wise) in a vaccination as a full sized horse? I would think the dose would be adjusted down because of their small stature but it isn't. I asked my vet this and she did not have an answer. She actually wondered the same thing. Evidently the drug...