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    Palomino foal pics

    Can you guys with pictures of your palomino foals especially in winter coats please post for me?
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    My little girl is all growing up

    LOL, okay, she's only five months old, but she sure is getting grown up looking. I just weaned her early yesterday, and this is her second time with a halter on being led around, but she always was such a pocket baby that she is taking everything with grace and charm. I still have Diva's head to...
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    Today has been a great day!

    I got my cover art from Chippewa today for my october release (g rated, mainstream fiction) I just wanted to share it with you all. I'm having such a wonderful day.
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    My video on YouTube

    I just wanted to share this, I made this all by my little self (okay, you can tell. lol) It needs work but this is the first time I've ever done anything like it, so I just thought it was so cool. I didn't even know I had a program on this silly computer that could do it until a couple days ago...
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    Wireless internet questions

    Okay, I need help here on a subject that confuses the dickens out of me. Hubby has a laptop that has wireless capabilities. We've never used that type of thing before and are absolutely clueless as to how that works or how to go about getting service. So that would be question #1: anyone who...
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    I thought you all might get a kick out of this.

    1. Women are innately self-conscious. This is not a choice; it's a genderwide condition. On a bad day, I look in the mirror and see my ten-pound-heavier alter ego. Her name is Bertha. On a really bad day, Bertha sees her two-hundred-pound-heavier alter ego. Her name is Brian Dennehy. 2. Women...
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    Please post your pics of bucksin babies

    With a current issue regarding the color of my new filly, I'd greatly appreciate seeing pics once again of the buckskin babies born to you guys, most especially the ones that did in fact grow up, or are growing up) to become true buckskin (dark mane/tail) not silver buckskins. Thank you all so...
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    Need info for genetics testing labs

    Do any of you have links to genetic testing sites for labs that do parentage DNA's?
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    Imagine My Surprise

    My maiden mare that I purchased bred, and that kept going in and out of looking like she was going to deliver every other week for months, then for the past two weeks stopped looking bred at all, delivered a little surprise to us on Wednesday morning. I will have to hang my head, and admit I...
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    Cover Art for my novella being released in August

    Hi guys. I'm just so excited. I got my cover art today for the novella being released in August, and I just had to share it here. It's exactly what I envisioned for this story. Yeah, it's a steamy one. That's why I'm using the pseudonym Brandy Alexander rather than my own name which I usually...
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    Flower/weed ID help please

    In the 10 years we've been here I've never seen these before, and now they are all over our barn yard. No horses have access to them at the moment, although I do like to turn one or two out in the yard here occassionally, until I know what this is and if it's dangerous I haven't. Any help in...
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    Pic of Roller's first yearling clip

    Finally got roller clipped all the way, not just head and neck for the first time as a yearling. Dude needs some round penning. LOL Was doing it with him and he was doing really well until mare stare kicked in and my body decided round penning didn't need to be done. haha. Not the best of poses...
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    New pics, and also tale of horrible two week diahrea bought for week old filly

    Three weeks ago, our 5 day old filly Cinnamon developed severe diahrea. (coincidentally, or not, it happened to be the same day that she had that 'dead' sleep in the field that I posted frantically about. She never had another dead sleep episode, but that night she developed projectile water...
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    Finally thought of names for the girls

    What a year. I have never had such trouble thinking of names that 'stuck'. The two that were the hardest, actually seem like simple names, but for some reason just wouldn't come to me. So, without further ado. Introducing-- Country Havens In The Black (her call name is Diva though, just...
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    I just about had a heart attack. Anybody have this happen?

    I went out to the paddock to bring in the mares and their foals like I always do before evening feeding. Misty was at the gate and waiting as always. That girl never misses a meal, and her baby was right there by her side bouncing to go in. The other two mares were out in their various spots...
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    What a week! Mark is 3 for 3.

    (Edit: Pictures posted below) We had a heck of a week here. Sorry I haven't been on much. I announced our first foal last Thursday, but haven't had a chance to twitch since then. On Saturday I went to the Watseka show. Bob stayed to show halter then went back to the house to watch mares. I got...
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    New foal-color help please

    This is our new foal born last night. I'm thinking she's solid black, but her sides are so silvery. She has a dark black mane and tail, and it's black all down her black, but then turns silvery along her sides and legs. I know blacks sometimes look 'smokey' as new foals, and if her mom wasn't a...
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    First foal of the year for CHR

    It's a FILLY! My beloved old 21 year old, Misty had her filly last night at 11 pm. I was taking a nap while Bob watched the monitors and he came in to wake me up at about 10:30 because he had to go to work this morning. He said, keep an eye on Misty on camera 3, she's pacing, kicking, and...
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    Calling all Vegetable gardeners out there--help

    It has been years since I last had a garden, and finally this year I have a nice sizable garden tilled up, and partly planted. I thought all danger of frost was over so I planted all my mellons and zuchinnis a few days ago. Tonights weather forcast is saying 31 and frost after midnight. If the...
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    Got my new camera system

    Oh I'm so doing the happy dance. No more sleeping in the barn!!! We bought a cheap little camera a couple of years ago that worked okay (not great, but passable) in the old wood garage that we were using for a barn, but when we built the big barn (made out of metal) the camera wouldn't penetrate...