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    Oklahoma Miniature Horse Club

    There have been some changes to our calendar for 2015. See . Our first event is the Fat and Fuzzy get together this coming Saturday at Kelleyville. Come and join us for some fun times and a chance to get those novice horses/exhibiters out in public. No show clothes needed, but...
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    AMHA World Show

    Where can I find a list of classes?
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    Can't get Purina Equine Junior Anymore

    My one and only weanling is living with an older gelding. They both have been eating Junior. Now my feed store is discontinuing carrying it. I can still get the Senior. Would it be ok for the baby to eat Senior? Seems I have heard that some people do that.
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    Amateur Card

    Can anyone tell me if I can get my daughter-in-law an AMHR amateur card under my membership? Rita
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    What kind of Hay to buy

    As you know, we Okies are in a severe drought and hay is in short supply. I have always used bermuda since that is what is grown here. Now I'm shopping online to find the hay I need. I'm looking for small squares now. I can get orchard grass from Indiana, timothy from Michigan, and brome from...
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    National Top Tens

    WeeOkie's Tornado's Caveat, 13 years old, 31" gelding. This news is a little late, but just heard from his owners, Regis and Debora Hartnett, California. Caveat, or Chief as they call him, took home 7 Top Tens -- 6 in Pleasure (single) Driving and a 4th in his Open Halter class. I was so glad to...
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    New or Old Farmer's Almanac

    Which do you use, if you wean by the signs?
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    WeeOkie Farm Update

    It's been over 3 weeks ago now, and what a life changing experience. Did not have internet for over 2 weeks, then went on a planned vacation/reunion in Georgia for 6 days. Now I'm home, well, if you can call a little red barn a home. We were so lucky to find this little place only 3 miles from...
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    The original CowboyCasanova

    There may be several yearling Cowboy Casanovas, but I think mine is the only 2 y.o., named before Carrie Underwood made the name famous. Thank you to Frank and Charlotte for training him so well. He not only took Reserve Grand with my daughter-in-law in Amateur Junior Stallions, Level 1, but...
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    Christmas Card Request

    I recently received this email from Bobbie Smith about her husband who's health is failing. She asked that this be sent on to many people. I figured the best and kindest and largest group of people I know is the Lil Beginnings group. Many of you probably do know Bobbie, as she has been...
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    Equine Jr to weanlings

    I have fat bellied babies and don't know whether I'm feeding too much or not enough. I'm hoping some Purina Eq Jr users will chime in and let me know how much they're feeding. It is very difficult to go by the directions on the bag to figure what our little minis need. I am feeding l small...
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    Proud of my Boys

    I know you're into AMHR Nationals news now, but I just got these pictures and wanted to share them with you. Better late than never! WeeOkie's Cool Dude's Oasis, 4 y.o. 28-30" stallion went into 4 classes at the Central show and came out with 4 Reserve Championships -- open halter, amateur...
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    Website Updated

    I was slow getting the info to Mona, but she was fast and good, as usual. I invite you to take a look! I have pictures of my 4 Central Championship Show entries on my home page, and also got some quick pics of my 5 babies this year. Hopefully after the show next week, I can get some better...
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    Website Updated

    I finally got my computer problems worked out so I'm back to the Forum. Of course, I immediately started working on getting my babies online. I had 5 new fillies and 5 new colts. I invite you to take a look. Rita I forgot to mention - I added 3 new horses at the top of...
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    Do you geld during fly season?

    I have one that I need gelded, but am a little hesitant. What problems could I encounter, espoecially with the flies? Rita
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    Joint Ill

    I have a colt born 9 days ago who is limping on one of his front legs - no other symptoms. This started late Saturday, and I will be contacting the vet this morning when he opens. I'm thinking he probably just hurt himself with his antics playing with the other foals. Are there other symptoms...
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    Safe Arthritis Supplement?

    Does anyone know of or has used an effective arthritis supplement on a pregnant mare? I have a young mare (6 y.o.) that I would like to breed again. She got kicked in the shoulder which resulted in arthritis (as x-rayed) . I have had her on supplements for a year (which she needs) but I would...
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    Greener Pastures

    My sweet old mare lost her gallant fight for life last night and has gone on to greener pastures, where I'm sure she's running with the wind and munching all the green grass that her tummy can hold. She had gotten ill with a respiratory problem a couple of weeks ago, but had seemingly been able...
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    Website Update

    I finally got myself in gear and got my website updated. All my 2007 foals are up, as well as a lot of new For Sale horses. I invite you to take a look, and also many thanks to Mona for a great job. Rita
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    Stallion Breeding Age?

    I know this has been talked about before, but I can't find it. What are the rules concerning age to breed stallions. Do they have to be 3 before a baby is born, or just taken permanent before the foal can be registered? Thanks, Rita