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    New to the forum, new to minis! My sweet little filly, "Jewel". *pics*

    Welcome from Oklahoma! Where are you from? Love your little Jewel!
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    Oklahoma Miniature Horse Club

    We had a great time, with a good turnout!
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    stallion look up please

    He has 3 registered AMHA foals, one in 2012 and two in 2014. Could not find him in AMHR.
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    AMHR Studbook lookup

    Dry Creeks Night Rider. 30944 A
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    Oklahoma Miniature Horse Club

    There have been some changes to our calendar for 2015. See . Our first event is the Fat and Fuzzy get together this coming Saturday at Kelleyville. Come and join us for some fun times and a chance to get those novice horses/exhibiters out in public. No show clothes needed, but...
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    Tracking systems/ Paddock Paradise

    Seems a lot of people have viewed this but no one has responded. I'm guessing it's because no one has used the system, including me. It sounds like a great idea. Let us know how it turns out if you go for it.
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    "Equine Colic Relief"

    I've seen that product but haven't used it. I hope you hear from some who have. I'm very interested.
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    AMHA World Show

    Thanks, Debbie!
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    AMHA World Show

    Thanks, Debbie! But.....this is the 2013 schedule. I wonder if it's about the same.
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    AMHA World Show

    Where can I find a list of classes?
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    Eye problem--at wit's end

    Marsha, I'm so sorry to read about Bridgette. You can know that she had a great last year with to learn to drive and you took good care of all her issues. If you're still looking for a companion for Dapper Dan, you're welcome to come up and pick out one of my geldings. Got too many...
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    The secret now known as Spanky, new pics pg 2

    Would be cheaper to bring him permanent as a gelding!
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    Vet prices

    Thanks shorthorsemom, I'll try this!
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    Vet prices

    Wingnut, did you find out anything that you could pass on about "your starving mare" I have a couple of older horses in the same situation. I've tried different feeds and had teeth floated. Don't know what else to do to get them to eat enough.
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    Sadie new mini mare

    Her butt looks to me to be where she has rubbed the hair off rather than a clip. This is not unusual for this time of year. She's a pretty girl, know you will enjoy her!
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    2013 Nationals Chariot Picture

    WTG Deni! Wish I could have been there!
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    Can't get Purina Equine Junior Anymore

    I appreciate this information. I think it will be ok to change them over to Senior, and maybe some alfalfa.
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    Can't get Purina Equine Junior Anymore

    Thank you, Carolyn. The gelding actually needs the Senior, so I was hoping it would be ok for the weanling as well.
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    Can't get Purina Equine Junior Anymore

    My one and only weanling is living with an older gelding. They both have been eating Junior. Now my feed store is discontinuing carrying it. I can still get the Senior. Would it be ok for the baby to eat Senior? Seems I have heard that some people do that.
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    My retired brood mare

    Marsha, I loved reading this thread about Bridgette. Remember I saw her at the show when Wilma brought her to you! Sounds like she's coming along great for you.