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  1. minifancier

    Anybody here ever had a knee replacement?

    I am 2-1/2 weeks out of surgery from have a total knee replacement on my right knee. Just wondering if others here either have had one, going to have one done, or is just thinking about getting one done. I am already walking all around with just a use of a cane. The surgery went just great and...
  2. minifancier

    Mini Horse Auction in Eau Claire Sept 22

    Just wondering who maybe going to the fall sale this coming weekend?
  3. minifancier

    Fall Miniature Horse Auction Eau Claire, WI.

    Midwest Miniature Horse/Pony Auction Sept. 22nd; 10:00AM Eau Claire CountyFairgrounds. Expect 100 head. Coggins required. Info (715) 772-3229.
  4. minifancier

    No mini auction this spring in Eau Claire?

    Just curious. I see no sale listed in The Country Today and I went the the Fairgrounds web site and not only is nothing listed for May nothing listed in Sept~??