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  1. minifancier

    i am at my wits end

    Sorry to hear about your lose. Glad you found a home for him. I raised a Jack from 6 months old up until I sold him at 6 years of age. Now it was the only animal I had and he was the sweetest mini donk I have ever owned, and would trust me so much i not only could bring him in the house at...
  2. minifancier

    People who own cows...

    I raise a steer every two years and I use the same fencing I do with my miniature horses. The wire is real cheap woven fence 48 inches high, and the other pen is 48 inch high light duty chain link. In fact for 2 years I had a exotic steer, a 45 inch tall miniature Zebu. Now I must say most all...
  3. minifancier

    The Census

    Oh my goodness. One side of the Government knows so you think that is enough? They do not transfer the info back and forth between the different departments. There is such a thing as making things easier, which then translate into less Tax Payers Money being spent.
  4. minifancier

    The Census

    Well those that have filled it out incompletely, do you have a SS Number? There is more info contained in THAT number, then the census office ever thought of asking. So whats the big deal here? The Government already knows more about you then you think and it has been that way for many many...
  5. minifancier

    The Census

    It has been all over the news that if you DON'T fill out the census they WILL pay a visit. The reason for the phone # is if they do not understand a question and can ask you what it means, No Conspiracy, no "Tin Foil Hat stuff going on here.
  6. minifancier

    The Census

    it was 10 easy questions and none were obtrusive, all very "lite" compared to 10 years ago. I filled out all 10 so did my friends and parents too. 10 easy not even how much do you make in a year like it was years ago.
  7. minifancier

    Saw How To Train Your Dragon the other day

    My Bluray version of "Journey To the Center Of The Earth", Has Both, 2 D Version and a 3 D Version On The Same BluRay Disc., and with the BluRay DVD came with 4 pairs of 3 D Glasses`! Now this was the older technology for 3 D as the lenses were different colors ( Red and Green) and not like the...
  8. minifancier

    Saw How To Train Your Dragon the other day

    It wasn't the movie about the Black Stallion (Cass-Ole) but the series of Books about The Black Stallion that got me into horses specifically Arabian horses. Back in 1978 I met the Black Stallion author Walter Farley at the National Arabian horse show in KY. He autographed my hard copy of the...
  9. minifancier

    Well, this should be interesting

    I remember after 2 years being in AZ. I was chosen for jury duty. Tries to get out of it by my boss writing a note. Didn't work so I went after after making the first cut and the 2nd cut I failed the 3rd cut.... YEAH. And now back in WI I have never been selected. Now I would have a doctors...
  10. minifancier

    american idol already?

    Well pretty soon Britains Got Talent starts up and Youtube is a persons friend when it comes to seeing some of the acts on that program. Wonder if there will be another surprise person to come along like Susan Boyle? I am not really into that kind of music but did buy her CD~!!
  11. minifancier

    american idol already?

    Whast if when Simon comes back with is own show called X Factor, and bring Paula with him? X Factor USA will be coming next year. Simon has already said that. Will you watch his his how instead?
  12. minifancier

    Using de-icers in stock tanks

    I agree with you go BACK to the drain plug heaters way better IMO the any floating types. I had them one year and that was it no more will ever be in my tanks again. The floating types that is. And as far as a extension cord goes yes you can use one IF you have a heavy Duty one and that is 12...
  13. minifancier

    Rose Bowl Parade

    Yes Hallmark is also a good one to watch, except I wanted to see most of the floats etc. in HD and that then was by watching HGTV (Home & Garden). Then to watch the horse groups and get a lot more of the background on them I switched to RFD. And then back again to HGTV to watch in HD.
  14. minifancier

    Rose Bowl Parade

    I saw them as I was going between HGTV and RFD. HGTV showed the blind marching band it was really nice to see them. They had a sighted person with each member so of like a guide person to help them out. It was nice to see a band like that marching in the Rose Bowl Parade.
  15. minifancier

    Rose Bowl Parade

    I bounced between HGTV and RFD the floats and such on HGTV in HD and then flipped over to RFD when I would see a horse group coming up did not miss one horse group doing it that way. And the AZ. Historical Cowgirls I know one of the riders. Wylene Wilson as I lived and worked part time with...
  16. minifancier

    Does any one add an egg to your dogs food?

    I have heard of a egg a day for horses. I read abut one that had eaten over 10,000 eggs in his life time. Cool
  17. minifancier

    Horse wormer

    I have never used Ivermectin on cats but I have cattle Liquid Ivermectin that I have been using on my dog now for years, as that is all heart worm meds are~!!! And that was told to me by a vet tech who has been doing this for years on her dogs. Liquid Ivermectin now for cattle use.
  18. minifancier

    Show fees per judge

    Yes that is more like it as a good credible "carded" R or A judge his basic fee is going to be 400 bucks a day plus expenses. And I have 2 friends that are carded in both registries and that is what their basic judges fees start at.
  19. minifancier

    What feeds do you prefer?

    I have my own recipe from a friend, that they have used now for the last 30+ years. I order the lowest amount I can at the feed mill, which is 500 pounds. But that is still way cheaper then going with any premixed feeds. Bar none. Geesh 50 lbs. of pre-mix feeds range anywhere from 10 bucks to...
  20. minifancier

    Cell Phone Tapping

    Are there really that many people that are willing to spend Over 100,000, to do this tapping? I don;t think so, and again this is just way too much ado about not much that is going to happen to a person, the odds are very long indeed.~!