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  1. Lewella

    Miniature Horse dwarfism - Test Now Available!

    The ASPC/AMHR Board of Directors voted at Convention in November that once available, members would be able to record Dwarf test results on their horse's registration papers. Having the results recorded will incur a registration paper update fee just like adding color test results (which AMHR...
  2. Lewella

    Bloodlines You Love

    Very fond of the Grassmere horses. They win in halter as youngsters and then go on to be spectacular driving horses like Grassmere's Lil' Noble Aristocrat (HOF) and McCarthy Grassmere Smoke N' Mirrors (HOF).
  3. Lewella

    Regarding the possible future DNA testing for Chondrodysplasia-like Dwarfism

    While this might sound good in theory, it would have failed dismally in practice. It wasn't all that long ago that both registries were completely open with no hardship clause. When the registries were completely open people would buy a registered horse and then proceed to reregister it with a...
  4. Lewella

    Regarding the possible future DNA testing for Chondrodysplasia-like Dwarfism

    Over the years I've had the privilege of visiting some of the largest, oldest American Shetland breeding farms in the country during foaling season. Never once have I seen a dwarf foal. Not a one of the old timers I've spoken to over the years has even alluded to their competition producing a...
  5. Lewella

    Amhr will not recognize breeding.... so no papers!!!

    Was her dam not brought permanent?
  6. Lewella

    Judge accused me of drawing dorsal stripe

    Glitter is one of those things that most ASPC/AMHR judges have a zero tolerance stance on. Some of the biggest name handers in the business have been dq'd for glitter transfer from their clothes to their horse. Never, ever wear anything with glitter on it if you are showing AMHR!
  7. Lewella

    Pre-AMHR Convention Lexington Tour Opportunities

    Registration form for tours available at
  8. Lewella

    ASPC Lookup?

    Yes, Bodie's info would be easy to find as I tend to keep everything on my website. Here is his dam: And his sire: There is a baby picture of Bodie on his sire's page. Shauna Jones hasn't registered...
  9. Lewella

    Pre-AMHR Convention Lexington Tour Opportunities

    Are you planning to come into Lexington, Kentucky to see the sights prior to the ASPC/AMHR Convention? Would you enjoy going on a motor coach tour of historic sites and local landmarks with your fellow small equine enthusiasts? Then consider joining us to "Experience the Bluegrass" on Monday...
  10. Lewella

    What could you do with a miniature with one eye?

    Go online to the AMHA website and in a recent issue of their magazine there is an article about a little rescue mini here in Minnesota who is showing who has had one eye removed. The article is writing by her teenage owner and relates all the different things that Aimee and Lulu have done...
  11. Lewella


    Draft tails were not docked for ease in harnessing, they were docked because there is nothing more horrifying than the sight of a long tail that has wrapped itself into farm equipment and been ripped out. Draft people who are using their draft horses for farm work will still dock for just this...
  12. Lewella

    AMHR questions

    1) no 2) yes, if the mare was exposed to more than one stallion during a 30 day time period then the foal must parentage qualify to the sire and dam (which means DNA on all 3 - sire, dam, foal) before it can be registered.
  13. Lewella

    Infertility Help/Ideas

    When you give oxytocin 4 hours post breeding the sperm has already entered the oviduct where the egg will be fertilized. The oxytocin causes the uterus to contract and helps clear any fluid and debris introduced with the semen making the uterus more hospitable for any embryo that may make its...
  14. Lewella

    Color Test Results, One Surprise

    Sb1 does a pretty good job altering the base color, especially on foals. I would expect some black hairs to come in that little bit of forelock and the ear tips to darken.
  15. Lewella

    Help! Registration paper flub

    I'm still a bit confused here because AMHR does not require DNA for any registrations but does require a Stallion Report be filed before any foal can be registered. DNA testing would not negate the Stallion Report requirement in AMHR, no stallion report on file = no possibility of AMHR...
  16. Lewella

    Question about wrong color

    For AMHR you would call her a Silver Dapple Pinto with a Light Mixed Mane and Tail.
  17. Lewella

    Help! Registration paper flub

    AMHR doesn't require DNA for registration so it is pretty uncommon for a stallion to have their DNA on file with AMHR unless they have been in the Sweepstakes. Was your gelding actually DNA'd through AMHR or was he registered based off the stallion report/application information?
  18. Lewella

    AMHR - Who Exactly Falls Into a "Family" Membership?

    AMHR does not offer family memberships. We do have the option of a 2nd member in household membership without a Journal subscription and I don't believe there is a limit on how many there can be as long as they all reside at the same mailing address. Amateurs are not broken down by Senior and...
  19. Lewella

    Mud and Manure Balls in coat

    I've had a few piggies over the years who prefer to sleep in the warm poo piles or pee spots in the winter instead of the dry bedding. If he doesn't seem to be rubbing them or itching the area I would leave them alone until the hair starts to shed and they start to loosen up on their own. If...
  20. Lewella

    News from the color testing lab

    Frame is also pretty limited in the American Shetland gene pool - Flashi's parents are not from Frame lines.