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    I just received an error message that said . . . "You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day." I read it and started laughing.....that's the best error message I think I have ever received.......LOL
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    Miniature Horse 4H program

    I am wondering if any of the Lil Beginnings folks from Florida are interested in getting a 4H miniature horse program going? About 2-3 years ago, the MN 4H organization added a miniature horse program and it's doing quite well. One of the individuals who was instrumental in organizing and...
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    AMHA Annual Meeting

    Anybody heard how the AMHA annual meeting is going in Reno??
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    2012 AMHA Honor Roll Results published

    Congratulations to my husband, Mike Degner who received (all Level 1): 4th Amateur Jr Geldling with Lilliput Acres Dancin' with Edgar Winter 6th Amateur Jr Mare with MRZ Sinclaire 1st Amateur Jr Stallion with MRZ Moots Finale with Flair He also got Amateur Regional High Point winner (Region...
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    CMHR Fundraiser - Last Day to enter!!

    Sure could use some more competition out there in the online show. Today is the last day and there are a number of categories with minimal entries. Everybody has some cute pics out there somewhere and this is a great opportunity to show them and your beloved critters. Just sayin.....
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    Other things to do with miniature horses

    A good friend of ours took his 5 year old mare with him hunting for elk in the Rockies recently and had a great experience with her. We sold him Melly a few years ago, and she has been in his pocket ever since. Jim describes her as the "dog he has always wanted" LOL. Anyway, he worked with her...
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    Equine Immune Boosters

    I am curious what people think about these. Does anyone use them? If so, what? With Nationals coming up--sounds there were a few horses that got sick at Congress--I am wondering if there is any benefit to these types of products.
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    World magazine - An unobstructed View from the Center Ring

    I read the article mentioned above which is filled with EXCELLENT information that is very useful. However, I was a bit taken aback by the fact that 3 of the 12 points speak to women and their attire. Though I agree they are good points to make, did it take 3 separate paragraphs to address...
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    Strangles vaccination

    We just gave the show horses their second strangles vaccination and about 1-2 days later, all the yearlings had a fever between 102.5 and 103.5. Anybody else experience something that? They didn't get a fever with the first dose but its consistent this time and thats all we can come up with...
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    Bute for mini donkeys

    We have had miniature horses for many years but just got our first two mini donkeys a couple of months ago. Mama pulled her tendon in her back leg and vet gave us Bute for it. I know that Bute is a no-no for mini horses, is it also a no-no for mini donkeys?? Looking for advice and...
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    AMHA Annual Meeting and Convention

    Does anyone have the link to the AMHA Annual Meeting and Convention and if so, would you please post it here?
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    The things you learn

    Lost a 2.5 year old mare this week to what our vet called cholostrial (sp?) toxemia. Happened very quickly and the mortality rate is almost 100%, so there was nothing we could have done. Just shocking this happened to a happy, healthy mare for no apparent reason. Sunday afternoon, we noticed...
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    Wishes for 2012

    I want more judges and show managers who are able to do both AMHR and AMHA. As someone who is on a show committee for a local club who INSISTS upon offering both an AMHR and AMHA show, this can be difficult. To keep costs down, we try and find judges who can do both and are somewhat local...
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    Sad news

    I am very sad to report that our beloved club member (and long time MMHC Vice President) passed away this morning. She had been fighting brain cancer for almost 7 years and her spirit and strength was amazing. Up until this year, she was still attending horse shows and living a fairly normal...
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    Final update on filly with broken leg

    Back in mid-june our 8 week old filly came in from the pasture with a broken leg. After 4 weeks in a cast, 1 week in a splint and 4 weeks of gradually building up her strength and leg, she has healed up very well. I have pics up on my facebook, link below. When the cast came off, the tendon was...
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    AMHA Centrals

    Does anyone know if the AMHA Central show will be broadcast online? If so, could someone please provide the URL, or company doing the broadcast. Thanks!!
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    Update on filly with broken leg

    Not quite 3 weeks ago, I posted about our little 9 week old filly that broke her front leg. She is doing fantastic. We had the vet out this past week to look at changing the cast (at the two week mark) and he declined to do it. Said there were no spots rubbing and the cast wasn't moving or too...
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    Broken leg in 9 week old filly

    We don't know how she did it, but monday afternoon we noticed Cher limping and sure enough, she had broken her front leg about 2 inches below the knee. Had been in the pasture running with everyone else like she had been for the last 8 weeks!! Anyway, we were preparing to have to put her down...
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    Upcoming Shows in Minnesota

    Hi Everyone: The MMHC is again sponsoring the National Area VI ASPC/AMHR show July 1-3 at the beautiful Minnesota Equestrian Center in Winona, MN. Judge is Richard Petty with Jeanne Bragagnini as the Show Manager and Dean Duxbury as the Steward. Tack, concessions, photograghy and camping all...
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    Maiden Mare - Foaled

    Our maiden mare gave birth to healthy little filly a couple of hours ago. Problem free birth, baby active, mama active but, she doesn't have much of a bag. She was about a week early on the foaling and we were able to express a little bit of lightly yellowish tinged clearish liquid that is not...