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    Quick question...

    It's hard to say without a picture. As Mona suggested, could be a roan. Also could be smokey silver black which manifests in a whole range of colors from seal brown to black. As well, after shaving, it can take our black horses a month or so for the black to deepen. Maybe if you could get a...
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    Yes, I was liking people's posts.........Sorry it took me so long to get back to you guys......been out of town. At first when I saw the message, I thought..."what the heck" but then I read it and just busted out laughing......
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    I just received an error message that said . . . "You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day." I read it and started laughing.....that's the best error message I think I have ever received.......LOL
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    Why Do You Breed or Why Have You Stopped?

    We used to breed 3-6 mares a year but last year we only had two born and this year, we have one foal that will be born. I am not sure we will breed any this year. Our primary reason for not breeding is the difficulty of finding good homes for the horses we have. We don't like to go above a...
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    We have met the enemy...

    MoutainWoman, that may be. I sure as heck wasn't going to help them find a stud . . .
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    We have met the enemy...

    I had someone reach out the other day because her daughter wanted to breed a little 3 year old mare they had and experience having a baby. I asked them about their reasons for wanting to breed and mentioned that minis can have significant foaling problems and it's not for the feint of heart. She...
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    Dr Taylor is the expert here, so I would listen to him. I can tell you that we have had a couple of mini stallions over the years who did not fully drop until the end of 2nd year/beginning of 3rd. With our most recent example, neither were down at two so we took him to a vet and she confirmed...
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    Miniature Horse 4H program

    I am wondering if any of the Lil Beginnings folks from Florida are interested in getting a 4H miniature horse program going? About 2-3 years ago, the MN 4H organization added a miniature horse program and it's doing quite well. One of the individuals who was instrumental in organizing and...
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    AMHA Annual Meeting

    Anybody heard how the AMHA annual meeting is going in Reno??
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    DNA, DNA, DDDDDDD NNNNNNN AAAAAAAAA........ put to any tune you want. Hope AMHR has plans to put a stake in the ground around DNA one of these years.
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    AMHA Sanctioned shows

    Sorry, haven't been on Lil Beg in a couple of months so I missed this.... I don't know where you live in Ontario but the Minnesota and the South Dakota clubs have AMHA shows annually with three judges (AMHR/AMHA show bundled). The MN state fair also has an AMHA two judge show as part of the...
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    new years day parade photos

    That is so cool.......thanks for sharing the pics
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    Shaving Heads and Necks in the Winter

    I wouldn't recommend it either. I see you live in Texas but it seems you are getting alot of "winter" this year. We live in MN and don't begin shaving heads and necks until late march or april depending upon the severity of the weather. Someone earlier suggested you bring pictures to show a...
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    2012 AMHA Honor Roll Results published

    Congratulations to my husband, Mike Degner who received (all Level 1): 4th Amateur Jr Geldling with Lilliput Acres Dancin' with Edgar Winter 6th Amateur Jr Mare with MRZ Sinclaire 1st Amateur Jr Stallion with MRZ Moots Finale with Flair He also got Amateur Regional High Point winner (Region...
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    Five things you would tell a new mini owner...

    Wow, what a great thread. Got me thinking . . . seems to me you already have thought through some of this and Be patient, which you already get, would have been one of my top five. Also, focus on what you expect/want which you also appeared to do by mentioning a) young child and b) desire to do...
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    AMHR/ASPC Cross Enter at SAME SHOW Proposal

    The next 2-4 years will be interesting. There will be no horses bred at our house until we see how this plays out.
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    AMHR/ASPC Cross Enter at SAME SHOW Proposal

    Trying to be careful here not to offend our current director, I think she does a great job, but I would vote for you in a heartbeat. I share your concern and frustration and there are others who haven't consumed the Koolaid yet either. It's probably too late, seems the die is cast, but you never...
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    Only a couple of minutes left to vote.

    It was fun and I actually won a halter!!!! Yea......hope others had a good time too. CMHR is the best and thanks to Lil Beginnnings for hosting this.
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    AMHR/ASPC Cross Enter at SAME SHOW Proposal

    Regarding DNA, good for you Crabtree!! We also have DNA on everything we own (everything is double-registered AMHR/AMHA) and I so wish AMHR/ASPC would begin a DNA program. But I digress from the main point of this thread......
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    never seen this before!

    We own white-tail deer so our minis are used to them. We have our stallion in a long run that goes around the deer pen and he loves to race them. He always loses....LOL Our minis are pretty tolerant of other animals except predator types of course (llama runs them off). However, we did have a...