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  1. OhHorsePee

    Zee pics

    Sally Shaffer of Photography by Sally Shaffer came over yesterday and took some awesome pics of Zee. Thank you for letting me share!
  2. OhHorsePee

    We finally have a date!

    Our adoption date for both of our girls has finally been set!! Woo hoo! On September 7th please be thinking good thoughts for our family. The girls have been on pins and needles for months waiting for a date. When our adoption caseworker came on Monday she filled us in on the date. This house...
  3. OhHorsePee

    Did everyone get to read the President's Corner

    Has anyone seen what the President wrote in the Journal? What are your thoughts or opinions? Here is the link to the Journal for your convenience. Journal Link
  4. OhHorsePee

    Did everyone get to read the President's Corner

    I, for one, am very greatful that these forums exist or the membership would not know what is going on. If changing the height so it disqualifies others horses how is that for all? When you have selfishness coming out of the BOD how do you expect membership to behave? Let the BOD behave to a...
  5. OhHorsePee

    He is here and lookin' good!

    We are very pleased to introduce a new member of the family. We would love for you to meet Thorn Meadows Hot Yahtzee (aka Zee). His sire is Buckeye WCF Hot Toddy and his dam is Wauk-A-Way Liberty Bell. He is one day old and doing wonderful. I so suck at pics so please forgive them. We are so...
  6. OhHorsePee

    Remember the case of the farrier?

    Mary Lou it is after her court date so hope this is ok to post. You can click on this link Court Documents and scroll down to get updated. It appears that she is running after getting probation. So if you see her you may want to report it. Fran
  7. OhHorsePee

    Hmmm Did ya'all hear what Biden said

    Ok, I am serious. I am never surprised anymore what comes out of some of these people's mouths! I am to a point where I have to laugh no matter who is saying what because this election is just rediculous!! IMHO If Dick Clark would do a blooper over it he could spread it out for years to come...
  8. OhHorsePee

    How about a little fun?

    Check out this Tic Tac Toe game. TIC TAC TOE Come on and have some fun in these tough trying times.
  9. OhHorsePee

    What do you think?

    Tried to make this a poll but just can't seem to get it right. Here is an article where Obama is being looked at still for his campaign contributions. Do you feel campaign contributions should be limited like they are? What actions, if any, do you feel should take place when candidates are not...
  10. OhHorsePee

    Do you think a person who is writing a book

    Do you think a person who is writing a book on one candidate should be able to be in charge of the debate this week? Ifill has written a pro Obama book and she is the moderator for the debate this Thursday. Do you feel she can be a biased moderator for the two VP candidates? I don't think so...
  11. OhHorsePee

    Did you watch the debate last night?

    Hidy ho! WOW! What a great debate that was. I absolutely loved that they showed both of their faces while the other was talking. To me that was all telling. There were moments where I laughed even. I was happy that McCain acknowledged and wished best wishes for Senator Kennedy. My take of the...
  12. OhHorsePee

    Ok you young people!

    So what are they? Why are they? I keep seeing them on you signatures and have to wonder about them. Fran
  13. OhHorsePee


    Your box is full again.
  14. OhHorsePee

    LisaF you have a full PM box

    Just an FYI!
  15. OhHorsePee

    This is so cute!

    Has anyone else seen these? They are so cute! I just might have to have one for here for little visitors! RIDING HORSE Fran
  16. OhHorsePee

    justaboutgeese ?????

    Has anyone heard from justaboutgeese? Was just wondering how he was doing since he hasn't been on for sooo long. Thanks Fran
  17. OhHorsePee

    Hey Karla! Got pictures?

    Come on Karla, show us the pictures you took recently! You know you want to. Fran
  18. OhHorsePee

    Smoothie Shots!

    He knows he's a hunk! Get ready to hold your mares back! Here comes Smoothie!
  19. OhHorsePee

    Baby girl uncovered!

    Arlene is taking Baby and JR to Derby City. She sent me a picture of Baby and I just have to share! I can't believe she is two already. Thanks for the picture Arlene! This is BUCKEYE WCF CLASSICAL BLUE EYED BABY
  20. OhHorsePee

    Getting responces from ads that are

    I have been getting all sorts of responces from ads that appear to be spammers. Here is my latest and there is a little sign beside their addy saying they are "DomainKeys Verified." "Good Day, I saw your advert posted an am so much interested in buying your Horse.. firstly i will like to know...