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    New Girl Suzie

    Love this little girl well maybe not so little as she already stands head and shoulders above the rest of the mini herd as a weaner...she's AMHR/ ASPC and has the bluest eyes which l'm still trying to adjust to..
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    AMHR reg. look up

    Hello could someone kindly look up and message me for an AMHR registration l have his name but not his number.
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    Newest big girl

    Love this new 2 year old 35.5 girl...hope she grows another few inches big compared to the minis but not compared to the Shetland and he needs a future paddock mate down the road.
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    Meet our new boy

    Never thought l'd ever get to post on the pony forurm but here's our new big boy Phantom AMHR/ was love at first sight.
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    My fave guy

    Hard year for me having to make choices l didn't really want to with Catman my fave guy getting gelded early this sad but we have a handful of his offspring here so that helps..then showing him for the last time before he left for his new home..l think his paddock misses him
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    Regal Beagle

    Regal just seems to get better with time slow to mature l'm thinking but thats okay...hopefully this year l can afford to send him to a trainer for some polishing up on his driving skills and plan to work on obstacles over the winter with him so he'll be an all around performance kind of guy..
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    Decided to geld my fave guy

    Happened a few weeks back and so excited to be able to show and drive him as a gelding this summer and see how he does.. he did great as a stallion but l always hear a good stallion makes for a great l guess we'll see l still have a few regrets but to late now. We did keep 2 of his...
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    ? on 2012 Nationals

    Sorry l know this must have been asked a million times so now l don't know the answer because l was never interested and payed attention before. Our club has 2 AMHR shows one in mid June the other first week in Aug with 2 judges at each would that be enough time to get entries in for Nationals...
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    Had the best July in years

    Got the first of the 2 pergolas l always wanted almost done meaning the whole backyard is ripped up and a heck of a mess but l can wait it out now that things are started and there's a light at the end of the tunnel away from my former crappy backyard with the rotten deck and over grown...
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    ls my gelding to FAT??

    Thankyou for the fast answers l just wanted some quick opinions on his body condition and neck before Sunday so l can cut back on feed and maybe work him more for the next 2 weeks and see how he looks then..l think he's still a little fluffy around the edges
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    what color is my new foal please??

    l'm hoping black but probably is a gray right..dams black sires a sorrel pinto
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    Know nothing on color do they besides pink skin a hat and shield need blue eyes or can eyes be brown also..if you cross same sire and dam again will you get another tovero??
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    Meet our first 2011 foal

    Filly almost 2 days old a red bag foaled on day 301 haven't had one of those in many years..For sure the talk l had with my fave guy CM and his friend PL about a beautiful bay filly with a TOUCH just a TOUCH of white last spring during breeding season must have gone in one ear and right smack...
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    Chifney Bit

    l had one given to me but l have no clue what it does or when you'd use it or even if it's safe..anyone know anything about this odd shaped bit?
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    Lost our first foal

    l don't know if it was born dead or alive was a colt or filly dog chewed it pretty good for that to tell...much as l loved my dog who's been here almost 5 years and raised around the mares and smart enough to know never to get in with a stallion from day one...sad to say she's been sent to doggy...
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    Got a new website but..

    lt's been on for days..l can see it just fine from my computer. But seems like no one else l know can see it...just me so far l have no clue what the problem would be. Could some of you look and let me know if it comes up for you. Just click on my link below to see if it comes up. Thanks in...
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    Business Cards??

    lt's not me doing this but l have been handed 2 business cards in the last few months with either a full body picture of a poplular stallion we all would know at first glance right of the bat on there card and another using just a black image of a driving horse and driver that looks an awful lot...
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    Hard to loose a friend of 41 years

    Never had many honest to goodness long term friends along the road just people l got to know over the years yes..but this one was a true friend from high school days through everything over the many years no holds barred no matter what each of us did if it was good or really bad we were there...
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    Has anyone tried that new whipped peanut butter

    First time l saw it in the store and thought l'd try it after reading on the label it won't tear up your slice of bread like the regular kind..well it doesn't rip the crap out of the bread no sticky fingers and crackers don't crumble to's nice but l'm not sure how long they've been...
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    Tug stops

    There's 3 holes for screws to fit thru and the knob in the middle...which direction do the 2 holes need to face is it toward the front or facing the back or does it matter?? l can't find a decent pix to go by and they didn't come with any directions..