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  1. Cara

    medical question

    please pm me
  2. Cara

    im sad to say

    this breaks my heart but i will not be back on the form! i no longer have china colleen kicked her out of the barn and i have no place to bored her, sorry everyone, u guys have all been awesome thanks fo rmuch for the past few years :Cold-Scared :bye-sad :bye-sad
  3. Cara

    home remities for a sore sore throat

    i have such a sore throat, its all high up andlike i can feel it in my ears! its hard to breath and it sucks! and ideas?
  4. Cara

    Grain opion..

    So china gets beatpulp, sunflower seeds, equlizer,and flax seed and glucosamine AM, shes a senior mare should she be on senior feed? is there any opions on what would benafit her as far as her health goes? im not going to make a drastic change of course, even if i do decide to change her grain...
  5. Cara

    show halter opion....

    i came across this cable show halter that has gold and white beads, its very nice i like it alot more then the one china has now! so what do u guys think?? thanks
  6. Cara

    Good News

    hi guys so i got some news, can ya guess?? hehe well i didnt drop school sorta, im now in somthing called the light house program, which alows me to work full time with pay, and get 4 credits! which is more then i need!!! so i can work and get money to move out and support china, and get the...
  7. Cara

    NEED to vent

    GAHHH :arg! :arg! so i have a therapy appt today, which i was looking forward to but only now i cant go cuz my mom decides now is a good time to tell me that she doesnt wanna go anywhere today like urggg, its in the next town so i cant rly walk, i walked home once cuz my mom never showed up it...
  8. Cara

    miniature horse in a wedding add?

    a while ago i saw a add like a wedding add with a white mini in it, it was so beautiful!!!!! there was a girl in a wedding dress then there was a mini beside her, anyone know what im talking about? any pics?
  9. Cara

    helpful pointers on showing a solid color filly?

    hi guys, I have a fiend that is just sorta geting into minis she jsut got her 2nd one, she has done pretty good for her first year in the ring with her boy, but now she got this filly, black or grulla were not sure yet we jsut cliped her head and neck but of course u cant tell rly yet, anyway...
  10. Cara

    Not sure where to post this butt

    i dont know im posting this in the Hi guys so most of you know what i have been going through, i have been thinking lightly bout china, i dont get to see her everyday becuase i dont live on site with her , live about 5 min drive, anyway she is well taken care off when im not there her stall is...
  11. Cara

    stay or drop smester in school

    hi i need adivce on what to do here, its mid term at school(highschool ) and i only have two courses this semester, i am failing both, things have been bery dramatic and stressful lightly, it also didnt help that the school messed up my courses in the first place! anyway im having a hard time...
  12. Cara

    Secret Santa Hints

    I remember last year there was a thread were you can jsut write some hints and your mistery santa can see, sorta to help them out! so mine is *I ride horses english style * my fave colors are green and purple * i own a mini china<3 * i like anything to decorate my room with(just started...
  13. Cara

    Anyone live in Kemptville Ontario Canada?

    hey everyone... In 3 years me and my close friends Brit are going to that collage with our two minis along! we are hoping to find a barn close by were we might be able to bored, I have a mare (China) brit has a gelding (britton) anyway, the collage has a stable but for large equine, so im not...
  14. Cara

    Cara update

    hi guys I know some of you have been reading my posts on here and whats been going on with me, thank all of you who have cared for me, it means alot to me so back to the update, i have come good news! in a year after i am done grade 12 i am moving out with a few friends, we are all going to...
  15. Cara

    Cubic Zirconia Star Pendant?

    hi everyone, im looking for a Cubic Zirconia Star Pendant like a shooting start almost online, but icant find any...any sites you guys know of?????????????? thanks
  16. Cara

    New stallion im showing:)

    so sunny isnt really new hes a friends horse but new to me, hes a cutie i love him hehe
  17. Cara

    building muscle in the legs?!

    hi guys, so im just wondering how to build more muslce around the legs? troting poles? jumping? lunging? what works? thanks:)
  18. Cara

    Can i see your bay and black pintos?

    I wanna see what sorta of colours look good with pintos!hehe thanks guys
  19. Cara

    Need to vent!

    so my oldest sister(30) doesnt live with us, i often go to her place to chill and see my soon to be 3 year old niece, anyway she was missing some stuff like makeup clothes w.e and my 2nd oldest sister said something to kim to make her think i took it (when me and my two other sisters where all...
  20. Cara

    tips on showing a stallion

    heyy I have been showing for around 5 or 6 years now, and in a few weeks i will be starting to show a stallion, who needs some work on his maners, im working on that, but i havent really watched the stallion classes too much, and i was hoping i could get some pointers? i know how to set up ect...