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  1. Miniequine

    Photo Shoots for your horses

    I am curious.. If you hired a photographer to come to your farm,, What kind of photo would YOU prefer? Standard Halter ? Straight profile ? Candid ? Liberty ? Head shots ? Driving ? With fancy collar and halter ? or Show Halter ? Clipped horse or natural coat ? Do you typically use...
  2. Miniequine

    Miniequine Amir's Phoenix is 1 1/2 mo

    MiniEquine Amir's Phoenix is 1 1/2 mo old and growing like a weed. He knows some manners already.. and thinks Amber is "his" playmate.
  3. Miniequine

    My Only baby this year :)

    MiniEquine Amir's Phoenix (foaled Sept 6, 2011) AMHA & AMHR registered. Dam Falcon Ridge Magic Moment (Flying W Farms Blue Boys Magic Man daughter) Sire: Aloha Acres Amir Or I C (Prince son) owned by Reece Family Miniatures ~ Buckskin Roan He is spoiled rotten and so much fun .... he...
  4. Miniequine

    Do you do pre-foaling shots?

    Do you all give pre-foaling shots? Which shots?? Curious Thanx
  5. Miniequine

    R lookup please :))

    Hey I am helping my friends with registrations. We are wondering if these two horses are R registered. These are their A Registered names: Dunrovins cherokee Chief Raders Danceing Starlet (yes spelled funny) Thanks ))
  6. Miniequine

    Panda- Ravenwood Aristocrats Only the Best

    Panda... finished up 3rd on the Honor Roll in AOTE Halter junior Mare She had such a great show year.... I am so proud of her! She was so good to me... showed her little heart out, so easy going, easy to clip, eager to please and loves attention Thanks to Craig and Bryan @ Ravenwood for...
  7. Miniequine

    Merry Christmas !

    Semi & Amber by Kaitlin Stone... She is fabulous!   Hope you All have the Christmas of your dreams  
  8. Miniequine

    My new mare got here this morning. She is.. I LOVE her :)

    She got here this morning.... She belongs to Karen Rudolph, I am leasing her. THANK YOU KAREN She is precious She hopped off the trailer at 5 am,, brite eyed and calm.. cute as a button. She is SBS Confettis Sheer Elegance... barn name Rudy Button 2009 AMHR horse of the Year... I am...
  9. Miniequine

    New Stallion! Aloha Acres Amir Or IC a beautiful Prince son !

    So excited to announce!! We have a new boy here for a while.. Thank You Toni !!! and Stacy for producing Prince... who just takes my breath away!!!   Aloha Acres Amir Or IC, a son of Prince... I fell in love with him the first time I saw him.... is here to date my mares for a while. We...
  10. Miniequine

    Had a great Eastern Regional Show ! So proud of my fillies

    Ravenwood Aristocrat Only The Best ~ Panda AOTE-Champion ! Ammy & Open Top 5 !! LittleUnFarm Semi's Amber Idol Open 28" and Under Champion !
  11. Miniequine

    does anybody have info on the horsehair keepsakes?

    My neighbor's daughter saved some hairs and wants to have something made for her mom. I have seen them advertised on the sale board. Please ) Thanks ~Sandy Never mind.... I found it
  12. Miniequine

    Got some new Victor Halters today, new trailer, new blankets...

    I think I'm ready.... I am showing Panda, Ravenwood Aristocrats Only the Best (working very hard to fix that heavy handed hay feeder ) and LittleUnFarm Semi's Amber Idol (with Peas this year) and we're trying Liberty.. Amber can be very animated.. she's a drama queen! This should be...
  13. Miniequine

    I got my "Kailin Stone's" yesterday!

    Katie is so talented... just LOVE her art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have added them to my web site... just learning how to 'do' my own web site.. so still under construction.... if you look at it.. let me know what you think Semi & Amber
  14. Miniequine

    fighting mares... help

    What do you do about two mares that fight.. and I mean FIGHT like Stallions. Neither will back down. I need them to be pastured together. One is considerably bigger than the other. I’m afraid somebody will get hurt.
  15. Miniequine

    Regumate question

    Regumate mares... a high risk mare.. at what day do you start backing down off the dosage? And have you observed differences with a regumate mare foaling? Thanks ~Sandy
  16. Miniequine

    Semi's baby Amber Idol left for Boot Camp yesterday

    My BABY.... left for training yesterday. I was very nervous all day.... Worrying... Toni and Peas have DAVE.. transporting horses for them. HE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He arrives on time,,, a total Sweetheart, takes very good care of the horses,,, My baby jumped right on the...
  17. Miniequine

    Any "Brown" horses out there

    One of my mares.. b/w pinto... I think is really a brown. I just read that agouti is what produces "brown" If that is so, they can produce a bay? If you have a brown horse,, please post pictures. I have tested my mare for everything except agouti. Now I think I will. ~Sandy
  18. Miniequine

    Who's reserved a Banner Ad for the AMHA Convention?

    2010 RESERVE YOUR BANNER FOR THE ANNUAL MEETING WEBCAST TODAY! Annual Meeting Web Cast Banners are being accepted until Friday February 5th! The cost is $50.00, You can get the specs from AMHA and make your own! This is a nice opportunity to advertise at a really low price.
  19. Miniequine

    I too have a belated intro

    Falcon Ridge Romances Pride and Joy "Ziva" became mine in October. Her dam is a World Champion (halter) and her paternal sister is a 2009 Reserve World Champion (halter) She's 32" 2006 black pinto, lab tested not bay (darn!) homozygous black, one blue eye and the prettiest head and eye...