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  1. Crabby-Chicken

    Miniature horse painting.

    Here is the latest painting! Thanks for looking.
  2. Crabby-Chicken

    New adventures on the farm!

    We have tried to raise more of our own food, as close to organically as we can. We started out with a couple dairy calves, We enjoy them and when their time comes they dont even know what is coming. They are treated well with lots of land to room and anything they need. Then for a year we dont...
  3. Crabby-Chicken

    New Dobie painting.

    Here is a beautiful red dobie I painted for a client. Thanks for looking
  4. Crabby-Chicken

    Painting for show..

    I got this BIG painting done for it... I it is 30" X 48" I think.. Thanks for looking at some of my stuff!
  5. Crabby-Chicken

    Our cat I painted.

    The first one sold so my husband wanted me to paint it again. This is my cat Woozil.
  6. Crabby-Chicken

    Another newer painting...

    She is a friends dog, and is greatly missed.
  7. Crabby-Chicken

    Here is my newest painting.

    She is/ was one of the most delicate little mares I have ever seen. She lived here at the Crabby Chicken Ranch for almost 5 years. I decided I had too many horses to show. I found the most perfect home for her! We didnt know that when she was sold she had a little secret in that belly!! Her new...
  8. Crabby-Chicken

    Cake Recipe Please!

    cake recipe!!!!! PLEASE!!!!
  9. Crabby-Chicken

    New painting I just finished!

    It is Mount Rainier... I always love seeing him and painting him. Such a personality he has! It is 48"s X 36"s wide!
  10. Crabby-Chicken

    Raising cattle...

    I have been talking to some of you all along about this experience. It has been kinda fun, kinda sad but rewarding. If anyone is thinking of raising their own beef, I would recommend it. This is our freezer after picking up the cut and wrapped beef. We are set for the winter!
  11. Crabby-Chicken

    Serious Inquiries only... Do you feel this statement off putting?

    When I see an ad with that in it... I don't even bother to talk to the seller. Even if it was the most perfect horse in the world. To me it seems like the seller feels that they are too important to bother. I am not aiming this statement at anyone. I have bought and sold many horses through the...
  12. Crabby-Chicken

    Anyone here raise cattle? First time raising them???

    This is our Charolais X jersey steer. Hard to tell from this photo but he is about to my chin now. I am 5'4"s. He seems to be filled in everywhere. Does he look finished? And can anyone hazard a guess on his weight? I have no clue. He is due to be processed in one month at almost 15 months old...
  13. Crabby-Chicken

    Raising your own beef? Anyone else trying this for the first time?

    Here is our first steer. It has been fun to have the cows, less worry than the minis for sure! They can handle all that green grass. Not real sure we will follow through with putting him in the freezer but that is the plan. Anyone else trying to be more self sufficient,or just realizing what is...
  14. Crabby-Chicken

    Latest painting!

    Off at the Emerald Valley show next weekend. If you are around and want tickets, please get hold of Lisa Pichler! The money goes to the gelding fund of the NWMHC! Thanks for looking!
  15. Crabby-Chicken

    Newest painting...

    This was a special gift to a friend of hers. Glad they liked it!
  16. Crabby-Chicken

    Which stallion that you have seen in person,,,

    The one that I think is beautiful, has national titles throws beautiful kids, has a title in driving, and I would take home any day is Sierra Dawn Uno's Pharaoh. The man has it all and is such a cool litle horse! I was thinking and of the 6 horses that I have in my barn right now, 5 are grand...
  17. Crabby-Chicken

    This was the last Christmas painting I did for a commission.

    Here is Nancy's pride and joy, Mr Nugget!
  18. Crabby-Chicken

    Difference in 401 and 501 Double K clippers?

    I have a pair of each, and an extra pair. I am going to sell of one but want to make sure there is not a huge difference in one model over the other. Thanks for the help!
  19. Crabby-Chicken

    A Christmas painting.

    I have been working like crazy on paintings and love it.Sometimes, I leave for work at 7 am, get home at 2 in the afternoon take care of animals and then sit down and paint until 9 pm. I really like the vicarious thrill I get when I know someone is surprised and happy with one of my paintings...
  20. Crabby-Chicken

    Can milk test strips be used on mini donks

    I have some strips left from my mini mare this year. And a friend has a mini donk getting close to having her baby. Can she used them the same. And would the distilled ratio still be 3 parts distilled water to 1 part milk? Thanks for the help!