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  1. Kelly

    Hello from Nor Cal!

  2. Kelly


    So this is what is just read from Pitter Patter and Willow Flats…. chickens are higher maintenance, 5 times more time and work, headache, stinkers, mess, dead chickens, runaways, and poop on my back patio!! 🤣 😝
  3. Kelly


  4. Kelly


    Disclaimer: Do NOT try this at home! 🤣 I think I have found a way to walk all 4 of my little ponies at once and it seems to be working out pretty good for me. Hubby wasn’t home to take my pic, so I had to take one myself… 3 of them are tied together and Shadow is on cross ties, YIKES! Again...
  5. Kelly

    Barn Build

    BARN BUILD - STALL DOOR Hubby had to go to work this weekend, darn work always getting in the way of my barn build 🤣 He was able to make a stall door though and it turned out really cute! That will be Riffics stall, my biggie. I know Riffics will absolutely LOVE it, he LOVES the finer things...
  6. Kelly


    81!! and just retired from riding, thats awesome!! 🥰 I’m only 44 and have retired from riding too 😅 These little horses have stolen my heart and are just so darn cute!! And a whole lot easier to handle, manage, and maintain. I know this isn’t helpful…. But…. I ♥ Geldings!!! We need pics of...
  7. Kelly

    Ration Balancer

    My good ole boy country vet told me to feed my horses rolled oats 😝
  8. Kelly

    2021 Time to Drive!

    Thank you so much Lynn! Glad you have posted your experience!! I think I am gonna try moving my wheels forward and see if it rides even better….. Once we get settled in the new house and hubby has a free moment, lol!!
  9. Kelly


    Your chickens are beautiful Marsha. Are they Barred Rock? I was thinking of getting some, but I’m not sure if I want to deal with additional animals and their upkeep…. and more poop 😝 I would only get 2, which isn’t a lot, but I see my neighbor fuss over hers and they seem like high maintenance...
  10. Kelly

    Mini mare is possibly pregnant

    Congrats!! She is BEAUTIFUL!!! ♥️♥️😍😍
  11. Kelly

    Barn Build

    BARN BUILD - FRONT VIEW Hubby got the metal on the front of the barn the other night. He took a beautiful pic of the sun setting behind the barn.
  12. Kelly

    2021 Time to Drive!

    Soooooo glad to hear you got your cart all figured out!! 💕 Is your cart still bouncy at all? You got me wondering if I need to have my hubby move my wheels forward too. Hmmmm 🤔
  13. Kelly

    Ration Balancer

    I feed all 4 of my little boys a ration balancer, the youngest is a yearling 😘
  14. Kelly

    Hello from Florida!

  15. Kelly

    Barn Build

    BARN BUILD - METAL Dave stopped by Mueller Buildings today for the exterior metal on the barn. He was very upset when it started to rain this afternoon and was forced to stop working for a few minutes. He is doing such a wonderful job!! It’s looking AWESOME!!! This is the rear view of the...
  16. Kelly

    Barn Build

    BARN BUILD - FRAMING & STALLS It is starting to look like a horse barn, STALLS & ALL!!!!
  17. Kelly

    2021 clipping

    My poor little ponies are still walking around looking like poodles 🤣 I need to clip their legs😘😘
  18. Kelly


    I just love my farrier! He actually shows up on time!! Can you believe it?! He has never cancelled on me either!! AND he is really good with my little boys too. Here is a pic of him and Thunder…… OMG! Thunder is so stinkin cute!!
  19. Kelly

    Ration Balancer

    Me too! Me too! 😍 😍 I use Purina Enrich Plus.
  20. Kelly

    Barn Build

    BARN BUILD - FLOORING & FRAMING We got all the matts in ystrdy…. thats me LOL 😘 Here is a pic of hubby cutting the matts to fit. Today he started the framing.