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  1. Willow Flats

    Hello from Florida!

    Welcome from Northern California! I hear there are lots of minis in Florida. On the west coast I think the most popular place for minis is in Oregon.
  2. Willow Flats

    Hay net mesh size

    Abby - I had a horse that would do that same thing! I had panels that made up a 50" round pen and she could drag sections! We made stakes out of rebar and pounded them through the loops where the panels were connected. That solved it. Glad he is doing better!
  3. Willow Flats

    2021 Time to Drive!

    6/15- 30 minutes driving for Rocko. Yep, I had already moved the shafts back as far as they should go. I talked to the cart builder today. He said the average weight for an adult is 170 lbs and since I weigh 40 pounds less I had two choices to create the counter balance needed. 1. If I am...
  4. Willow Flats

    2021 Time to Drive!

    I have the buckle down tugs. I have the seat back as far as it will go which decreased the bounce but it was still there. So then we moved the axel (wheels) back from center too but that increases the bounce. I am wondering if we move the axel foward from center it might raise the shafts...
  5. Willow Flats

    Talk to me about 4-wheeled vehicles

    I watched Mindy's video but this new cart isn't an ee. I have a cart just like the one she shows and I didn't have any issues balancing that cart. That's the one that's most comfortable so far. But I think this is going to be better once I get it right!
  6. Willow Flats

    Talk to me about 4-wheeled vehicles

    Abby wish I could be more help! I just got this Aerocrown cart and the seat has no suspension. I thought I had it balanced but sitting up straight at a trot the back rest bops me in the back with every step. I've moved the seat forward and back, moved the axel, raised the tugs up and down...
  7. Willow Flats

    Talk to me about 4-wheeled vehicles

    Just the seat. I think Patty's Pony Place sells some suspension to add to ee carts.
  8. Willow Flats

    Talk to me about 4-wheeled vehicles

    Abby P - I recently got a new cart (not an ee) which I am trying to get the balance just right. I have two easy entry carts and have to say that the C springs on my Kingston easy entry make that my most comfortable cart at this point.
  9. Willow Flats

    2021 Time to Drive!

    6/14 - 30 minutes driving Rocko. I am still not happy with the way the new cart is going, so I need to do some more adjusting. Temps are starting to soar here so I have limited time to work on things. Supposed to get up to 109 this week!!! 🤪
  10. Willow Flats


    What they put their backs through for us!!! Thunder! 🥰
  11. Willow Flats

    Could I get some opinions please

    Been wondering, thank you for the update!
  12. Willow Flats

    Ration Balancer

    I use Purina Enrich Plus.
  13. Willow Flats

    2021 Time to Drive!

    6/11 - 60 minutes for Rocko. No adjusting the cart today. Drove on all types of footing. Asphalt definitely the smoothest ride! The wheel base is 4" wider than my old cart so I moved all my practice cones out. Lol The new wheels are so much larger too so I think it's easier to pull. He...
  14. Willow Flats

    Barn Build

    You guys are making great progress!!! Stall mats are heavy too. I use vice vice grips when I pull those things!
  15. Willow Flats

    Walking/Hiking with our minis and ponies - Mile Tracker!

    6/10 - 1 mile for Kriss Kross. Cooled down today so I had time to work two horses and do some grooming! Yay! Temps are going to climb again though.
  16. Willow Flats

    2021 Time to Drive!

    Not a great picture. Taken during assessment after one of the re-hitchings!
  17. Willow Flats

    2021 Time to Drive!

    6/10 - 30 minutes for Rocko. I readjusted the shafts on the cart and tweaked the harness again. After driving, I would like more leg room which means moving the seat back and re-balancing, but I'm done for today!!!!
  18. Willow Flats

    A little bit worried about Cushings

    I am not an expert, so please wait on others answers, but a trainer and friend of mine that has a yearling was just here and said that her yearling looked awful because she was not shedding well either so she has just clipped her. The temperature range you have listed, is that your daytime...
  19. Willow Flats

    2021 Time to Drive!

    I'll see if I can get some pictures tomorrow. 😊
  20. Willow Flats

    2021 Time to Drive!

    6/7 - 60 minutes for Rocko. He deserves a gold star because we worked on getting the new cart fitted to him which required adjusting the cart and his harness over and over again, and taking him out in it, the whole process took 2 1/2 hours! I think I got it pretty good. I am going to adjust...