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  1. Marsha Cassada


    Vet called me this morning with blood work results. Midnight is super low on thyroid. Her glucose level was okay, showing there is probably no trouble with insulin resistance. So actually this is good news. I am to double the dose of Thyro-L and take away the vitamin supplement (not sure...
  2. Marsha Cassada

    Turn away or carry on

    3 years and 34" should be fine for that kind of work. A suggestion if you are concerned about the small stones is boots. They would also be a benefit when you get out onto the paved road. Pneumatic are certainly easier for them to work with and more comfortable. I would not stop working; he...
  3. Marsha Cassada

    Trail Camera

    Well, the worst happened. We had an area in the back yard rooted up and it looked too intense to be an armadillo. Our worst fears showed up on the camera.
  4. Marsha Cassada


    I've been thinking about the recent scale results. They have both been eating the same, and Dapper Dan gained weight but Midnight actually lost maybe 8#. So, she might have gained weight also if she had not been on the Thyro-l, so maybe it is working. Just a good thought...
  5. Marsha Cassada

    Walking/Hiking with our minis and ponies - Mile Tracker!

    Took Midnight and Dapper Dan 2 miles today. Since they are confined to dry lot right now, it was a challenge on our route staying away from grassy edges. When I first got Dapper Dan many years ago, I did not know any better and let him snatch. Now I cannot stop him. I had never let Midnight...
  6. Marsha Cassada


    Thanks. I will work on watching that video again. Being able to ask intelligent questions when talking with the vet helps a lot. Keeping them both in the dry lot is really hard for me.
  7. Marsha Cassada

    Donkey encounter

    I think that is what these must have been. Definitely large enough to ride like a regular sized horse. Sure wish I knew where they came from and where they went. I do have photographic proof I saw them!
  8. Marsha Cassada

    Donkey encounter

    Never knew about mammoths. Very interesting history. These were definitely riding size.
  9. Marsha Cassada

    Donkey encounter

    He was very bossy, kicking the other away from the fence. I did not realize that regular donkeys were so large. They are not there today, and the gate to that field was open so I don't know what happened to them. Sure was a surprise, though , to hear that braying!
  10. Marsha Cassada

    2021 Projects

    Got a call that my flower quilt is finished. A group of ladies do handquilting. I dropped it off last March, but due to all the covid turmoil, I feel happy that it got quilted at all. I will pick it up on Wednesday. I plan to add more quilting detail to it myself, as their style is very basic.
  11. Marsha Cassada


    Took Midnight in for the blood test. Vet took 4 vials. We talked about a few issues and she agreed that Midnight is a candidate for a problem. Vet called me later and said they were only doing the thyroid test, as she was not aware of the protocol for doing insulin resistant test when I came...
  12. Marsha Cassada


    Getting in the midst of "herd dynamic" can be dangerous! So glad it all ended well. Gosh, the little guy doesn't appear to be such a trouble maker!
  13. Marsha Cassada

    Weird Question~ Dog vs Mini

    I was thinking of that also. The breed of dog would be a big factor.
  14. Marsha Cassada

    Donkey encounter

    Riding my bike today on the rural roads. As I came around the edge of the mountain, I heard loud braying. There were two full size donkeys in a guy's wheat field, announcing my presence. So far we haven't found out who they belong to or where they came from. The wheat field is fenced, but I...
  15. Marsha Cassada

    Walking/Hiking with our minis and ponies - Mile Tracker!

    1 1/2 mile with Dapper Dan and Midnight.
  16. Marsha Cassada

    Weird Question~ Dog vs Mini

    I think a horse would be more expensive than a dog. Not only feeding and health, but all the accoutrements needed for your sport niche. Of course, I suppose the harness dog niche has its own type of bling and wow items that would add to the cost. I had to go and look up the topic and it looks...
  17. Marsha Cassada

    2021 Time to Drive!

    50 minutes ground driving midnight. I'm pooped.
  18. Marsha Cassada

    How's the Weather ?

    Some windy days, then a gorgeous day, then big build ups with threat of severe weather. East of me last night there was a terrible hail storm. 70 mph wind with stones the size of baseballs. The spring has been pretty cool so far. Look at this hail stone that fell near San Antonio, TX last...
  19. Marsha Cassada


    So far I'm getting radishes, lettuce, asparagus, and kale. I like to steam kale with a little salt and drizzle with rice vinegar. I always remove the stems. Weight Watchers approved. And the radishes are so mild they are nice to eat as a crunchy snack.
  20. Marsha Cassada


    Mindy, I listened to half an hour of the presentation and my poor brain turned off. It is too much information for me at my time of life. Hopefully when I get her tests back, I will be able to feel more confident.