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  1. Abby P

    Walking/Hiking with our minis and ponies - Mile Tracker!

    Just so it's in this thread too: about 3 miles on Sunday 4/18.
  2. Abby P

    Walking/Hiking with Minis and Ponies

    I estimate we walked about 3 miles this morning. Technically it was ground driving since he was bridled. We did a little long-lining in the ring and then headed out, it was about an hour total and no dawdling so it could have been more! Lots of hills and water crossings. I need an app. :-)...
  3. Abby P

    Flicka's mare stare thread

    I'm so sorry to hear he didn't make it but it absolutely sounds like you made the right decision for him. 💙
  4. Abby P


    I think the fat pads are the important readout really - a horse can get pretty darned skinny and still have a cresty neck and weird fat deposits, and still be metabolically very unhealthy. I have seen many badly foundered horses on which you could count every rib. So it's not about starving...
  5. Abby P

    Miniature pony abuse

    "Won't allow?" Oh no no no. They are YOUR horses. You may remove them whenever you choose. Animal control and the police or whatever authorities were called do not charge any fees. If it were me I would continue acting normal while you arrange for a new boarding situation and transport. If...
  6. Abby P


    In general "low thyroid" in horses is secondary to other metabolic issues and the only way to manage those issues is with diet. Supplementing and exercise might help a little bit but can't make up for what the horse is eating - no magic powders, unfortunately. The cresty neck and fat pads are...
  7. Abby P

    Hiking with Minis and Ponies

    I'm interested! Although having just started a new job with a 45-minute commute in the OPPOSITE direction as the barn, I'm pretty much only hiking on Sundays these days while also trying to squeeze in some more formal long-lining and hopefully driving sessions (haven't hitched him since last...
  8. Abby P

    I hope they’re just playing...

    Rowan, who is now 6 or nearly so, plays endlessly, over a 5' fence, with the teenaged 17h warmblood who lives next door to him. Rowan has to stand on his hind legs to reach for bitey-face and the warmblood has almost taken the fence down a few times. Just normal gelding stuff! I've rarely...
  9. Abby P

    Newbie Questions

    Right, I was just saying that often people (not you, Abby, "they" ;) ) recommend hay that "doesn't look too nice" for easy keepers thinking that it will have a certain nutritional profile but about the only thing you can tell about hay by looking at it, assuming it's not moldy or full of weeds...
  10. Abby P

    Our mini was attacked

    I think it would be super unlikely for a fox to go after any horse, even a tiny mini. Foxes are LITTLE! Could it have been dogs? Or a coyote? Is she vaccinated for rabies? What type of fencing does the pasture have? I would think a stall would protect her pretty well against predators. Is...
  11. Abby P

    Can You Spot The Animal??

    Yes!! They were pretty neat. :)
  12. Abby P

    Newbie Questions

    I agree with the other Abby, and will just add, if you are in a situation of being able to set up your place as needed for donkeys, I would make a dry lot or a track system and forget about grass. Most donkeys really won't do well on full pasture for metabolic reasons and while you might be...
  13. Abby P

    Can You Spot The Animal??

    Donkey. :) It's a great picture - it reminds me of that artist who was popular in the 90s who used to paint tromp-l'oeil pictures with rocks and snow or trees that had pinto horses hidden in them.
  14. Abby P

    Are Donkeys Allergic to Clover?

    I boarded at a person's house when I lived in Michigan and her pasture was full of alsike clover. She had two BLM burros, a few-spot Appy gelding with metabolic issues, an old Arabian, and my young Arabian (both bay). The Appy got photosensitization from the alsike clover and all of the others...
  15. Abby P

    Cashel fly masks

    I got a Cashel with ears and a long nose (I can cut off the nose if it's too long, but he has a huge white snip and I figured it would prevent sunburn). I haven't tried it on him yet though - I just used Cashels for years before and found it to be the best at staying off the horse's eyes, and...
  16. Abby P

    Bute Toxicity vs Botulism

    I have to say also that there are some vets that are more versed in mini care than others, clearly. The first thing my vet told me (I've known him for a long time and used him for a long time for my big horses) when he saw Rowan was, "don't OD him on anything". He estimated his weight from...
  17. Abby P

    Bute Toxicity vs Botulism

    Wow, that's terrifying. :oops:
  18. Abby P

    Your Drive Day

    = Pretty girl. 😁
  19. Abby P

    Horses licking maple tree

    Are they red maples? I'd actually be more concerned about the sugar intake causing laminitis - presumably that is why they are licking it. I don't *think* the sap or bark are toxic, just the wilted leaves, but I'm not sure. Are you able to wrap the trunks or fence them off temporarily to keep...
  20. Abby P

    Ticks on minis-Western PA

    Right, and if they are putting their heads down to graze or walking through tall grass/brush, they can easily get ticks on them without the ticks having crawled up their legs. I know there are also leg bands/collars that are supposed to work but I've never tried them. The Equispot helps a ton...