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  1. Tony

    Little America new blog entry

    Finally got around to writing a new entry for our blog, plus Lauren added one today. Hope you enjoy them.
  2. Tony

    Another Shetland Memory #3 - Supreme's Bit of Gold

    This is a Christmas card from my family's friends the Parkers from 1953. Supreme's Bit of Gold was a beautiful stallion that I enjoyed seeing many times as a child. Later in life we built a Quarter Horse facility across I-35 from the Parkers. I was so impressed as a kid because their house...
  3. Tony

    Shetland Memories #2 Crescent's Copper Penny & Crescent Copper Lady

    Cleaning the hooves of Crescent's Copper Penny #25938 foaled in 1948 . He and his full sister Crescent Copper Lady #27040 foaled in 1949, were shown extensively and very successfully both as a team and individually. Below is from a show in 1955 in Greeley, Colorado. Ribbons being presented by...
  4. Tony

    Shetland Memories

    A few months ago I mentioned that I was scanning some old family pictures and asked if it was okay to post some we owned, others belonged to friends. Because of the historical nature, the moderators allowed me to share them with you. Time has been so full, but I will do a few now. This first...
  5. Tony

    Shetland Studbook

    Could someone with access to the ASPC Studbook please give me the foaling dates of: Crescent's Copper Penny Crescent's Copper Lady Larigo's Topper General Larigo Hillswicke Oracle Kewpie Doll's Oracle Little Masterpiece Reaping Gold C Supreme's Bit of Gold Loma Alta Easter Major Tex...
  6. Tony

    Question to moderators about history

    I am not usually on the Pony Talk because, although I had Shetlands for many years, I no longer do, but have a large herd of miniatures. However, I am going through old pictures, Christmas cards, and magazines from my mother's house, scanning things that I want to keep. I have quite a few...
  7. Tony

    AT&T Commercial

    Our four-year-old granddaughter, Ella, is the little ballerina whose parents are looking at her on their phone that is running quite a bit the past several weeks. You can see it on YouTube too:
  8. Tony

    American Livestock Supply

    For many years I have bought most of my wormers and grooming supplies from American Livestock, but recently I was unable to contact them. Has anyone heard anything about them closing? Thanks.
  9. Tony

    Old Clothes

    In 1955 my mother, Loy, made these "show clothes" for my sister Marcia and me. My dad was the manager of Hi-Line Shetland Pony Farm in Greeley, Colorado, owned by Don and Maxine Vestal at the time. For the Adams County Rodeo that year the rodeo promoters decided to have a "surprise Queen."...
  10. Tony

    Have been very busy... here's some proof.

    We have been foaling for one month and have sixteen live, healthy babies running in the yard and pasture, with one "Oops". Here are a few of them: Little America's My Color Man Little America's Princess of Joy Little America's Orion Birthday Bell Little America's My Star Warrior...
  11. Tony

    Charging for Tour of Farm

    Does anyone here charge for tours of their farm? Just curious. We get so many requests that I am considering it.
  12. Tony

    Our first of the season

    Introducing Little America's My Color Man. I hadn't planned on any foals this early, but he was out in the pasture this morning. I am having trouble getting him to nurse, but he eats well when I milk his mom. He has an appaloosa pedigree to the extreme: Little America's My Oh My, Winner's...
  13. Tony

    Happy 100th

    If my dear friend were still alive he would be 100 today. He was a legend both in the Shetland world in the 50s and 60s and helped develop the miniatures in the 70s and 80s. Read more of the history if you are interested at Orion Light Van't Huttenest..
  14. Tony

    Happy Valentine's Day

    Some people hate the family newsletters. If you are one of those, move on! If not, here is our annual letter that has varied from a Christmas greeting, to New Year's letter, and in recent years seems to have landed as a Happy Valentine's message. Greaves/Little America Valentine
  15. Tony

    Birthday Parties

    We keep getting requests/inquiries about taking our horses to birthday parties. Do any of you do them? What do you charge and do? Thanks.
  16. Tony

    Website redesign

    Our daughter, Lauren, has spent a couple of months, or more, redoing our web site. Please check it out and let me know what you think. I am so pleased with the many hours that she spent! Little America Miniature Horses
  17. Tony

    Texas Equine Dental Law

    I am sorry. I was out of town and Carl asked me to reply to the thread and then I had computer trouble so couldn't respond until now. Since the thread is now so long I wanted to start a new one to clarify and not be buried in the thread. This law is a good one for "our side". It is the best...
  18. Tony

    Vicky Davis' mom

    Vicky (Texan Star Ranch) asked me to post this update on her mom. fast update mom blood pressure and heart rate crashed yesterday. major sat back. she is still very critical. today heart rate was good, blood preassure wants to be on lower side. working on meds to correct. sorry for sp words...
  19. Tony

    A few more Little America foals

    Little America's Joy Boy's Fox Little America's Gold Symphony Little America's Da Vinci Memory Little America's Struttin' Trixie Little America's Dainty Doll
  20. Tony

    Little America foals

    We have had an extremely busy six weeks and haven't taken the time to post much. Hardly have taken the time to even sleep! You can see the whole group on our web site. But for those in a hurry, here are a few: Little America's Strut Wi De Stars Little America's Casper Boogie Little...