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    Anybody have any natural tips on helping reduce them? I am currently 4 months pregnant and the last 2-3 week have had little give. Finally last night after day three of the current one I got a prescript to help. It's not totally gone as I only took two doses of the med being it's a narcotic and...
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    Finally its legal in all states, as it should be!
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    Dream books?

    Anybody know of any good dream analysis books?
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    dog food

    What kind of dog food do you feed? I am looking for a new food, and realize I will probably need two as we have a 6 month old puppy and a 2 year old overweight pug. They are both on Hills Ideal Balance currently. The pug does fine but would like something more for weight loss, the puppy is a...
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    Who can say no to these faces?

    I sure cant? Could you?
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    Need group therapy topic

    So I finally start my internship in a couple weeks. Part of it is that I do group therapy. I will be working with school age kids and need some ides on topics.... On a side note here are. Few new pics of my munchkin and Bodie.
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    He's home!

    Ha is super sweet and the other dogs are good with him. But oh so tiny! Sorry not sure how to turn the pics
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    New Addition coming soon....

    Can't wait! 4 weeks or so
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    Making the right decision

    So I had my riding horse put down 2.5 years ago. I was looking at pics of him today, and I still today wonder if I make the right decision....what I wouldn't give to have him back for just a day
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    poor horse
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    The Purple Bandana

    It was sometime in 2004 that I was delivering urine drug screen specimens to the lab. I went in the wrong door and walked down the wrong hallway. At some point I passed by an open office; and in that office was a lady who was crying profusely. I noticed, but didn't stop. Instead, I went to where...
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    Merry Christmas from my family!

    Merry Christmas!
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    dog in season question

    Is it common for a female who is going into season to not eat as much? If not very little
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    New Hills dog food

    Has anybody been useing it? I'm in the process of switching our older dog to it and was wondering people's opinions of it.
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    Does anybody have one? Looking for all and any info and experience on them. I am potentially getting a almost, at best guess, 8 year old male.
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    Dog health help

    First let me say she does have an appointment with the vet tomorrow morning. Just thought I would run it by you guys here. We were go last weekend so our dogs were being cared for by others. The older dog (11-12) was cared for by a friends parents. They brought her back to our friends house...
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    Great Danes

    Anybody have one? Info on them? Like how big of a fence do I need? If all goes well with the house shopping I will be installing a fence for the yard. I would like to make sure I have one that will hold a dane in case I decide in the future to get one. Are they a dog that likes to jump?
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    How would you like to find this for a suprise??

    Totally unexpected, not sure who her daddy is but she's kinda cute, in her own way.
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    Pics of my girls- Mya's eye update

    I don't come here much anymore but thought I would drop in and give an update on Miss Mya and the never ending battle with her eyes. Miss Mya is my spitting image and I often find myself wondering if it was really necessary to have a child that is so much like me I am going to have my hands...
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    Fish Question

    Does anybody know anything about gold fish? My mom started with 8 goldfish, 2 glass cleaner fish and two cat fish. She has had the original 6 for years. Then last spring she got the sucker, catfish and two gold fish as somebody didnt want them anymore and gave them to her. Slowly in the last...