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  1. Mousie96

    What size wheels for a cart?

    I am wondering what size of cart wheels would be best for a 35" mini? My dad and I are going to be building a cart but I don't know what size if wheels to get!
  2. Mousie96

    Is it safe to put a very light saddle on a pregnant ponies back?

    I know this sounds bad- but I am going stir crazy! Would it be safe to set a 15-20lb saddle on my 43" 10ish months pregnant mare? I am curious to see how she does with a saddle on her back. All I would do is set it on her and walk her a few steps. She was supposed to be lead line broke but I...
  3. Mousie96

    How's Snowball's conformation?

    Hi all I was wondering if you could tell me what you think if Snowballs conformation? Sorry he is so dirty! They are pics from this summer right before his bath.
  4. Mousie96

    My minis cart is possibly too small??

    Here are some of the things I want you guys to know! Snowball is broke to drive, so I know its not that. Has had almost a year off of pulling the cart, but I have been ground driving him. He broke his harness because he freaked out when the cart bumped him when I was leading him with the cart...
  5. Mousie96

    Penny's foaling thread.....SHE IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hello all! So I have a mini mare named Penny. The stud had got out and into her pen back in August. But only for a day. And almost a month ago she was put in with the same stud for two weeks. He had covered her for sure (it was seen by the previous owner) and this is where I am now! One thing...