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    members in Canada

    Bad news on TV about big fires in Canada Hope none of our members are affected and saying lots of prayers for everyone in that area.Members please check in to let us know you are ok
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    requesting lookup for mare

    No longer have access to AMHA or AMHR stud books.could someone please look up DOB and foals of TNT'S ANGEL BABY.Thanks Used to own her-she is now a therapy horse and making little kids happy.
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    Westminster dog show

    Anybody know if dog show from Madison Square Garden is being shown on Dish TV?Love to watch if I can get the channel
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    trying hard not to hate someone

    2015 has been EXTREMELY difficult for me. My younger son died May 11 from heart issues.I had seen him only once in the last 6 years since he moved to NV>My knees have been so bad I suffer lots of pain when walking and I kept saying I was going to visit when my knees got better.Too late now.He...
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    missing members

    Just wonder what ever happened to Marty in TN I think.always loved reading her stories about her horses and her German shepherd.Also miss reading the adventures of Boss Mare from MD.Please check in and let us know how you are doing.With the holidays coming I think of people I enjoyed here on The...
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    my life has changed-it's a mess

    In reading Dixie belle's story it made me want to write something of my own.Jan 4,2014 my older son,Dec 19, 1961 was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and brain, kidney, and bone cancer.Lots of surgeries, radiation and chemo.He was progressing rather well and we had some hope for a...
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    vaccinations for older horses

    Just wondering if older horses 26,24 and 23 still need to get spring shots.I have had 2 of them since birth and the 24 yr old for 22 years and they have had shots every spring.They usually get Rabies, West Nile,and a 9 way which includes flu, rhino, tetanus and enceph sp??. I know with older...
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    I prefer being home

    Just got back from an outing to the grocery store and K Mart at a resort beach town 25 miles from home>Been very sick so it was my first time out since Mon at the glad to be back home with my critters.As I get older(now 75)I am finding that I much prefer the company of my critters over...
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    commercials I LOVE

    Budweiser commercials of course Subaru commercials with dogs.favorite is family of Golden Retreivers driving with pups in back.Dad stops at a cross walk to let very fancy white poodle female cross in front of car(she is really strutting her stuff and eyeing the driver.Dad Golden is really...
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    Westminster Dog show-Madison Square Garden

    Anyone on Dish TV know on what channel dog show from NY will be broadcast?No Sun paper and no TV channel guide.Love watching the beautiful dogs and seeing which handlers I can spot from my old days of showing dogs.
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    bitter cold and snow

    thinking of all my forum friends in this extreme weather.Hope all of you and your critters are safe and warm.Here in DE we are having unusually cold temps and high winds.Left 1 mare out last night with shelter but she didn't use it.She came in for breakfast Am and was covered in snow and...
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    call from AOL

    Received a call today from someone claiming to be from AOL saying that my e mail account had been compromised.His English and pronunciation was soood bad i kept telling him I couldn't understand him and asked to speak to a supervisor with better English(2nd guy was almost as bad.)Asked him what...
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    Rainbow Bridge

    The Rainbow Bridge welcomed a new Mini today,Knollacs Painted Promise foaled on 5-9-1990 when I lived in Dover.I bought her sire and dam and a day old filly from friends I showed dogs with.Sire&dam had come from Hobby Horse Farm in VA, but original papers were lost through several owners.I had...
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    weight tapes for Minis

    How accurate are weight tapes?Measured 1 mare this AM and got 387 lbs.MY Minis are older and plan to get them cremated when the time comes.Trying to line up a place now since 1 has many bad days(she has rallied just recently so I don't have to make the tough decision just yet) and don't want to...
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    I noted a request for surgery funds on the saleboard for Alfina a severely neglected Mini mare.Note said all funds went directly to Cornell where surgery will be.When I tried to donate note came up that funds were going to someone with Welsh pony site.E mailed person who posted-no response.I...
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    facebook question

    I am not real up on Facebook stuff but I like to use it to keep up with my family in Nevada.How do I keep a person that was a previous business contact from posting religious stuff constantly on my Facebook page.It is sometimes multiple times daily and it is junking up my page.I don't want to...
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    info needed on magazine

    What year and issue did Miniature World Showcase magazine begin?I have many issues going back to 2007 but don't think I have a complete set.I was really disappointed when it ceased publications.I was really looking forward to the continuation of the Brewer family history.Would love to see the...
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    Rose Parade

    Beautiful equestrian groups.Anybody know who the few Minis were pulling carts with a group of larger horses?could only see 1 from HGTV channel but saw a head or 2 on the far side of big wagon or carriage.DANG, no mention of the Minis in the parade by Scott or Drew from HGTV I'm done watching TV...
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    confession time

    I have a confession to make and wonder if there are others out there like me.I AM A PUPPY JUNKIE.I absolutely love puppies and have withdraw symptoms if I can't see or touch puppies every few weeks.I got my fix on Tuesday My friend and groomer has a litter or 3 Cardigan corgi pups and I got to...
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    human babies - not among my favorite things

    Anybody else who does not get all crazy about human babies?My friend has a new grandaughter and was showing me all the photos taken by parents.It was like watching an old time movie frame by frame-every minute or 2 of baby's progression.Didn't do much for me.I LOVE puppies,foals and most other...