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  1. BSharpRanch

    Opening gates while driving

    I try hard not to need to get out of the cart when going through gates. So I've become pretty efficient at opening and closing gates while in the cart. Here is a little video I did of two ways I open/close gates while in the cart. I have another which will be a separate video.
  2. BSharpRanch

    Driven obstacle practice

    I just love to challenge myself and my horses at everything I/we do. (As if that wasn't obvious!) So I'm playing with the pair at driven obstacle, one of my all time favorite classes! One of the obstacles is a wheel through with the right wheel, halt and back through a second wheel through...
  3. BSharpRanch

    Boardjoring Granny's new board

    I now have MY board! I've had it a few months now and have been riding it, but have now officially made it MINE!!! How? By totally refinishing it! I sanded it down, stained it, painted by boys portraits and sealed it! So happy with how it turned out!
  4. BSharpRanch

    What do you do at the draft horse show?

    Well, when you are Team Awesome Appies you kick butt!!! We showed driven obstacle and gambler's choice obstacle in the hitch wagon against all sizes of horses and singles and teams! Team Awesome Appies won first in driven obstacle and second in gambler's choice obstacle!!! We then unhitched...
  5. BSharpRanch

    Four in Hand of Appaloosas!

    I so enjoy my teams! They have brought so much joy and lately they've helped my recovery by making me focus. My lead pair has a new member. I purchased him last year as a backup and have been working him as a single with the end goal of him being the backup/replacement of my oldest team member...
  6. BSharpRanch

    Experimental and comparison videos

    I've started doing some driving videos. Started out for just myself as I did some comparisons. I then felt that I should share them as a way to promote learning amongst those that love and drive miniatures in general and drive multiples in earnest. I try to get a video a week up, but it all...
  7. BSharpRanch

    Wild ride

    We attended an ADT last weekend with our pair. An ADT is a condensed version of a CDE, held on just a single day. The morning starts with dressage and Cones. Then there is a break for lunch and sometimes even a nap! Then the real fun begins with the hazards! Four different hazards are set up...
  8. BSharpRanch

    Longboarding with a mini

    I'm needing to work on my core both strength and balance along with toning up the rest of my buddy. I also need to work my driving horses. My time just seems so limited especially since I also must work. So here is my solution to my problem. Longboarding with my minis!
  9. BSharpRanch

    Competitive driving

    Hubby and I participated in a two day Arizona Driving Trial this past weekend. I drove my four in hand of Appaloosas while Hubby was my navigator. Each day was a separate event which consisted of a dressage test, a cones course and four sets of hazards. If you would like to see what it's like...
  10. BSharpRanch

    An Eight hitch

    Well, I've conquered The Six hitch and I've decided I need to up my game yet again to an eight! Since I have limited time till fall, I ordered a set of lead reins for an eight. I know what horses I will most likely use so need to get them out for refreshers before attempting the eight. Who...
  11. BSharpRanch

    Driving Random

    I took the leap and attempted random today! It was very challenging as none of us have done it before. The horse at wheel was my Husband's mare that loves him and challenges me every chance she gets. (Except when she is part of The Six, then she is near perfect!) My leopard stallion was in...
  12. BSharpRanch

    AMHA Regionals

    I went to the AMHA website to check out the class offerings at regionals but I can't seem to get the premiums to download. Is this an issue for others or am I just computer illiterate enough to not be able to get them? The forms all downloaded just fine. Thanks!
  13. BSharpRanch

    Driven obstacle with a pair Here is our trip through the driven obstacle course with a pair!
  14. BSharpRanch

    Safety check

    Any death is sad, when it is horse related, it hits close to home. Even though the teen that died was doing a riding even, it makes one think about keeping yourself safe when riding/driving. So let's start a thread on safety measures that we take around our horses. Are they just for when you...
  15. BSharpRanch

    Driving six horses

    I've been playing with driving a six-in-hand of minis. I've made all their harnesses and my awesome Hubby restored the wagon. I've worked for almost two years on training the horses and myself and finally feel confident enough to take them to the show the end of the month. Here is the tail end...
  16. BSharpRanch

    Driving Circles with a team

    I thought we lived in the desert, but evidently we are now in the Pacific Northwest! It has been raining all week so far with a short break yesterday. So, knowing that I really need to get The Six out and get miles on them, I braved the cold, windy weather and drove them yesterday. To say...
  17. BSharpRanch

  18. BSharpRanch

    Liberty or not
  19. BSharpRanch

    Getting in the Holiday spirit

    We did a photo session yesterday and I felt a little to the end...enjoy!
  20. BSharpRanch

    World show results

    Are any of the World results being posted? Any link? Thank you!