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  1. LostandFound

    What do you do for preg test near due date?

    My mare was confirmed in foal with a blood test at 4 months, then with an ultrasound at 6 months. Now here we are over a year and no foal. Weefoal is only accurate to 300 days, and ultrasound isn't supposed to be very helpful at this point either. My vet won't palpate a mini. She doesn't have...
  2. LostandFound

    color testing

    I would like to have a couple of my minis tested, one of them to find out exactly what color she is and both to check for silver dapple and the dwarf genes. What company is the best? Also is there one that will tell if there are 2 copies of gray?
  3. LostandFound

    What are people wearing in the show ring?

    We have one show close to us and I would like to show my weanling in halter. So I will need something to wear. I tried to find videos of recent classes but there wasn't much out there. What I did see was a lot of women wearing just some sort of jacket, not the show jackets that I am used to. So...
  4. LostandFound

    What sort of pregnancy test can you do?

    What are the different options for pregnancy testing...both early and late without a rectal ultrasound? Something that still works if the mare is on regumate. And does anyone have any experience with those DIY ultrasound machines? They seemed so simple but I'm not sure they work.
  5. LostandFound

    Baby's first clip

    Anyone have some helpful hints on how to do that on a mini foal? I'd like to get an idea what she looks like under all that hair without either of us getting hurt.
  6. LostandFound

    Show halter advice

    I may try to show this year and if I do I will need show halters. I know styles and trends come and go. Is there anyone on here who is currently showing and can give me advice?
  7. LostandFound

    How do you guess the size your foal will be?

    I've seen little charts that tell you the size a foal will mature based on how big they are at what point in their life. I've seen people measuring cannon bone length, I've seen it based on the size of the parents, and I've seen just guesses. In the big horse world they use the string test. But...
  8. LostandFound

    Hello everyone

    I'm new here and I'm new to minis, but not to horses. I plan to show and have a few foals and just enjoy horses in a smaller package. I'm hoping to get lots of information from those more experienced than me.
  9. LostandFound

    Buying a mini to show

    Hello everyone. I'm new here and of course I joined because I have some questions. As I'm looking at horses I see world champions and HOF horses from 10 years ago and they look like tiny horses. But a lot of what I see that is younger look like tiny Arabian horses. So I'm curious about what I...