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    Grahams pony farm/Iowa '60s

    The very first registered shetland that my grandparents, Eddie & Louise Relph (Lou-Ed Shetlands) came from the Moyer brothers. A black mare, Tony's Show Girl M.
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    Question for ASPC Members

    First, let me say that I appreciate all the hard work of the directors and executive staff. From the outside looking in, it appears to be a pretty thankless job, and of course, it’s not possible to please all concerned with any particular issue. And, I DO trust that the board is acting in the...
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    just diagnosed with laminitis

    Another great online resource for laminitis issues at There are many suggestions/recommendations there on how to feed laminitic horses. I have five ponies that tend to be sore-footed, and following their advice has made a huge difference for...
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    Strangles made horse sick last spring

    I had a pony react badly to the IM strangles vaccination quite a few years ago. At the time, I thought that surely the bad reaction was worse than the disease. WRONG !!!! If you've never nursed an equine friend through a bad case of strangles, it's hard to believe their level of suffering...
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    foundation certification

    Pat, I'll be out of town for a few days, but we can chat next week ?? My phone number is on our website at Regards ... Shari
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    foundation certification

    The last I knew, I was the foundation committee chair :DOH! I'd be glad to help if I can. What clarification do you need? You can reach me at Regards, Shari Seddon Rhapsody Shetlands
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    Just head from a BOD member

    I agree. Thank you for serving, Belinda. Shari Seddon Rhapsody Shetlands
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    Just head from a BOD member

    I spoke with Belinda tonight, and if I understood correctly, NOTHING is changing regarding Foundation ponies. The registry will still be able to do a pedigree search to certify a pony, those ponies who already have Foundation seals are still foundation ponies, etc. It will still take a...
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    high blood glucose??

    Relic, I agree that this could be Insulin Resistance. There is a world of helpful information about caring for IR and/or Cushing's horses at Shari