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  1. SampleMM

    GHF or Goat Hill Farm

    Does anyone know them or have any information? Please and thank you.
  2. SampleMM

    What Is The Future For The Miniature Horse?

    I'm curious to know other people's opinions on this matter. I've been doing a lot of thinking lately because it's been a long, cold winter and spring and I guess I've had too much time on my hands. During my thinking sessions, I've been asking myself this question and pondering these things...
  3. SampleMM

    Fallen Crests -- Hereditary?

    I think it may be inherited and here's why. I have three horses with fallen crests. Two are brother and sister both have fallen crests. So, I gelded the stallion and never used the mare. The other is an uncle to these two so very closely related and he too has a fallen crest. I gelded him as...
  4. SampleMM

    Double K Clippers

    Who repairs and or services them? Thank you.?
  5. SampleMM

    Can someone do a look up?

    I'd very much appreciate any and all information on these two mares. Reeces Tie Me Blue and Jones Blue Boy Arabian Beauty. Thanks in advance! ?
  6. SampleMM

    Ring / Nail Test

    Has anyone ever had a horse where the ring has really big movement but the mare isn't really bred? I had this mare ultra sounded and was told she wasn't bred but when I did the ring test, I had huge circles. I'm anxious to hear everyone's thoughts.
  7. SampleMM

    Is anyone still feeding Stategy?

    I know a couple of years ago, many people were having a lot of success with this feed. I switched to straight oats but am thinking about switching my mare that I plan to show back to Stategy.
  8. SampleMM

    When your children go off to college or move out........

    Hi LB friends, my first born child will be leaving for college in a few short weeks. I've noticed as the time draws closer that my emotions are taking over. I am very short tempered with everyone and feel very restless in this transition time. I am extremely close with my child and this is...
  9. SampleMM

    Miniature Horse Breeders & Exhibitors

    What do you call yourselves? I get so sick of listing my job as miniature horse breeder. I am way more than that. I breed them, show them, promote them, & put my heart and soul into the miniature breed. I am a person with a dream to produce some of the fanciest buckskin miniatures in the...
  10. SampleMM

    baked beans

    Does anyone have a good recipe for baked beans that would feed a lot of people. I am having a graduation party in a western theme and figured I baked beans would be an appropriate side dish.
  11. SampleMM

    Western Graduation Party

    So my lovely daughter is graduating and I'm throwing a graduation party here at the farm. I like to do theme parties so what better than a Western type theme when you live on a farm? Anyways, I would love to hear if anyone has any ideas or if you have thrown a party like this. These are my...
  12. SampleMM


    Does anyone have a phone number for PayPal? I really need to speak with a representative and I do not want to write all of this down which seems to be the way they want you to try and contact/resolve issues. I sure would appreciate any help.
  13. SampleMM

    Opinions Needed

    I have been conditioning my mare over the last four weeks. I took her to a show last Sunday and she looked great. Well, I decided this week to step up her exercise and now her stomach from the side looks bulked up. I'm not sure if it's the result of too much exercise, too much hay or grain...
  14. SampleMM

    All Eyes Needed---High Risk Mare

    Hi everyone. I am posting this for my friend Abby Conder. She has a high risk type mare that should foal tonight. She has lost three of her last foals. It is believed that she foals standing up which in turn never sets her beeper off. Abby, is desperate for a live, healthy foal from her...
  15. SampleMM

    What do you think?

    Is this mare pregnant? My vet cannot ultra-sound or palpate but he did draw blood and is checking her estrone sulfate. (I think that's what he said) She was only bred one time and that was on Mother's Day, May 8, 2011.
  16. SampleMM

    I just want to cry

    I feel like I am at wits end. It started shortly after Christmas when I had severe dental issues that is going to be a 6 month process before all is well with that problem. While dealing with the tooth/teeth issue I put my back out. My chiropractor said that it was my pelvis and after he put...
  17. SampleMM

    Arabian Type Halter & Breastcollars

    Does anyone have a pattern or know where I could buy one? I see some beautiful ones being made and was thinking maybe it would be fun this winter to have something like that to try.
  18. SampleMM

    My 1st Professional Photo Shoot

    Hi Everybody. I've been very busy here in Corry, PA. I was asked to take photos at our high school Christmas dance. I had absolutely no backgrounds, lights, set stuff etc. so I had to figure it out and purchase everything. I had two weeks to figure this all out. I've been so stressed that...
  19. SampleMM

    How much $

    Oh dear, I am really stressed out. My son was asked to do a slideshow with music and family photos for someone that we do not know. She was referred to him through a mutual friend. My son has 10 hours into this because the photos were in scrapbooks and boxes. He spent 6 hours alone, just...
  20. SampleMM

    Showing Dogs

    I need some help. Years ago I had a beautiful Pembroke Welsh Corgi that was by Nebriowa Front And Center. She was show quality and I had a very well known handler but never did get a finished champion but that was okay because she was invaluable to me. I loved her so much but she died a...