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    E-books anyone?

    Thanks so much ladies for your input. I think she's leaning toward the Kindle just for reading. He's a voracious reader but isn't into things like facebook, email, movies, etc. Susanne, how wonderful for you that you found something to help with your reading. My Mom had macular degeneration...
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    E-books anyone?

    My daughter is going to buy son-in-law an e-book reader for Christmas. I thought I'd try to get him a membership (if there is such a thing)from an e-book site, but I'm totally out of my league here. Do any of you use an e-book reader and can you recomment good sites for downloading books...
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    The Hallmark Channel, who's watching?

    I watched it last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Although I have to admit I think it's a bit early for all the Christmas stuff. One of the local radio stations started Christmas playing music November 1st. Thankfully it's on in the barn so I'm only exposed to it in short increments.
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    A Grand Ol' Man has passed - Godspeed Wiz

    You're absolutely right Parmela....Wiz was a beautiful boy. There are no words to express my thanks to you for making his last years the only good ones he probably ever knew. He went from a heck-hole to heaven with a few stops on the way. One being with Sharon White-Lewis who kept him (and 12...
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    Dreamer, Its been awhile since I posted a picture of her

    I agree with Anna. You may be Dreamers live in mom, but there are several of us who feel like surrogate moms. It's great seeing her again.
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    New Author

    Since so many of you are readers I just thought I'd mention Paperback Swap. I think I first heard about it here several years ago. I've been a member ever since and it's a wonderful way to get trade books you've read and get ones you want to read. http://www.paperbackswap.com/index.php
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    Arizona People Are You OK?

    Thanks for letting me know you're ok Laurie. I was concerned about the lack of response and hoping it wasn't bad news. They just said on TWC that the fire has spread into Nex Mexico now. Prayers for everyone affected by this.
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    Arizona People Are You OK?

    With the news about those horrible fires in Arizona I've been thinking of you and hoping everyone is well away from the danger areas. Please let us know what's happening in your neck of the woods.
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    Arizona my 33 yo TB..Happy Birthday Big Guy!

    He's beautiful Theresa and my hat's off to you for keeping him in such great shape. Look at the beautiful shine on that boy. It definitely enforces my opinion that just because a horse is "old" doesn't mean they have to be a rack of bones. Good for you!!!
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    Leopard colt before

    That's my kind of horse. Cute as a button and spots all over.
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    Some of my latest creations wanted to share

    Very pretty Marty. I've been into card making for several months now, no oragami, but I really enjoy doing it.
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    This video is adorable

    That's so so cute. I kept waiting for the puppy to either get his head caught in the halter or to grab hold of it and get picked up off the floor. I thought his jumping up was a bit much until I realized he was only trying to get the horse to lower his head. Looks like they're great friends.
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    New Ragdoll Pic

    I've always been a dog person but if there's ever a cat in my future it will definitely have to be a Ragdoll. Matt's portraits (they're definitely more than just "pictures") are always beautiful and the kittens totally adorable.
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    Could use the power of positive thought

    Positive thoughts and cyber hugs being sent your way. Since it's become such a common practice, I think a lot of states need to reconsider their laws concerning "marriage" vs "common law". Best of luck to you and hopefully the right decision will be made sooner rather than later.
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    Said Good-Bye to my Old Friend this am

    Theresa I'm so sorry that you and Art are hurting so badly right now. I know it doesn't make things easier to know you did the "right thing". Just because it was right, doesn't mean it was easy. I've admired you for the loving care of your horses before and I admire you again for seeing to it...
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    dispersing my little herd of 2

    Charlene I'm so very sorry to hear that you've had health problems that dictate letting your little ones go. I've been thinking that I seriously need to consider doing the same thing. I really believe the key to actually being able to let go depends on knowing they will be going to a great...
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    yep, minis can really be smart - watch McKee do "scent" work

    Peggy I always so enjoy your videos. You do wonders with those smart little ones. Way to go!!
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    What Are Your Hobbies, Other Than Horses

    My latest new hobby is making greeting cards. I've done a couple horse related ones that I thought I'd share. These are for friends who have a sorrel and a palomino. I think maybe I'm gonna have to try a buckskin or dun next. I haven't finished decorating the second one yet, just got him done...
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    hi everybody!

    Charlene It's obvious that Gary loves you as much as you love him. You're both blessed. Glad to hear you're doing well except for the back problems. Been there, done that; it's no fun. Happy spring to you too!!
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    Water Problem and high bill....

    That's hilarious. Wonder if he's trying to flush a fish up.