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  1. Gayze

    Your Bedding Choices

    I'm just interested in hearing what and why for everyone's stall bedding choices. What's your stall flooring/substrate, what do you use to bed with, and what are your reasons? We're still in "seeing what works best here" mode, and I enjoy hearing what works best for others, both those who have...
  2. Gayze

    Starling and Kestrel

    I thought I would post a couple more pictures of Starling and Kestrel, my new Mini mares. Star is the silver dapple and Kes the appaloosa (whose momma was a silver dapple, and it seems she carried the gene forward. Does that make her a "silver dappaloosa"? ::grins:: )
  3. Gayze

    Hello from a new Mini-Mom

    First: My thanks to the admins for approving my registration. Second: Happy Thanksgiving to all members who are in Canada! I'm the new "mom" to a sweet pair of Miniature mares, Starling and Kestrel (silver dapple and appy in my profile image), who are "sort of rescues" as their previous humans...