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  1. Gone_Riding

    Shaving the mini for showing

    I'm from Washington state, in the US. I was wondering, does anyone shows their mini without shaving them? I don't have the resources nor the know-how to shave mine. Does an unshaved mini have a chance at the shows? My girl has a VERY dense coat that I have to brush with an actual hairbrush...
  2. Gone_Riding

    Babies can drive too!

    I'm not new to driving in that I broke my Arab to driving this summer. However, my mini is! She was almost four months old in the video, and we're learning together. I've never shown, but I hope to. For now, we're having fun! Chloe driving (3 1/2 mos old): Video link...
  3. Gone_Riding

    Do foals change color when they shed out?

    For those who have not met Chloe, she is palomino. This is her at birth and the next day. She has blue eyes that were bloodshot at birth. Her skin has darkened to gray with a ting of pink to it and her feet have turned black. However, she looks almost white. A person can only tell she's...
  4. Gone_Riding

    Is it common for maiden mares to have false labor?

    My mare, Sadie, is a maiden. So far, she has gone into labor 5x, yes FIVE TIMES. She stomps her feet, rubs on everything, sighs, does the flehman response,will have a hot neck, kicks at her belly, then lays down while staring at her stomach before laying out flat, grunting with stiff legs...
  5. Gone_Riding

    Amber colored milk?

    How long can a mare have amber colored milk before foaling?
  6. Gone_Riding

    Heat while pregnant?

    How common is it for a mare to come into heat while pregnant? Like the month following first time bred. My mare is definitely pregnant, but she's showing signs early. Her mom normally carried late and only took one time breeding every time, so I don't know if my girl's early or on time. She...
  7. Gone_Riding

    Sadie the yo-yo's Daughter: Chloe owned by Viola **Update**

    My mare's udder has begun her development, so marestare, here we come! Sadie is 289 days. Her mother always went late, so I was expecting Sadie to be a late one too. However, it looks like that is not the case! Her vulva is a nice pink inside, it isn't lengthening, and her tail still clamps...
  8. Gone_Riding

    How long is it after udder development that mini mares foal?

    My AMHR size B mini mare is 289 days pregnant. Yesterday, she started having udder development. She had nothing the day before. What has been your experience on how long it takes for the udder to fill until baby is born? Is this early a bad thing?
  9. Gone_Riding

    My pregnant mare got kicked!

    Had a scare when I went to feed horses last night. Sadie's vulva and anus was swollen and bruised... She was so swollen that her anus was actually sunken in! I stayed calm, but it was hard. Her mom had had a set of twins once, and so that thought came to mind. I was so scared baby was coming...