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    It may not be polite to brag but --- In this case we have to make an exception. We are so proud of Harper and Eye of the Tiger - ASPC Congress Champions and AMHR National Champions. This was their first year as a team and they gave us everything they had! Hal & Deb Bryant
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    Farm Progress Days 2013

    We spent Saturday at Horse Progress Days in Arcola, IL. We watched field demonstrations with farm drafts and oxen and the day was capped with Breed demos of Show Hitches We saw everything from little to big - in the field and in the Show... Ring. Horse Progress Days is an annual event rotating...
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    UK Driving Champions

    [/media] Wanted to share this with our "Miniature" friends. We keep in touch with this family from "across the pond". We share a common interest in our driving / multiple hitch horses and unique vintage carriages. We thought this was certainly worth sharing.
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    Pictures just made us laugh

    A few months ago we posted this picture and thought the caption should be: "I told you we didn't have our heads screwed on straight!!" Then this past week-end, while doing demos at the Horse Park in Lexington, it happened again and this time it happened to the horses, too! It must be catching!
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    How We Celebrated --

    National Nursing Home Week was celebrated from May 13 - 19, 2012. Every year our local Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facility ask us to bring our miniatures and ponys to their facilities and give rides and have some fun with the residents This year we visited three locations. The...
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    2012 Kentucky Derby Pegasus Parade

    According to WAVE-TV (Louisville, KY) the unit in which we helped represent the Miniature Horse and Shetland Pony, won the Non-Commercial Driven Award at the 2012 Kentucky Derby Pegasus Parade! Yipee !!! The photo was provided by the Courier Journal.
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    Old Photos

    We were going thru old photos and found this one. Hal broke "Patch" to drive on a dare from a friend. They were a big hit at all the parades. Patch had several costumes - this was his Sheriff's outfit complete with a badge and pearl handle six-shooters (cap guns - that worked!) They sure...
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    "Mini" video

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    Beyond the Show Ring

    We like to find lots of ways to enjoy our minis and ponys outside of the Show Ring. Do any of you recognize these two? This is the same team shown on page 23 of the Oct/Nov issue of the Journal - Congress Campions 2-pony Draft Hitch! This was taken just last Thursday. The nurses at a local...
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    Congress Photo

    A few weeks ago a friend sent us this picture of our hitch from the 2011 Pony Congress in Des Moines, Iowa. We asked people for the "perfect caption" for it on the Shetland Forum and on Facebook. We are still laughing at all of them.   But the one we chose as the winner is: "Hal, I told...
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    New and changed Draft Rules regarding ring procedures were approved at last years convention and have been followed by all the shows this summer. Why have they reverted to the "old" rules at this years National Show? I was one of several on the commmittee that reviewed and re-worked these...
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    Introducing - - - Little Miss White County

    My great niece was recently crowned Little Miss White County. It is my honor to be her escort at a recent parade. No doubt - she was the prettiest young lady there!
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    Here's a video worth sharing. http://www.snotr.com/video/5944
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    We received a phone call last night from the Show Secretary for DuQuoin State Fair. He was wanting to know if there would be enough interest to add Miniature Draft Classes to their State Fair Show in 2011. This show will be held around Labor Day. The Miniature Classes would be one of several...
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    Question on Show Rules

    Please don't take this as a complaint - only as a question. We showed 3 different times this summer under 8 different Judges in the "New" Light Harness Class. The rules book calls for: flat-footed walk, trot and extended trot. At none of the shows was the extended trot called for by the...
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    Breyerfest 2010

    "Cloud" & J.J." at Breyerfest 2010. We participated at Lexington Horse Park with past week-end with the Bluegrass Miniature Horse Club and were asked to present the "Colors" at Opening Ceremonies!
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    Another Neat Video

    We found this video on youtube and wanted to share it with you. Also we wanted to "Thank" whoever filmed it. We had fun being the "Bud Light" Hitch. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jl8ZUixH5w
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    Show & Hitch Classes

    We read the Forum daily but seldom reply. This time we felt we wanted to start a discussion. We, like all of you, are planning for warmer days and the 2009 Show Season. We have been checking on show bills already posted to help plan our show season. We can't help but notice that Hitch...
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    Photo / Resize Question

    When I try to post a photo that I have re-sized on photobucket I get the prompt - "Sorry, dymanic pages in the tags are not allowed." Are there any ideas out there on what that means and/or what I'm doing wrong? Appreciate any and all help. Deb