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  1. StardustandBreezysMom

    Best Places to Visit in Lancaster, PA for Driving Enthusiasts

    My family and I are planning a trip to Lancaster, PA.  What are the places that we don't want to miss for horse driving enthusiasts?  We are also planning to shop for a new easy entry cart and maybe a wagon.  Also, we plan to bring some old wagon wheels down for restoration work.  Your...
  2. StardustandBreezysMom

    What is the Best Place to Find a Starter Wagon/Wagonette in US or CA?

    Hi All - What is the best place to find a starter wagon/wagonette for a team of 32" mini's? I am in the Northeast and it just seems hard to find a used one for mini's. I have "googled" several places including Bob's Buggies in TN, and South Carolina Carriages. I wish Patty's Pony Place in CA...
  3. StardustandBreezysMom

    What to Expect from a Mare (Behavior) after Foaling

    What kind of attitude changes should we expect in our mare after having a foal? Our little rescued mare was kind, sweet and gentle before foaling...1 week later, she seems to be a little more pushy and standoffish/grumpy and doesn't want to be caught when she's put out...I know they want to...
  4. StardustandBreezysMom

    Lactating Mare Nutrition/Feeding Help Needed!

    Hi All - Our first little rescued miniature mare just gave birth to a beautiful filly two days ago. She is currently getting all she wants for hay and a small amount for grain. How much grain should she be getting now that the baby is born and is nursing? She is approximately 35" tall. This...
  5. StardustandBreezysMom

    Need Advice for Cold Climate Foaling

    We recently rescued a very sweet bred and reg. mini mare from a meat buyer in Northern New England. The note she came with said she was due in August and after a first vet visit we now believe she is due in approximately 5-6 weeks (end of Dec. or early Jan.). She is starting to bag up and you...
  6. StardustandBreezysMom

    AMHR Look Up Please

    Hi All - Could you tell me if this mare has had any foals registered in the past? Her name is Knight Hawke Mystic Sands AMHR #2258153 and her DOB is 5/22/02. Thank you!
  7. StardustandBreezysMom

    Team Driving with Easy Entry Cart - Help Needed!!

    I am hoping someone experienced with Team Driving with an Easy Entry Cart with a Center Pole can help! Tonight we hooked our two 32 inch mini mares double for the first time to our Easy Entry Cart. We ordered a harness conversion kit to use with their single driving harnesses and a team pole...
  8. StardustandBreezysMom

    Bond Charisma?

    Anyone have photos of a mare name Bond Charisma (AMHA & AMHR)? I believe she was a palomino...was in Florida for a time? Thank you!
  9. StardustandBreezysMom

    Questions for a Green Driver Showing for the 1st Time

    I just purchased a wonderful driving mare and am having so much fun driving however; I just signed up for my first driving show. It's small and local..nothing big and fancy but want to do it right and have a few questions! 1. My reins are pretty long and buckle on the end. I understand that I...
  10. StardustandBreezysMom

    AMHA/AMHR Look up Please?

    Can someone help me look up Diamond D's Fire and Ice AMHR203118A and Diamond D's Silver Destiny 76934A? I have their baby ...a mare by the name of Country Bouquet Brie. What does the A mean in the registration papers. Also, my AMHR papers show that those two horses are from AMHA registered...
  11. StardustandBreezysMom

    Diamond D's Fire and Ice

    Has anyone ever heard of a stallion named Diamond D"s Fire and Ice or have photos? AMHR #203118A sorrel pinto
  12. StardustandBreezysMom

    Reading AMHA Papers - Registration Numbers/Letters

    I am fairly new to the miniature horse world. I happened to notice that my mini has different letters in her AMHA papers for different ancestors. For example, some of the ancestors have a letter A with their registration number and some have a T or TR - Does the letter with the registration...
  13. StardustandBreezysMom

    Vitamins / Supplements to help shed and have healthier coat?

    Can anyone recommend any vitamins or supplements that can help with healthier coats and encourage spring shedding? I live in the Northeast and have two mini's. One sheds wonderfully and has a beautiful coat and does not require major clippings, while the other keeps all her hair until July and...