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  1. atotton

    Easter Ideas

    The local miniature horse 4H group is coming next weekend for a tour. I am looking for ideas on activities I can set up for them with the minis. I am thinking of doing an obstacle course and with each obstacle they complete collect an egg. The person with the most eggs in their basket wins. Any...
  2. atotton

    Using An Ice Sled

    I passed up buying an ice sled today, thinking I could rig it up for one of my miniatures to haul. Has anyone ever used one before or has any other ideas for a sled? I was thinking it might be fun to try hauling firewood, hay ect... or maybe myself in the winter. Thanks.
  3. atotton

    Feeding for Winter

    I have 2 mares that I wintered through last year, they were slightly on the thinner side by the time spring came around. Teeth floating and worming are done regularly. The winter we had was a bad one, and I am hoping to keep a bit more weight on them this time around. I feed Purina feeds, they...
  4. atotton

    The Mares of Rose Hill Miniatures

    Missy silver dapple. Sissy is the black. Pebbles pinto with white face and blue eyes. Hope paint. I know they aren't the best pictures, but which one is your favorite for conformation? Just for fun. ;)
  5. atotton

    Aging by Teeth

    Does anyone know how to tell the age by teeth? I recently got a mare from and was told she is 14. In my opinion I think she is older. I have a couple pictures front on, but i can try to get more angles if needed. Thanks in advance.
  6. atotton

    Miniature Mule .....We have a baby!!

    I have permission to post these photos any story of a friend's mini. She is a 4yr old maiden, and was purchased a year ago, from a farm with other miniature mares and a miniature Jack. She wasn't supposed to be bred, but I went an had a look at her and she definitely is. I can feel the baby...
  7. atotton

    Lots of snow!!

    We have about 32" of snow down now and are expecting another 30-40cm within the next 5 days. The only thing keeping the minis from being buried so far is the layer of ice crust from an ice storm we had. They are enjoying the 20'X20' corral I shoveled for them, they can sun themselves and the...
  8. atotton

    Duey At Liberty

    Here is my boy at liberty. Enjoy. I hope it works.
  9. atotton

    Duey At Liberty

    Here is my boy at liberty. Enjoy. I hope it works.
  10. atotton

    Mini Madness Drill Team

    Hopefully the link to the video works. If not there is a group on facebook "Mini Madness" The video is on their page. They did an awesome job at the show. A real crowd pleaser.
  11. atotton

    My Minis

    Haven't posted much in the last little while. here are some pictures I took today of Duey (3 yrs), Hope (5yrs) and Pebbles (2yrs). sorry about all the pictures, I just couldn't help myself I have so many favourites.
  12. atotton

    I have chickens

    A couple weeks ago my grandfather passed away , he was known for having many animals, cows sheep, horses and just about any species with feathers. We have always shared a love of 4 legged animals but after his passing I decided I would like to have a few of his chickens. He always loved going to...
  13. atotton

    2013 Feed Prices

    What are you paying for your feed? I am in Canada, but I'm wondering whether Canadian or not if are paying more or less for feed. I purchased a bag of Purina Equalizer today and it was $26.85. I was only paying $23.25. I can't complain though, today when I got the feed (and 1kg of alfalfa cubes...
  14. atotton

    Canine Ulcers

    My 8 year old Corgi/Border Collie cross has been throwing up with a small amount of blood. It is mostly bile with a few drops, we've made an appointment with the vet but I was wondering if anyone here has had experience with them. What was the outcome and treatment? Lucy is a very picky eater...
  15. atotton

    Horse and Horsemen 1988

    I was looking through some of my uncle's old horse Magazines when I found this on miniature horses. Horse & Horsemen Magazine from February 1988. It is pretty neat to see thoughts and progression of miniatures from 25 years ago. I'm not sure if it will be legible, but I thought I would at least...
  16. atotton

    Purina Equalizer

    Does anyone here use this for feed ? How much do you feed of it per day? A friend of mine is looking in to getting a couple easy keepers, a mare 4 and gelding 3. This feed was recommended for miniatures at the feed store, since they do not carry Purina Miniature/ Pony.
  17. atotton

    Pony Mixer

    I found this on YouTube and thought I would share. Hopefully the link will work.
  18. atotton

    Some More Snow

    We got another few inches of snow. Here are the horses enjoying the fresh stuff.
  19. atotton

    Paintings and Drawings

    Here are a few of mine. This is another one of my hobbies/ de-stressers. I'd love to see yours too.
  20. atotton

    Tack Store

    I am wanting a miniature western bridle for my mare. I am in Canada but willing to shop over the border if the price is right. What online stores would you recommend to find a bridle? Thanks