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  1. MerMaeve

    Grooming time 2021

  2. MerMaeve

    Trail Camera

    Nice fox!
  3. MerMaeve

    Trail Camera

    I agree with Fox and Racoon.
  4. MerMaeve


    Jeez, you can't get a break, can you! I'd say security cameras or trail cameras to get a license plate number. Maybe beware of dog signs? Even if your dogs aren't super ferocious that'd help? Good luck!
  5. MerMaeve


    Ugh, sorry to hear, @Pitter Patter ! I hope you recover quickly and fully!! You can get a finger oxygen % reader online for pretty cheap I think...
  6. MerMaeve

    New Owner in Orange County, CA (pics and video)

    Welcome from Michigan! Aww, Sebastian is so cute!!
  7. MerMaeve


    Oh no! I hope everyone recovers!! Do you have it?
  8. MerMaeve

    Happy Holidays from the Flying Bee Farm, Trenton, TN!

    Welcome!! Thank you for rescuing!
  9. MerMaeve


    I put your picture into iNaturalist.com and it's first suggestion was Field Goldenrod. Field Goldenrod (Solidago nemoralis) · iNaturalist EDIT: But please, contact your local extension office to be sure!
  10. MerMaeve


    Oooh, ouch!! Hope your hand heals quickly! I agree with heated water buckets/tanks if you have power.
  11. MerMaeve


    I wholeheartedly agree with the first and third points!
  12. MerMaeve

    Keeping pony safe from Coyotes

    Someone else said on a different forum to try a friendly sheep?
  13. MerMaeve

    My Mare is Possibly Pregnant.

    Diva is confusing though, they can be butt to butt with a gate between them one minute, and the five minutes later Diva will try to bite her through the fence.
  14. MerMaeve

    My Mare is Possibly Pregnant.

    Right?? We stall Diva at night but not Squirt.
  15. MerMaeve

    My Mare is Possibly Pregnant.

    We tried putting them together this afternoon before it gets cold and slipperier, and before the rain hits tonight. We gave them each a small pile of hay on opposite sides of the barn then left both gates open. Diva got done eating first and went over by Mom in the barn, Squirt took longer to...
  16. MerMaeve

    Hello from Southern California

    Welcome! Levi is adorable!
  17. MerMaeve

    My Mare is Possibly Pregnant.

    How long did you keep them separate? We got our second mini back on Nov. 22nd and she is more bossy/nippy than Squirt and we tried to put them together for like 5min. but they were kicking and squealing.
  18. MerMaeve

    Wormer for minis

    When is it best to do fecals?
  19. MerMaeve

    Greetings From Northern Virginia

    Welcome from Michigan! Aww, Pyro is a little cutie!