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  1. AnnaC

    Rest In Peace my Finnley

    My dear Cassie, so very sorry that I'm late here posting, but for months I have been fighting with internet connections and for the past three weeks this site has refused to let me sign in - I can read everything but not post. Have borrowed a friend's computer to send you this message...
  2. AnnaC

    HC Minis - new pics pg 172

    Good luck Chanda! Keeping my fingers crossed for you as well. Excited for next year to see the results - and sincerely hoping that at last we will be living in our barn conversion, meaning that I will no longer have to rely on wires crossing the yard and over the barn roof that are trying to...
  3. AnnaC

    Stall Weaving & Fence Pacing

    You have already received some good advice. You have only had him for three short weeks - stallions, especially those being pasture bred and changing homes during the breeding season, often take longer to settle to a new place and routine. He has left behind his girls, girls that he is...
  4. AnnaC

    A Birthday today - 6th June - Guess Who?

    It's someome who we all rely on, who can be instantly found if we all yell SPOTS - SPOTS - SPOTS!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FRIEND - have a great day. xx
  5. AnnaC

    managing mud!

    I'm interested in why she paces all night - does she have plenty of hay to eat through the night - is she trying to return to her companions (or does she live alone)? To find the reason for her pacing may help with reducing your mud problem somewhat.
  6. AnnaC

    Bandy's Foaling Thread - Round 2!

    Well done Bandy!! Another filly - many congratulations!
  7. AnnaC

    Unknown dates: please help!! (Pics attached)

    I'm so very sorry to read of your loss, but as has been said, dont beat yourself up over it. You certainly did your very best for your little mare what with your busy life and a young family, plus the fact that you didn't breed the mare in the first place. Sending ((((HUGS)))) to you and your...
  8. AnnaC

    Bow's 2015 Foaling

    Great to see you again and to catch up with Bow and all her children - she's looking great by the way! Excited for you and hoping that you get the colt you are longing for. Keep us posted with Bow's progress please.
  9. AnnaC

    Unknown dates: please help!! (Pics attached)

    Hi I'm still around but still with a dodgy internet connection (the main hub is far away from my laptop which doesn't help either). Most days I get here to do a fast read through if possible before I lose everything, so if you have a question just ask and I will try to post a reply while...
  10. AnnaC

    Just 4mos post op from brain surgery: Our first driving show! (Pics, of course!)

    Brilliant!! Fantastic!! Many many congratulations to you all - the future lies ahead of you, have fun, enjoy and live it to the full! Wishing you all the very best.
  11. AnnaC

    maiden mare, unknown due date

    So very sorry to hear about your tragic loss - is your little mare ok? I think your idea of a nearby stall and a light would be the answer if you decide to breed again - and no reason why you shouldn't in my opinion. Sending ((((HUGS)))) to you and your little mare.
  12. AnnaC

    Unknown dates: please help!! (Pics attached)

    Hi Tracie. I posted on your main forum thread before coming here - I see you are already here! Welcome to the Nutty Nursery. You have a pretty little mare and I think she is very close to producing her baby particularly as she has foaled before. Now is the time to be sitting up right with her...
  13. AnnaC

    Unknown dates: How much longer?

    She does look pregnant - if you can bring this post over to the Mare and Foal forum here you will find all the help and advice you may need. Do come and join us!
  14. AnnaC

    Evah's pregnancy thread!

    Many congratulations on your pretty little filly - love her smart cute rug!
  15. AnnaC

    baby bump/bumps.....?

    She's looking great Rebecca, also from what you are saying, she could foal at any time - all these 'ups and downs' can mean that a mare is getting very close, as we all know they dont necessarily proceed at a nice steady pace giving us what we think should be the normal final signs of foaling!
  16. AnnaC

    Maple Hollow Farms 2015 Foaling

    Many congratulations on all your gorgeous new babies Melinda - so glad to hear that Chippy and her filly are now home and hoping that little 'Ima' continues to make good progress.
  17. AnnaC

    Bubble's pregnancy tread

    What a pretty girl - and I dont think you will have much longer to wait to see her new baby. Congratulations on the new bunnies - looking forward to seeing the pictures when it warms up a little - what breed are they?
  18. AnnaC

    Some old friends missing????

    I think that a lot of the 'old' posters have taken a break from regular breeding (I know we have), also, as has been said, life moves on for a lot of folk which is why we welcome those new to breeding - giving us new friends to meet - and the joy of watching all the new babies safely arrive into...
  19. AnnaC

    Update to the Updates on Miss Tilly!!!!!

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you that all is well and that you have a new baby very soon.
  20. AnnaC

    Magic Marker 2015

    So sorry to read about Kari's Mom, my thoughts are with her and the family. What a cute bundle of pups - more pics when you have the time please. Dont think Rain will keep you waiting much longer - time to be doing the continual watch I think!