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  1. candycar

    Grooming time 2021

    Many might disagree with me but I taught them using a treat. Hold the bridle/halter in one hand and a a treat in the other. Put the treat in front of the noseband and when they go to get it they get the halter too. Mine all put their nose in the halter now. I don't always treat, but they...
  2. candycar

    Grooming time 2021

    I spend a lot of time with mine, as I really have nothing "better" or more important to do and they are so close. A quick groom takes 10 min per horse, a good groom takes 20-30 min per horse. I usually (if my hands aren't freezing) give mine a once over every day before letting them out...
  3. candycar

    Trail Camera

    And the skunk by your door!!!
  4. candycar

    rearing pony

    Minis are very "helpful" when doing anything interesting. I usually have to tie or lock out mine when I'm fixing stuff, cleaning the barn or fixing their meals. Tying them up teaches them patience. If someone else is doing the work, put a halter and lead on him and walk him away from the work...
  5. candycar

    blanket trouble

    Not knowing the style of blanket you have - if you can sew or know someone that does, maybe you can use heavy duty velcro to extend the straps. I'd make the velcro wide and long as you can. That said, are you sure he needs a blanket? Most minis have a great coat to keep them warm & dry in...
  6. candycar

    Chickens with Pony

    It is not ok for him to eat chicken feed. Especially if it's medicated chick starter. A very small amount of regular chicken feed won't kill him, but it is very high on the list of things that can cause laminitis and colic. Find a way to keep him out of it. My chickens feed has always been...
  7. candycar

    Best ground cover? Wood chips or gravel?

    I would keep buying the horse shavings. If bought in bulk you have to know what kind of wood is used. Black walnut in shavings can cause laminitis also horse shavings are usually less dusty and made of pine.
  8. candycar

    Best ground cover? Wood chips or gravel?

    I would rake them up. There could be sharp pieces that may stick in the frog also, he may try to eat it (mine would). Pea gravel is the best paddock cover I have found. It doesn't freeze and they love to roll and lay in it. It's easier to pick manure from too. If deep mud is a problem put...
  9. candycar

    Keeping pony safe from Coyotes

    It depends on your set-up. IMHO lights do nothing to deter anything. They soon get used to them. Can the pony be locked in a secure area at night? Small paddock with good fencing, shelter or barn? Will it be alone, or with other animals? That said, in my experience most coyotes won't...
  10. candycar

    PVC Training Cart Ideas

    It doesn't have wheels, but works. Credit to Al B (I think) I made one to train my mini, you could put a single tree on it if you want too. Also, an Idea for a harness rack. (mine)
  11. candycar


    Are they perennial or annual? How big do they get?
  12. candycar


    Any one want to trade seeds? I have mixed sunflower, (wild?) hibiscus and zennia. Would love some snapdragons!
  13. candycar


    That is so sad to hear. I'm very sorry for your loss.
  14. candycar

    Trick Training?

    I have 2 books on trick training. Trickonometry and Trick Training Horses. I think I like Trickonometry best. Mine do a lot of tricks, mostly taught before I got the books! I have never gotten one to lay down for me yet. It's hard with a mini 'cause they are so close to the ground! Smile...
  15. candycar

    Bot flies?? and goopy eyes

    It's a pumice stone. "Slick & Easy" shedding blocks work great too. I guess rough sandpaper would work too for a little while.
  16. candycar

    Barn Building and Progress

    Lowes. I think it's for kitchens & baths. If I remember right, $11-13 a sheet. They should have it a Home Depot too.
  17. candycar

    Barn Building and Progress

    I used OSB and then put plain white paneling over it. It was still cheaper than plywood. Easy to keep clean also, just wipe it down a couple of times a year. It also helps to have all exposed boards covered with metal. No busy beavers here! 8X10 is a good size stall, my time out stall is...
  18. candycar

    My horse loves ripping and chewing on my journal!

    Mine love cardboard boxes. All sizes. Just trash/recycle them when they are done stomping and ripping them. Good part is I don't have to break them down.
  19. candycar

    Harness fitting help

    The one thing that jumps out at me is that the breaching is too low. The strap should be around the biggest part of the rump. Others may have more suggestions. It's hard to tell a lot until they are hooked up to the cart. :-)
  20. candycar


    I think mine is the 4 ft size. I put it up same as MindySchroder. Please excuse the high grass, We had just moved in.