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    Grooming time 2021

    Mine do the same thing Marsha. I'm not sure why but I think it has something to do with folding their ears to get the crown piece over. Did you try to halter her with the crown unbuckled? I'll be honest, I just deal with the quirk as they are not really bad about it and unbuckling things is a...
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    Anybody here make a Buckboard?

    Hubby wants to make a sturdy buckboard for Cappy. It needs to be usable to carry small logs, manure tubs and stuff like that. He was thinking about buying a frame (you can get them at tractor suppy etc) and building on that. I am going to assume we need the front wheels to turn(and with...
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    2021 Time to Drive!

    30 minutes for Peanut!
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    Finally got to hitch my "new" cart to my "new" mini.

    He looks very handsome and stylish :) . I LOVE your harness, could you tell me where you got it?
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    Survey for Drivers...please reply.

    Whatever is easiest :-)
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    I had a black cart with a really nicely upholstered seat in a pale blue/grey. It was second hand to me and I did not order it that way. I had a love/hate relationship with that color even though it was actually sort of neutral and didn't jump out at me. I hated showing in it (color) and...
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    So Excited! Xmas present for Levi!

    Lovely harness, nice rich brown color!
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    MUD !!

    Vitamin E added to the feed is wonderful for skin conditions, seems to help with all sorts of "creeping crud".
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    rearing pony

    Good that you are gettig a trainer involved. This sounds like a boundary/respect issue. He needs to learn to stay out of your space or there will be consequences. I have a mini like this and worked with a trainer who taught me that when "he takes your space, you take it back" Basically it...
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    blanket trouble

    He is very handsome! I have trouble with the blankets being too small in the front and fitting everywhere else sometimes. What I do is take the buckles off and get a piece of canvas, cordura, or other heavy weight material and stitch it across the front of the blanket, you can almost get a...
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    Drive Me Buggy 2020 Hours

    I don't sit up straight either! I'm always hunched over. Today I was driving like Grandpa Walton, all curved over WITH MY WRISTS on my KNEES o_O but we got the job done, lol. My old instructor would've been unpleased. I was also "John Wayneing It" which was her term for slapping them on the...
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    manure colors

    If the manure is really dark with a little slime coating on the outside and the balls of manure are very dry on the inside, it could (according to my vet) also indicate inadequate hydration which can be common in the winter if they don't like cold water. One of mine get's like this, I reported...
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    Your Drive Day

    We got about 14 inches, Dan snow-blowed a path so Cappy could have easy going and not bog down. I bet Dapper Dan would think it was great fun to go sledding!
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    Drive Me Buggy 2020 Hours

    120 minutes over three days for Cappy in the sled. Thanks :-)
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    Your Drive Day

    Oh Boy, do they look good Marsha! The hat is a perfect fit, I can never find Santa hats small enough, I should learn how to crochet. We had Cappy out three times this week earning his living. We had snow so he is toting manure tubs to the pile. We had a blast driving him and it was nice to...
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    New girl in town!

    Hey the newbie looks like a wise old man, lol. I bet "crazy" = "smarter than they were" If you were not so far, I'd be interested, I have a feeling he and I would get along.
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    Merry Christmas 2020!

    The Kingston company sells seat risers, they were not expensive and Dan put them on easily. They made a huge difference for me. I'm 5'7 too, with a longish leg.
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    Merry Christmas 2020!

    My instructor swore by Frey ($!) carts, but I never drove one or wanted one as my Kingston cart fits me and the boys well. I had the seat raised for my long legs and I'm happy. We tried a wooden cart for Cappy last year, the generic type Amish wooden cart with bike tires and it was way too...
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    It does not look at all like the Goldenrod I am familiar with in here in NH but I think there may be different varieties of it in different locations. Do you have a local Extension Service you could contact, maybe email the picture to?
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    Merry Christmas 2020!

    Hey Willow, did you steal my husband???? They sound like twins :D. So are you going to get that cart? I got my harness in a similar way, better take advantage of the generosity!