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  1. Gone_Riding

    Wood floor is stall

    Wood absorbs and so it would make a poor choice for a floor in my opinion. It's very hard to disinfect, it will stink with a stench that will be impossible to get out, it's slick, and it can rot quickly. It's one thing as a trailer floor where it is not intended for continual use. I agree...
  2. Gone_Riding


    LOOOOOVE the shaggy pictures!!!!
  3. Gone_Riding


    I LOVE Grandpa's Pine Tar soap. Used it myself for my shampoo and loved how soft it made my hair. It got rid of sores, made my hare amazingly soft, and made it shiny. Never thought about it for the horse.
  4. Gone_Riding

    How do we handle this??????

    It's the best place to be for a mini owner! As for that little dude, my gosh, she's gonna have her hands full!
  5. Gone_Riding

    The secret now known as Spanky, new pics pg 2

    He's a perdy little guy!
  6. Gone_Riding

    Smokey's First Outting

    I once almost left my whip home when I took my mini out on an adventure. I was so relieved to have it when I did need it. It is very useful for dogs and those "just in case" moments! Oh, and I think it's awesome that he handled it all so well!
  7. Gone_Riding


    I LOVE Tri-Tech 14. It's expensive, but it lasts better than any other fly spray. I also use those fly traps, as they do an awesome job of keeping the flies down.
  8. Gone_Riding

    Missing my mare

    I felt the same way two years ago when my mini was at the stud, only she was gone for just over almost two months. I missed her so bad, I ended up bringing her home on the very day she refused the stud! It's normal when you love your baby like that!
  9. Gone_Riding

    Sadie update!!

    I have a Sadie too! She's currently in the care of my nieces who are having a blast with her. She's taller, but she's built like your girl. Your Sadie looks a ton better than she used to, but I agree with the other posters that she's on the heavy side. Not much, but enough that even I'd cut...
  10. Gone_Riding

    What Is The Future For The Miniature Horse?

    I almost totally agree with you. I believe in breeding quality stock that a person registers, even if they are not shown. While I prefer their parents to be a somebody, I care more about quality and registry. One can only get so much money for an unregistered animal, and they have no proof of...
  11. Gone_Riding

    What Is The Future For The Miniature Horse?

    I don't remember who said that minis are not a plan B and I agree! I get so much out of a mini that when my Arabian dies, I probably will not replace her (with another big horse that is). Because I feel safer around the minis, I play with them more. Since my Chloe was born a year ago, I spend...
  12. Gone_Riding

    Color predictions??

    I believe that if the stud or your mare aren't pinto, it will not be passed on. It would take at least an extremely minimal pinto mistaken for solid to pass on any pinto gene.
  13. Gone_Riding

    What Is The Future For The Miniature Horse?

    I've read about the presale breeding option and like it. It's smart.
  14. Gone_Riding

    Show on sat

    But at least you got out there and did it! Way to go for taking that big step! What a cutie!
  15. Gone_Riding

    Vaccination time again

    I give the shots myself, except for the rabies shot which my state will not allow. (Which is weird, because some states allow a person to give their own rabies shot.) I give my minis a 4-way and my big horse a 5-way. I don't remember why. I had researched it last year and it was the right...
  16. Gone_Riding

    What Is The Future For The Miniature Horse?

    Jandjmc, I totally agree with you: "horse activity groups are having a real hard time. Support is down. Our 4-h groups and state fair participation are shrinking, in numbers." With more handheld games and cellphones in the hands of children, they aren't looking up or even around at the...
  17. Gone_Riding


    How horrible that they were in that kind of shape! I am so thrilled they already found such a great home!
  18. Gone_Riding

    Placenta Eating

    My mare tried to eat hers. I about died from being grossed out! However, if she starts feeling bad, she may have retained it.
  19. Gone_Riding

    Sick horse??

    If it's clear, it's nothing to worry about. However, I'd keep an eye on the white stuff. I agree with disneyhorse.
  20. Gone_Riding

    Lost my Best Friend Today

    I'm sorry for your loss, but I'm grateful that he went easily. I remember when a horse we had owned for year died. We had sold her a couple months prior and my mom was in the process of trying to buy her back. One night, I heard a loud nicker. It was her nicker. Three days later, my mom...