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  1. vickie gee

    mare that constantly cycles

    Thanks you all. I have been busy with life for a few days (grandson in state ball tourney, aunt broke her hip) and have not been back on forum till now. What the mare seems to do is stop cycling for a week and then back on for 2-3 weeks. This evening when I got back home, she was not teasing and...
  2. vickie gee

    mare that constantly cycles

    A couple of months ago I had a stallion gelded. Last month I turned him out with a couple of mares. He still exhibits stallion behavior unfortunately and one particular mare cycles constantly. Her hind legs are so nasty right now from all this behavior. Whenever I turn out another gelding and a...
  3. vickie gee

    horse hair pottery

    Recently saw several pieces in Mena, Ar in a shop that specializes in Cowboy and Indian Art work.
  4. vickie gee

    Get Back Loretta!

    Bump. More than 14 months later even people living under rocks now know who she is or more appropriately what she is. Now for those of you who might think Carriage Bb Bob had a crystal ball...I believe he was just reading the writing on the wall.
  5. vickie gee


    Is there anywhere on this site that gives names, location, and contact info of trainers?
  6. vickie gee

    Gelding how much time

    I have heard even after gelding that a stallion can impregnate for 30 days. Also heard 90 days. How long do you keep one away from the mares? Also, would one that was dominant over another stallion remain dominant if he was gelded? What if both were gelded at the same time? How soon would you...
  7. vickie gee

    Milk test strips usuage

    I used the strips for testing swimming pool water. They worked great and were cheap. Generally went with when they reached day 300, or had a full udder, or were showing signs of stage 1 labor. Any of these situations seems the time and the strips were so inexpensive I did not feel wasteful.
  8. vickie gee

    Low Starch that I like

    My 3 that stay on dry lot share about 7 cups morning and evening. So about 2 1/3 cups twice a day per horse. They are A size, but on the larger end of the spectrum. Everyone else varies according to size and quality of pasture.
  9. vickie gee

    Low Starch that I like

    Miniv this food actually smells good, like Granny Smith apples.
  10. vickie gee

    Low Starch that I like

    I just wanted to share that I am so pleased with the low starch feed I am feeding my insulin resistant few that I have recently put all on it. This type of feed is cooked through an extrusion process making all the nutrients more readily absorbed. I know there are different low starch feeds on...
  11. vickie gee

    Hoof trimming tools

    Thanks for your input. I have started paying more attention to what the farrier is doing and thought I might try to get handy at it. I know it will kill my back just like grooming them down low does (and weeding flower beds, ouuuuch). Would like to save money and be able to know what I am...
  12. vickie gee

    Hoof trimming tools

    Those of you who do your own trimming please describe what you have found to be the best nippers and other tools. Any and all tips would be appreciated as well. Thanks.
  13. vickie gee

    Merle Haggard country music legend

    He passed away today on his 79th birthday. He was one of a kind. The local radio station has been playing his songs all day and taking requests. So many songs and so much talent. The song I really liked was If We Make It Through December. Let's honor Hag and name some more of his hits you...
  14. vickie gee

    Old Horse

    So touching. I think Frank and Seven shared a heartfelt "good-bye, see you in the next life."
  15. vickie gee

    What's For DINNER Tonight?

    Polynesian pork from a recipe that I improvised off a can of Golden Cream of Mushroom soup. Side of a steamers bag of Asian blend rice.
  16. vickie gee

    election next time around

    It has gotten so nasty. I am disgusted and can only imagine it will go from ugly to uglier before election day.
  17. vickie gee

    What are you watching?

    I just finished all episodes of Once Upon a Time. My new favorite fix on Netflix is LOST. I am soooooooooo hooked on it. I seem to be not having much success finding any new movies on Netflix that I care to watch. Anyone watched any Netflix movies lately? I am not going to pay for any...
  18. vickie gee

    I can't even begin to title this

    Please keep current on your mammograms and check ups. Your health is important for your happiness and also for you to be able to care for your husband in his sickness. Is it Parkinson's that he has? I tried to find out using the search tool but it was no help. Is there a local support group...
  19. vickie gee

    What's For DINNER Tonight?

    Tiz the mudbug aka crawfish season around here. Picked up a couple of pounds and a few corn on cob at the nearest truck. At home added fixings of cole slaw and Cajun new potatoes. Also a slice of angel food cake topped with sweetened strawberries and Truwhip.
  20. vickie gee

    election next time around

    I find it really sad how little interest the general population has in showing up to vote. Yet they will continue to complain as their county or precinct, state, and country sinks like the Titanic. Countless numbers who did not bother to watch last night's debate will hear about the quip Trump...