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  1. StardustandBreezysMom

    Best Places to Visit in Lancaster, PA for Driving Enthusiasts

    My family and I are planning a trip to Lancaster, PA.  What are the places that we don't want to miss for horse driving enthusiasts?  We are also planning to shop for a new easy entry cart and maybe a wagon.  Also, we plan to bring some old wagon wheels down for restoration work.  Your...
  2. StardustandBreezysMom

    ?s about raising my filly now is a month old!

    How do you know how much wormer to give? Is there an easy way to determin their weight?
  3. StardustandBreezysMom

    What is the Best Place to Find a Starter Wagon/Wagonette in US or CA?

    Hi All - What is the best place to find a starter wagon/wagonette for a team of 32" mini's? I am in the Northeast and it just seems hard to find a used one for mini's. I have "googled" several places including Bob's Buggies in TN, and South Carolina Carriages. I wish Patty's Pony Place in CA...
  4. StardustandBreezysMom

    Color Question!

    What color would you call this little foal? She has spots on her white patches on both sides. Would you call her a pintoloosa buckskin?
  5. StardustandBreezysMom

    What to Expect from a Mare (Behavior) after Foaling

    What kind of attitude changes should we expect in our mare after having a foal? Our little rescued mare was kind, sweet and gentle before foaling...1 week later, she seems to be a little more pushy and standoffish/grumpy and doesn't want to be caught when she's put out...I know they want to...
  6. StardustandBreezysMom

    Lactating Mare Nutrition/Feeding Help Needed!

    Hmmm...According to the bag if she is around 300lbs she should get 4.4 lbs per day with 4.8 lbs of hay... https://www.purinamills.com/purinamills/media/PDF/Horses/Products/Mini-Horse.pdf?ext=.pdf That just seems like a lot of grain to me but I guess we have to go with the bag?
  7. StardustandBreezysMom

    Lactating Mare Nutrition/Feeding Help Needed!

    Thank you all! The farm where she is staying and was foaled said the vet told her to slowly increase her feed to 4 lbs! That seems like an awful lot to me. What do you all think? She is getting all the hay she wants as well. I will check the back of the bag and also check her current...
  8. StardustandBreezysMom

    Post/Share your 2016 Mini Horse Foals - Photos & Videos Welcome!

    This is Ziva, a filly from our rescued mare, Journey! Would you call her a pintaloosa with those spots on her white patch? She has those spots on both sides of her white patch! Her Dad was supposedly a black and white homozygous pinto. Do you think she will turn darker or stay this color? Her...
  9. StardustandBreezysMom

    Lactating Mare Nutrition/Feeding Help Needed!

    Hi All - Our first little rescued miniature mare just gave birth to a beautiful filly two days ago. She is currently getting all she wants for hay and a small amount for grain. How much grain should she be getting now that the baby is born and is nursing? She is approximately 35" tall. This...
  10. StardustandBreezysMom

    Need Advice for Cold Climate Foaling

    Thank you! It's just those 30 below nights that I worry about ! But, hopefully Momma to Be will pick an appropriate night for birthing! It's funny that you say she looks "sweet and kind" Ryan because that's exactly what I have found her to be! The photo below is how we met and just looking...
  11. StardustandBreezysMom

    Need Advice for Cold Climate Foaling

    Thanks everyone! Here is a photo of Mom to be! What temps are your barns in the coldest weather? Should the foal blanket only be used after birth or do you leave it on other days or does it just depend upon the weather?
  12. StardustandBreezysMom

    Need Advice for Cold Climate Foaling

    We recently rescued a very sweet bred and reg. mini mare from a meat buyer in Northern New England. The note she came with said she was due in August and after a first vet visit we now believe she is due in approximately 5-6 weeks (end of Dec. or early Jan.). She is starting to bag up and you...
  13. StardustandBreezysMom

    AMHR Look Up Please

    Hi All - Could you tell me if this mare has had any foals registered in the past? Her name is Knight Hawke Mystic Sands AMHR #2258153 and her DOB is 5/22/02. Thank you!
  14. StardustandBreezysMom

    Team Driving with Easy Entry Cart - Help Needed!!

    Wow! Thank you all for the great advice and photos. My mini's are around 32", how do I know what they can comfortably pull? It looks like the Sunrise Pony Farm has a nice buckboard that would most likely be the lightest? Also the bicycle types wheels like on BSharp's Blue Cart looks like it...
  15. StardustandBreezysMom

    Team Driving with Easy Entry Cart - Help Needed!!

    Thank you both! That's what I thought! I think I will hold off on making any more adjustments to the 2 wheel cart and save up for a 4 wheel cart and proper harnesses (collars). We really enjoy driving single and I thought that if we could easily adjust our equipment to also drive double, that...
  16. StardustandBreezysMom

    Team Driving with Easy Entry Cart - Help Needed!!

    I am hoping someone experienced with Team Driving with an Easy Entry Cart with a Center Pole can help! Tonight we hooked our two 32 inch mini mares double for the first time to our Easy Entry Cart. We ordered a harness conversion kit to use with their single driving harnesses and a team pole...
  17. StardustandBreezysMom

    Bond Charisma?

    Anyone have photos of a mare name Bond Charisma (AMHA & AMHR)? I believe she was a palomino...was in Florida for a time? Thank you!
  18. StardustandBreezysMom

    Questions for a Green Driver Showing for the 1st Time

    Thanks! Well, I learned that you really have to plan ahead to allow enough space between carts so that you do not end up in a traffic jam in the corner of the ring. At one point on a corner during a trot I ended up boxed in and really started to panic that I would have to bring her back down to...
  19. StardustandBreezysMom

    Questions for a Green Driver Showing for the 1st Time

    Thank you everyone for the tips and tricks! We had a great time! Here is a little video one of our mini friends made at the show of the driving class. I'm the one in the Gray coat with the dapple gray. We took home a 3rd place out of 7. The judge only asked us to walk and trot both directions of...
  20. StardustandBreezysMom

    When Do You Call It Quits?

    Just as we are not all cut out to be airplane piolits, doctors or movie stars, in my opinion, all horses are not cut out to be driving horses. That is not to say that they can't do it but some will excell and some will just cause you frustration and cause them frustration. At some point you have...