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  1. vickie gee

    mare that constantly cycles

    A couple of months ago I had a stallion gelded. Last month I turned him out with a couple of mares. He still exhibits stallion behavior unfortunately and one particular mare cycles constantly. Her hind legs are so nasty right now from all this behavior. Whenever I turn out another gelding and a...
  2. vickie gee


    Is there anywhere on this site that gives names, location, and contact info of trainers?
  3. vickie gee

    Gelding how much time

    I have heard even after gelding that a stallion can impregnate for 30 days. Also heard 90 days. How long do you keep one away from the mares? Also, would one that was dominant over another stallion remain dominant if he was gelded? What if both were gelded at the same time? How soon would you...
  4. vickie gee

    Low Starch that I like

    I just wanted to share that I am so pleased with the low starch feed I am feeding my insulin resistant few that I have recently put all on it. This type of feed is cooked through an extrusion process making all the nutrients more readily absorbed. I know there are different low starch feeds on...
  5. vickie gee

    Hoof trimming tools

    Those of you who do your own trimming please describe what you have found to be the best nippers and other tools. Any and all tips would be appreciated as well. Thanks.
  6. vickie gee

    Merle Haggard country music legend

    He passed away today on his 79th birthday. He was one of a kind. The local radio station has been playing his songs all day and taking requests. So many songs and so much talent. The song I really liked was If We Make It Through December. Let's honor Hag and name some more of his hits you...
  7. vickie gee

    What are you watching?

    What are you watching on TV? I tried to resurrect the previous thread but it was already archived. On Netflix I am into Once Upon A Time, Person Of Interest, Criminal Minds, and NCIS. I recently started on The X Files. I had never watched before. It creeps me out to the point that I get...
  8. vickie gee

    Danger with mane knots

    Just wanted to get this posted because I would hate for any mini or mini owner to go through what happened here recently. Little shorty Elvis got a front hoof tangled up in Memphis' mane. The three rowdy boys stay in my neighbor's pasture which is one drive way down with another pasture (cows)...
  9. vickie gee

    Something You Have Learned Lately

    Please tell something you have learned lately. This is what I learned yesterday evening: Actually two things (1) Always have a spare key hidden and easily accessible just in case you lock yourself out of your home. (2) That I am no longer limber enough or slender enough to climb through a...
  10. vickie gee

    Tough 1 grazing muzzles

    I have one I bought a couple of years ago and really like it. Recently I ordered a couple more since I have three horses on dry lot now due to IR. Well one that tested positive some years ago and later a couple of others with similar symptoms. They get an occasional brief turn out but I could...
  11. vickie gee

    Imagine if a man had murdered your mom

    BillieJeanJustice is the facebook page you can read about. Imagine how you would be feeling tomorrow, Mother's Day if this had happened to your mom. Ashly is the now grown daughter who witnessed the murder of her young and beautiful mom Billie Jean as a small child. She is now grown is trying...
  12. vickie gee

    Get Back Loretta!

    So, Just curious as to whether you guys would like to see Obama's nomination for AG to replace Eric Holder confirmed? I really do not care if anyone calls me racist for not wanting this black female put into the position. She has stated repeatedly that everyone should have the right to work...
  13. vickie gee


    I am loving tuning in to this lady's cooking videos on the Roku. There is absolutely nothing annoying about her. Some of the people on cooking videos have great sounding recipes but I just can't handle listening if they are too slow talking, seem nervous, are too silly, or talk like they are...
  14. vickie gee

    Spotlight off Honey Boo Boo/On Monica Lewinsky

    I don't normally take a lot away from the news on MSN home page. Today was no different. But strangely, after I read these two headline stories I had an insatiable craving for a double dip of Rocky Road ice cream with extra nuts. Is my computer sending me subliminal messages, I wonder. Is...
  15. vickie gee


    I looked for snack category and could not find one. So since we are approaching holidays here goes one that I would be ashamed of myself if I did not share it with you all. I can't stop eating it until it is all gone gone. Blue Cheese, Walnuts, & Cranberry Spread 8 oz cream cheese, softened...
  16. vickie gee

    Electric pressure cookers

    Has anyone tried one? I don't have my old pressure cooker anymore and just last week I saw that the kitchen store inside the family owned hardware store where I love to shop has some electric ones on clearance for $75. I was wondering if this is a good price and if other people are pleased with...
  17. vickie gee

    Agape Love

    I never realized one could feel both lower than a well digger's butt and absolutely wonderfully loved other than by the Heavenly Father. At least until recently when I received agape love from a dear sweet neighbor at a time I most certainly did not deserve it. Long story short the neighbors...
  18. vickie gee


    Has anyone tried froggtoggs rain gear? I just came in from outdoors in the rain having worn them for the first time. I have to say they are pretty awesome. Besides being waterproof, they are breathable. Nothing like stressing out in a storm about wind, thunder, lightning, and rain only to...
  19. vickie gee

    Holder Stepping Down

    What will you most remember him for I ask myself? I don't know. I don't know. I don't know times to the nth degree. Do any of you have memorable memories of this AG?
  20. vickie gee

    The tail of the Great Pyrenees

    He showed up at my place last weekend. I knew something was amiss while I tossed and turned in my bed. The two little indoor dogs, Pattycake and Cindymouse, who sleep in the laundry room, were barking at the Boogerman. My motion light at the back door kept coming on. I finally let the girls...