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    AMHA registration question

    I tried the search engine on this, but didn't find anything, even though I'm sure it has been asked before ... so forgive me for asking again I'm interested to buy a mare. She was foaled in 2007 and is AMHA and AMHR registered. At the young age of three years, she has already outgrown her...
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    Picture help please!!

    Hi there!!!! I need help please!! I know that some years ago, someone posted a great picture of Brewers Orion Pride, back in his show days ... looking gooooood I saved that picture to my hard drive because I thought he was so gorgeous and now I needed this picture for a friend, but I can't...
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    Silhouette Acres Mytai

    I keep coming across this name "Silhouette Acres Mytai". He seems to have produced some wonderful broodmares. I have seen daughter's of his on the websites of the Burdettes, Angie Sauer and Toni Pierce. I was just wondering if anyone of you has ever seen him in person or has a picture or...
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    Front legs bend backwards?!

    Hi, a friend of mine emailed me these pictures of her newborn filly. The filly is only a couple of hours old. Pictured are the front legs from the front and from the left side. As you can see, her front legs seem deformed, they even seem to bend backwards. I have never seen anything like...
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    AMHA lookup please

    Could someone please look up for me the horse #A26922? I'd like to know pedigree and foals. Thanks in advance
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    Looking for contact info ...

    I was wondering if anyone has an email address for Lyndee Goetz? I want to contact her about one of her horses. Thanks for your help.
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    Bond AToy4U C - bloodline

    I've just been to the Arion website and - for the first time - watched the video of their Arions Toy Monarchos, son of Bond AToy4U C. My heart skipped SEVERAL beats .... OMG, what a lovely boy!!!!!! : That got me interested in the Toy bloodline and I was wondering if anyone has any Toy-bred...
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    James or Michelle Karol

    Hi, I'd need some contact information for James or Michelle Karol, but seem to have lost my AMHA owners directory. Would somebody please be so nice to PM me their address? If anyone should happen to have an email address for them, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance Carina
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    Linda Lapointe

    Does anyone have a contact address (preferably email ) for Linda Lapointe? Thanks for your efforts Carina
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    Sugar Tree Farms

    Hi, does anyone happen to know how I can contact the Mellons of Sugar Tree Farms? Please let me know. Thanks Carina
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    How can I contact ...

    Hi, I would like to contact Bill Griffin, but have not been able to find any contact information for him. Could anyone please help me here? Thanks
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    Can you help me finding pictures of these?

    Hi, sorry for having another topic about pictures. I just wondered if anyone has ever heard of JTR MISS CHIEF LIL TYKES IM A SPARKLING FIREFLY MINI HOOFS MIDGET CEDAR CROFT CAPTAIN WHIZ BANG MKD STORMIN NORMAN RVM TAKE A CHANCE I'm looking for pictures of those three. If anyone could...
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    Please help me find pictures of these horses ....

    Hi, I'm desperately looking for pictures of Brewers Classic Painted Lady Brewers Classic Starbrite Brewers Major Charm If you know where I could get pictures of those three or one of them, please let me know. Thanks so much Carina
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    Geldings ...

    Hi guys, I'm just trying to write an article about geldings, something to promote geldings a little more. I'm having a hard time though finding the starting point, so I thought maybe you want to give me some input?! What do you like about your geldings? What makes them preferable over...
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    Looking for pictures ...

    Does anyone happen to have a picture of Impressibles Golden Knight or Impressibles Moon Maiden? If so, I would appreciate it if you could post it here or PM me. Thanks
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    blue eyes

    I have a couple of questions concerning blue eyes. I personally think they're absolutely beautiful ... so I would like to know a little more ... First of all, I would like to know if there is any homepage on the internet that could tell me how blue eyes are passed on genetically? Can a horse be...