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    Importing into Canada

    This was sent to me by a friend- I didnt get much time to follow it through and see if it affects anyone buying or showing horses cross border. Does anyone one know if this affect the horse people- I read the statement but not sure because of the wording that it is a typo- or the way they worded...
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    Does anyone know for import into Canada

    I usually have coggins pulled with in 30 days of importing a horse into Canada. I called the border today and asked if there was any new paper work required and the lady mentioned that Coggin needed to be pulled with in the last 6 months- Health papers with in the last 30 days before...
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    Hopefully new friends for Hershey

    We have been looking for a friend for Hershey for a while and we were contacted yesturday about a 9 year old Jenny and 10 year old gelded donkey that is in need of a home. They have been together since they were 6 months and 1 year old. We go to meet them tonight and make arrangements to bring...
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    Could some describe the different type of bits

    I was wondering if someone could describe the bits they use and why?
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    Does anyone have the application for the adult AMHR Bursary

    I lost my application and contact in my computer when my hard drive crashed earlier this week - I have emailed AMHR and they are unable to help today as the lady that deals with this is away until next week. Does anyone have a copy of the application that they could forward. Thank You Tiffany
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    A good giggle

    Dear Horse, I love you very much, and I truly cherish your presence in my life. I would never wish to criticize you in any way. However, there are a few trivial details regarding our relationship that I think might bear your consideration. First of all, I am already aware that horses can run...
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    Crackerjackjack- how is your boy doing?

    Was wondering how it went yesturday?
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    Has anyone used the Assure products

    Has anyone used the Assure products? Do you have an opinion or there usefulness? Thank You Tiffany Assure System
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    Question for the Aquarium People

    I purchased this little guy last December( thinking he may have been a month old) He is the lion headed variety- So he is suppose to grow that big bulbus head. Does any one have one of these? What I have read is they grow the head blub around age one- - Does anyone know when they start growing...
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    Does any one have the clipping diagrams

    I dutifully saved them in my computer- that has crashed and only will resurrect upon a miracle happening. I am looking for the diagram that has the clipper blade sizes and positions used on the face and body. Much appreciated Tiffany
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    My Guard Donkey

    I believe I need to switch my big Mastiff Storm with my wee mini donkey Hershey. Storm in notorious for sleeping through anything(not a watch dog in any part of the dogs being). So needless to say there was some comotion around our area last night which required some police presence. And we...
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    Looking for a program for Certification

    I am currently looking for a programs or associations that will accredit miniature horses in working in theraphy type settings either on site or off site. More specifically- I have looked into the St.Johns, Delta Society and am persuing these programs - but I would like something more indepth...
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    Anyones horses sheding yet?

    Went to brush my daughters mare last week and could not believe she was shedding. Checked everyone else no one else was- but this week everyone except the donkey is starting to shed. Anyone have horses that have started shedding The outside temps have been rolling from freezing upto 50...
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    Could some one do a AMHR look up for me

    I will PM you the info- Thank You Tiffany
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    Does anyone one have coloring pages of miniature donks

    Does anyone have coloring pages of miniature donks I have a group that is stopping in and Hershey is a highly requested guest for the visit and would like to send them homne with a coloring page or 2 - also looking for miniature horses. Thank You Tiffany tbeverly@lastmilenet.ca
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    Does any one have miniature horse colouring pages

    I am looking for some minature horse colouring pages as a hand out for a small group that is stopping in to see the horses. Does anyone have any they can share? Thank You Tiffany my email is tbeverly@lastmilenet.ca Thanks
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    I believe we are at 49 days for the countdown

    I can be off by a day depending where we all are in the world- I can not resist sharing the start of our preperations- we have a long way to go- to complete our decorations but we started on the weekend Feel free to ad your start to your Holiday Decorating!
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    Looking for a special dog

    Can anyone suggest a dog that can fill the following characteristics Wanted: Must be a large dog over 100 pounds ( will have a larger brother 200 pd mastiff, who likes bigger dogs not very happy with the little guys : )- not a very high prey drive (have little animals : ). Needs to fill the...
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    Are you ready for the fall

    Well with Martys thread in mind - I have been seriously wishing the fall here- but I was also remembering last year we really didn't get our usual fall leaf turning season because the leaves just would not die. Then we had a pretty bad ice/snow storm hit the area in mid october which took alot...
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    Has anyone towed there horse trailer with?

    Has anyone towed there horse trailer with a Ford windstar mini van- have you run into problems? Especially the 2000 and the wiring harness and towing capacity? :bgrin Thanks Just took this shot