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  1. Firefall

    Ever heard the term "Big as a House"?

    Poor Misty isn't due till April 15th..............bag isn't quite there yet but she is low with sunken sides........keeping an eye on her........she is 307 days today and always foals very near her due date. I feel bad for her.........she's a trooper. By the way she is 38" so that gives you an...
  2. Firefall

    Stallion reports

    Hi all I haven't posted in a while.........but I have a question. What happens if you forget to add a mare on the stallion reports..........can she be added later? I'm not even sure she is in foal. Thank you for any help.
  3. Firefall

    I need advice............shots

    Is there any good way to give shots to youngsteres without them becoming scared of you? My babies went from being pests to totally staying as far way from me as possible. Now I have to chase them to give them their shots. Thank heavens not too many days left of this. Makes me feel so awful...
  4. Firefall

    Wow these babies grew up fast!

    I finally got a bit of help for pictures, they still aren't very good but better than I can do by myself. Since I hadn't posted them in a long time thought I would today. ASPC/AMHR filly ASPC/AMHR colt ASPC/AMHR colt silver dapple AMHR colt
  5. Firefall

    Buying and selling your feelings.

    As a seller, do you consider a deposit as sold? If you do, do you feel that the buyer is responsible for vet care on the horse if it gets sick possibly hurt while at your farm? What if in the contract they signed you strongly recommend insurance since the horse is with others and in case of...
  6. Firefall

    No appy in Shetlands?

    I had a friend telling me that researchers are finding out that there are appy type genes/markings being found in shetlands. They're realizing that they have been there all along? Maybe this really isn't true but hear say, however I have always wondered why Shetlands can't have appy...
  7. Firefall

    Another Wart question

    Hi all, I had a weanling arrive here last fall and she arrived with warts. I had her in with other weanlings and they all have gotten just a few (that I pinched off) these last few months but one has several. I wanted to put them in with the mares and foals but I KNOW they can be very...
  8. Firefall

    Fescue resistance

    I had been thinking about this for a while, thought I'd ask for opinions on here. I've had the same hay guy/same hay fields for years. I know fescue is in this area but I have never had a problem with it. So my question is, Is it possible for a horse to build up a resistance to fescue related...
  9. Firefall

    Just a heads up/warning.

    I was going through checking my adds I have listed in several places. Found that a scammer has used my photo and info on a filly I bred and still currently own!!! I have contacted the board owner and she emailed me back but checked this morning and the other ad is still there. So I posted...
  10. Firefall

    Shire skin and bones

    There is a gorgeous black and white shire gelding just down the road from me. He lives at a rescue place. He is fourteen yrs old and could be so pretty. I thought he was a Clydesdale but they say shire. Anyway, I offered to buy him since he's been there at least a year or two and some of their...
  11. Firefall

    Nutrena brand, has loose minerals?

    My feed store said that they quit carrying the Purina "Free Balance" 12-12. So I have to go to the other feed store that caries Nutrena brands. I don't know anything about Nutrena but hope someone knows what is the same type of loose minerals in Nutrena that Purina has in 12-12. Thank you
  12. Firefall

    I discovered the secret formula!!!!!

    Ok every body, this is for your eyes only. I will have my book coming out soon so please be watching for it. Its the most fantastic discovery ever! Its very important that the conditions be just right, bags must be tight or loose depending on the mare. Must be near or way past the due...
  13. Firefall

    Is this a weird foaling season for any else?

    Hi all, this has been the strangest foaling season for me so far. First off, mares are going way over their due dates. Ok thats normal sometimes but usually not here. Second, they are starting their bags much later, ok, now some have a nice tight bag filled like is should be and then thats it...
  14. Firefall

    New foals at Firefall Miniatures!

    First is an AMHR colt, looks a lot like his sire. A cute little filly thats very spunky! The newest is a colt, ASPC/AMHR my first home bred! Was suprised at his coloring I didn't know his dam was hiding silver.
  15. Firefall

    Question for breeders on a newborn colts um.......

    Ok this is sort of weird thing I noticed a maiden mare foaled a colt on Friday, been doing great, happy bouncing around like normal. However, you know how these new little boys just let it all hang down? This little fellow doesn't at all, I've never seen it, I figured it normally hung there...
  16. Firefall

    Updated pics

    She wanted to show you her blue eyes and her cute little ears!
  17. Firefall

    JC's Winnie Walker

    His very first filly!!!!! I'd say he's done a really good job, her ears crack me up, very exaggerated. So without further ado please meet, "Firefalls Walkers First Class" (AMHR pending), arrived at 1 am this morning.
  18. Firefall

    Maiden mares.

    When a maiden foals and her nipples are small and point towards the middle is there a way to get them stretched so they can be found easily by the foal? Had one like that and she had such a full bag her nipples were small. Tried milking her but that didn't seem to help much. Thanks
  19. Firefall

    Weird question, labor and movement.

    Ok I hope I can explain this to make sense. I have a mare under camera. She is waxed and appears ready to go. I still can see her foal move in her belly. So does that mean that labor hasn't begun? The foal doesn't move around once its heading into the canal, right? I know these are weird...
  20. Firefall

    Anyone ever seen this before?

    When my filly was born and in getting her dried off I noticed her feet looked grayish brown they looked strange so I started inspecting them, come to find out it was wet thick matted hair on both front hooves and easily rubbed off when I touched them. Where could this have come from? I first...