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  1. Firefall


    I also have one Firefall Miniatures on Faceook
  2. Firefall

    Ever heard the term "Big as a House"?

    The sire to this foal is 37". She had a colt from the same breeding last year maybe its another colt with long legs? LOL Hill Haven she looks quite big too...how much longer does she have?
  3. Firefall

    Ever heard the term "Big as a House"?

    Poor Misty isn't due till April 15th..............bag isn't quite there yet but she is low with sunken sides........keeping an eye on her........she is 307 days today and always foals very near her due date. I feel bad for her.........she's a trooper. By the way she is 38" so that gives you an...
  4. Firefall

    Pregnant Maiden Mare Acting Funny Tonite

    As others have said not all of mine have gotten loose pooh either. I'm curious though why you try to get milk from her so soon? I don't try that till they are making bag changes and closer to their due dates. BUT I do message their bags early on especially maidens so they get used to being...
  5. Firefall

    What are your top five scary movies?

    The Strangers Pet Cemetary 1 & 2 Grace The Unborn The Boogey Man Lots of good ones out there!
  6. Firefall

    When do mares start to produce milk? Udder Changes?

    I have two maidens due in roughly two weeks and with in a day of each other. One has edema and her bag is growing the other has edema and just is slightly beginning to get swelling in her bag. Mine usually start with edema even though a non pg mare can have it. My mares USUALLY will start...
  7. Firefall

    Ghost shows, Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters.

    I like those shows but they seem to be the same week after week and nothing ever happens....much, it gets a little fake too.......almost like they are over re-acting? I can't decide if its real or not, but can be fun to watch I like Ghost Adventures best.......but I really like Desitnation...
  8. Firefall

    Irish Hills The Confessor

    What a doll, congrats!!!!
  9. Firefall

    I know what butt rubbing can mean,

    I had a horse last winter that was rubbing his lower neck and chest almost bald. I rubbed M-T-G on those spots a few times and it quickly went away.
  10. Firefall

    Sketchers Shape Ups

    I've wanted some too. I read that they are heavy and bulky is that true? Thats why I have put it off but I sure like the looks of them.
  11. Firefall

    Stallion reports

    Thanks everyone that really helped and it was for AMHR/ASPC.
  12. Firefall

    Stallion reports

    Hi all I haven't posted in a while.........but I have a question. What happens if you forget to add a mare on the stallion reports..........can she be added later? I'm not even sure she is in foal. Thank you for any help.
  13. Firefall

    amhr stallion report

    No fee for AMHR
  14. Firefall

    Have your breeding goals changed since you got started?

    I've changed a bit or maybe just learned more. I have been buying better and up greading my mares and stallions to ASPC/AMHR minis. My whole herd is double registered except 3 keepers. I would have liked to stay with smaller ones but I love the leggy refined look and haven't really seen any A's...
  15. Firefall

    Lik-it Does anyone use one?

    I tried it once, but after the wasps found it I quickly threw it away, my minis didn't seem to like it that much to begin with.
  16. Firefall

    HELP Editing Photo

    I played too.
  17. Firefall

    Christmas Photo Edit Request

    That looks much better, good job themysticalmini!!
  18. Firefall

    Christmas Photo Edit Request

    My attempt was not good it didn't turn out well. If someone wants to add to it or improve it be my guest.
  19. Firefall

    Christmas Photo Edit Request

    I'll play and see if I can do anything decent but no promises.
  20. Firefall

    Photo Edit

    I'll give it a try. PM me