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    Sharing important words

    So many of us have had to deal with or are dealing with issues that are very difficult and even life threatening. I think there is a tendency to want to blame someone or something for those problems and often see those problems as "why me." I ran across this poem and think it has a lot of...
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    Starved Mini and feeding

    Today I adopted a mini that had been left in a bad situiation with another mini. [Yes, I am always a sucker for the mistreated.] This little guys hip bones protrude even through the winter coat he has grown and he has absolutely nothing over his ribs or on his neck. What I would like is for some...
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    Anyone familiar with Laser Vein Surgery

    I have had one leg that has some very prominent varicose veins and have had clots in them in the past so today I went in for a sonar gram to get them all checked out and see what can be done with them. Was told I really should have something done with them. My understanding is the sonar surgery...
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    Heh Tony, nice article

    Just received the new Miniture Horse World...lovely magazine and seen the article about Tony's farm. So nice to be recognized for your years of being in the Miniature Horses. Congratulations, Mary
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    Carrots, eggs and coffee

    Carrots, Eggs, & Coffee! A carrot, an egg, and a cup of coffee...You will never look at a cup of coffee the same way again. A young woman went to her mother and told her about her life and how things were so hard for her. She did not know how she was going to make it and wanted to give up She...
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    Do you know where your prescirption drugs are made?

    Most of the time when we get our prescriptions filled the pharmacey takes our meds out of a large bottle and put into a smaller bottle the prescribed amount. I have never been told where those meds are made and always assumed they were made here in the U.S. Boy was I wrong!! Awhile back I...
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    Request to Adam for saving lives

    I so admired Adams post on saving lives and giving out information on doing CPR. It is very valuable information, to say the lest. Adam, would you also give out inforamtion to this group on what to look for and help to be given when someone has a stroke? It can make the difference between a...
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    Photo Filter

    All of you are just doing so wonderful with your collages so I am wondering if any of you use Photo Filter and if it can be used alone to make collages. I like simple, so although I have Photo shop Elements I am looking for something a little less challenging....know it takes practice for it...
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    A public apology

    I want to apologize to a person who seems to think I meant to offend them when I wasn't. :DOH! From what had been written by this person in the past, and also another person who is a friend of hers. I took it they were having financial difficulties. This was far from what the case is, as the...
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    What do you think of this

    Michigan OKs Composting Horse Carcasses by: The Associated Press November 16 2007, Article # 10827 ARTICLE TOOLSPrint Email Republish Link RSS Horse Health News Horse Welfare and Industry News Dairy farmer Ken Nobis reaches into a tall mound of what looks like topsoil and grabs a...
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    Beautiful collage by My Sweet Elegance

    So sorry I didn't get your real name but wanted to show everyone the beautiful collage you done for me. thanks so very much!
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    Has anyone seen a mini cart like this

    A new mini acquaintance had mentioned a while back that she had bought an unusual mini cart and wanted to know if we could make one like it for a friend of hers. She brought it over yesterday for our son to take measurements from it and I thought it was so cute that maybe I will have to have him...
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    Who is who?

    I have noticed several posting but not giving any clue to who they are with a signature. Can any one tell me who is Frank and who is SLV? Would really be nice to know who is speaking Thanks, Mary
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    Rescue minis from Tremblys

    I was asked to post these pictures for all to see
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    SOS to Bonnie, Debs and any other animal communicators

    After seeing how things are going with the Trembly Tiny Trails Miniature horse herd of horses, I feel that only hay and water are not all they need. We have had no reports of what the vet said other than they are not in immediate danger.... which the pictures show differently. Anyway, I am...
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    Pretty heads/pretty halters

    I love pretty heads and think this guy has one and wanted to show it in his new halter. Let us see yours too. Mary
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    Help with avatar

    I have been trying to change the pic on my avatar and it just won't!! Frustrating because I know I have done it before but have to be missing something to not get it done now. Can anyone tell me the exact steps to take? Pretty please!! Mary
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    Introducing Tibbs Regal Royale

    This little guy came home with us on Saturday and is doing super! He is a yearling Marystown Echo Royale son [Little Kings Buck Echo grandson] out of Tibbs Cover Girl who is a Marystown Mercedes daughter. Has already proved himself in the showring by taking a GrandChampion and also a Reserve...
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    Posting pics that are owned but horses sold

    Maylou, I take a lot of pictures of my minis and could use some for demonstrating when asked about certain things BUT some of the horses I have sold. So I own the pictures but not the horses.To clarify the rule against posting pictures of horses that belong to someone else, is it okay to post...
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    Hiring judges/showing under those judges

    When I was showing dogs it was always frowned upon for any one to show under the judges they helped hire or hired for that particular show. What is the case with showing miniatures. Is it okay for the person who has helped hire/pick the judge to then show under that judge? If your husband or...