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  1. Marnie

    Of The Books You've Read This Year...

    I'm reading The Shack by WM. Paul Young, almost done and I really like it.
  2. Marnie

    Had one heck of a Kidding last night

    I'm happy that your doe is ok and at least she has one baby to love. I did get to see a doe have a C Section, it was interesting but hard to watch. I did watch though, because it was a learning experience. Again, congrats on the good work. You were lucky to have a vet so close by.
  3. Marnie

    Dehorning goats

    We disbud them, we have our vet do it. I hate it too when it's not done good, then the scurs come and they're just trouble and ugly. Most of our buyers want the horns off, a lot of my babies are already polled. I think the disbudding is a horrible brutal act but it saves the goat a lot of...
  4. Marnie

    I'm home from hospital with TWINS

    Wow, I'm so happy for you and your family, twins and one of each yet, what could be sweeter!!
  5. Marnie

    I Dare You To Watch This and Not Laugh

    That's hilarious, I have to show Nate that one, he'll laugh too! Thanks for posting this Jill.
  6. Marnie

    I Dare You To Watch This and Not Laugh

    That's hilarious, I have to show Nate that one, he'll laugh too! Thanks for posting this Jill.
  7. Marnie

    Our New Driving Gelding

    Congratulations, he's a great looking little guy, I'll bet you'll have a lot of fun with him!
  8. Marnie

    I need someone to design an ad for me

    If someone likes to do this, could you let me know? I need a half page ad, they could blow up my business card but for reasons, it won't work. It has to be for my goats, for a show. I'm clueless and can't find anyone to help me, is there anyone here who would want to do it for me?
  9. Marnie

    Meet my new little buddy!

    I'm so happy you have her, who could not love that sweet little face!
  10. Marnie

    2 things

    I do believe you need another vet opinion. This one is just not good advice. Here we deworm after the first hard frost and then again early spring, I do again just after they foal, if the are pregnant and again once more mid summer. Worms inside are having a ball in there, get them out and let...
  11. Marnie

    Stone Pony Farms Tia Dalma

    I'm so sorry for your loss. We know you did everything possible, bless you and your precious little mare and foal.
  12. Marnie

    Foaling started

    What a tiny little cutie! Congratulaions!
  13. Marnie

    Mulligans Run Farm - foaling NOW!!!!

    So sad, I am praying that Charm is ok and isn't mourning to much. To many angel foals.
  14. Marnie

    Mare is under Mare Stare and testing ready!!

    Wow, she has to have it tonight! Could you put the camera on just her in the stall so we can see her better? It's just to small with the 4 squares.
  15. Marnie

    What a surprise and a great gift FROM:

    Wow, that is so beautiful and she is so sweet and so very talented!
  16. Marnie

    If you *think* your mare is aborting but are unsure,

    I'm so sorry for your little mare and foal but at least she's ok. I'm glad your husband was there to help.
  17. Marnie

    Pyrenees Pics

    OMG, they are so cute, if I could have one, I wouldn't even beable to pick. I'd like to just squeeze and hug every single one of them!!
  18. Marnie

    Barn In progress, hope you all don't mind me sharing

    Your barn is beautiful. I like the design real well, we built a new one last summer but it was all aimed toward a petting zoo so it's not what I'd wanted for the minis but it's still very nice. I love the wood that you're using. Really beautiful.
  19. Marnie

    first mare up

    Has he laid down yet? I haven't seen him. Yrs ago I had a foal not lay down for two days, then he was so tired that he just fell down and the look on his face was relief. I didn't know then that you can teach them to lay down, once in a while I get a foal that doesn't lay down for a long time, I...
  20. Marnie

    Any way of finding out an...

    I'm sorry I can't help with idea's but just wanted to say your horses are gorgeous. The love you have for them is so uplifting and they are so well groomed and cared for, thank you for putting a huge smile on my face this morning.