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    Hair for bird's nests

    One of the reasons I don't use Ivermectin, Is that I grow worms in the pony poop to compost it. This will be just one more reason not to use something that carries over through the poop and now hair. DR
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    Need some show help!

    Oh, We love to share Granddaughter and pony pic's! DR
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    Need some show help!

    Thanks, The pony is one that will follow me without the lead. She will easily match my gait, and follow my finger through the poles. But the grand daughter doesn't have real control yet. I think we are going to have fun. She has good posture, and a good seat, She is just not confident yet...
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    Got another Government AG Survey...Grrrr.

    I have been getting these Census letters for years, But the last two are getting very personal! I understand questions like how much land, how its used, etc But now they want to know How much I spend on Fuel, Feed, Water, How many people do I hire? etc... What I want to write on it is "See my...
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    Need some show help!

    We have a very nice pony that our older grand daughters have ridden, but now outgrown. Sugar Bear is 20 and a been there done that pony. One of our Grands will be in town the weekend of a local schooling show. The 6 year old wants to try. She has ridden a few times and wants to try in lead line...
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    Ravens, The winged ones!

    Good ideas!I might hang a Hula Hoop over the water with fringe hanging down. The horses would have to put there heads through the fringe to get to the water. part scare crow, part cover for the water! And I'll put a water barrel out near their nesting trees. If it works I don't care which one...
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    What's in your tack trunk?

    We have Tack closets, they are about 4 feet square and about 7 feet tall. They hold two saddles and all the gear for one horse. they are sealed pretty well to keep out the dust. Our last big horse passed in 08 or 09, and I hadn't been in her closet since. When one of our older grand daughters...
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    Ravens, The winged ones!

    I know this is way off topic But we have such a widely experienced group I'm hoping someone knows the answer to this. We have had Ravens nesting in the trees in front of our house for most of the last 20 years. They have never caused us any problems till this year. Starting this spring the...
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    Ideas needed to convert two horse trailer

    I put our three [ two B mini's, and a small pony] in our two horse trailer without the divider. the trailer is sized just right that they just fit side by side. Our's get along well, But if they didn't a 1/2" plywood divider would keep everyone's feet in there own area. We only trailer short...
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    When Do You Call It Quits?

    We have one mini that came to us as a resque. She was stubborn, difficult , food oriented, and extremely alpha! We have had her about 7 or 8 years now, and she has made a complete turn around, except for being food aggressive. She is my favorite driving horse because she is fearless! Bridges...
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    Pony training question?

    I'll Give that a try! Anything familiar is going to help. Right now she is giving me the "I don't know what your asking for look! "
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    Pony training question?

    Thanks I'll give that a try! The pony is just over 9 hands, So if I'm not getting good results I may hire one of the local girls to work her for me. I think I can teach the leg ques from the ground, But I'm going to have to give the reining another try! DR
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    Pony training question?

    We have a small pony[ Sugar Bear] that we got for our granddaughters [4 and 9]. the 9 year old lives several hundred miles away so she is only here in the summer and on holidays. The pony came to us with classic pony problems, because of her size she had not been handled much by an adult, and...
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    Small pony sadles

    Marty, I don't see any clip. the fender goes up under the skirt, over the bar [ tree ], and back down between the bar and padding. I would have to cut away a lot of the fender to get it over the bar. I found a weight lifters belt that I can make two mini fenders from. Ill just dye them to...
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    Small pony sadles

    Thanks All! I knew someone had been through this before. This is a very pretty little saddle that she could be in for awhile. I don't want to cut or mark up the fenders, so Ill just replace them with a 2" belt. That would let me pull them up all the way to the saddle skirt if need be. And as...
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    Small pony sadles

    Chandab, She will only be in walk and jog classes this year. She has a set of stirrups like those But they are set too far forward. they hang off the horn. I want to hang these off the tree as they should be. She has been lead lined in Gymkhana last year, but this year she wants to show and next...
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    Small pony sadles

    Our youngest granddaughter wants to show this year so we got her a small pony saddle. The saddle fits the pony's back well but is still a little big for the grand. She is 4 and still under 35 lbs. Her legs are too short for the stirrup's. What I'm thinking of doing is making a set of stirrup...
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    Barn find! Cart! What do you think??

    Heres a pic. You can see where the shafts were shortened just ahead of the dash. I also bent the shafts in and the shaft tips out to narrow them for Sparky. He is 40" tall. This pic is 6 or 7 years old and that cart is still exactly the same. And still even has the same tires! DR
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    Building my own cart

    Heres a link to the Kingston wheels. I know where Im getting my next set of wheels! http://www.kingston-saddlery.com/kss.asp?sel=product&id=C2231.MT&typ_id=60&cat=HORSE http://www.kingston-saddlery.com/kss.asp?sel=product&id=C2241.WT&typ_id=60&cat=HORSE The cast motorcycle wheels look great...
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    ??s for experienced Paraders

    Ive never been to a night parade! That looks like fun! My only advise is know who is in front and behind you. We were once behind a group of trained dogs. They ran back and forth, jumped through hoops, walked on two legs, etc... our horse wanted so bad to jump through that hoop! I spent the...