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  1. RobinRTrueJoy

    gelding older stallions

    There are just so many minis for sale, and homeless that I havent bred any of my lovely mares for two years. ( and I have always had a policy that if I couldnt afford to keep, feed and vet the babies that I wouldnt breed). I have my dream stallion, a 32 inch blue eyed, black homozygous pinto...
  2. RobinRTrueJoy

    Splash bred to splash.... any problems?

    I just found out that there is a DNA test for Splash. Can anyone tell me if there are any problems breeding splash to splash? I have had all mares and my stallion LWO tested and they are negative. Thank you, Robin
  3. RobinRTrueJoy

    stallion contract ideas needed

    Hello all, I need ideas for stallion contracts. I have a friend who wants to use my stallion to breed to her mares. He would go to her farm for the season. How much do I ask? Who is responsible if my stallion gets hurt? What happens if her mare gets hurt? Live foal garentees? He is...
  4. RobinRTrueJoy

    Cichad killers(look like wasps)

    Around the barn yards are dry lots with a lot of sandy soil. For the past three years we have these wasp like cicada killers. They are huge and scarey looking and buzz around, but they are peaceful and really are not a problem. But they do make me nervous because of their looks. I am afraid that...
  5. RobinRTrueJoy

    HEAT waves and abortion

    We are heading into another extreme heat wave in NJ, and most of the country has been in a terrible heat wave too. Last summer, I was sure that the two mares that I bred took. They didnt cycle, the others not bred did. Towards the end of last summer, we had a brutal heat wave and a few weeks...
  6. RobinRTrueJoy

    Sphynx cats... Does anyone have one or breed them here?

    My last house cat, Jack, died two years ago of renal failure/old age. We had to euthanize him. He was an ornage cat. I still really miss him. Latlely I have been thinking of getting another cat. I have always rescued, but this time I would like a Sphynx. They are hairless cats. I actually might...
  7. RobinRTrueJoy

    re-starting a green stallion

    My stallion was trained to drive last year. He has beautiful movement, a great attitiude, took to it like a duck to water, didn't mind traffic or anything.He learned really fast and actually seemd to enjoy it.He seemed to like having a job.We both enjoyed driving very much. My problem is: I...
  8. RobinRTrueJoy

    What a week! Sister injured and her husband had heart surgery

    What a week it has been! Last weekend, my sister's husband had a heart attack, then had a cardiac catheterization and then Open Heart surgery. It was touch and go for a few days, but he rallied and is doing better now. A couple days after he had his surgery, my sister was riding her bicycle(...
  9. RobinRTrueJoy

    GIANT wasps in dry lot!!!

    My main barn yards are dry lots. The horses have pasture but I do not let them on it all day long. In my stallion pen, there are these GIANT wasp like flying critters. They burrow in the ground making a mound of sandy soil with a hole(entrance I suppose) in it. They do not seem agressive and...
  10. RobinRTrueJoy

    Stolen dwarf mini in New Jersey

    Stolen from his barn yard in Franklinville, NJ. Dwarf mini( I believe bay no markings, stallion) with bad underbite, crooked legs and hunched back. His name is Gorilla. Aprrox. 24". Saw him on craigs list as stolen. Watch out for him so we can get him back to his rightful home. Thanks! Robin
  11. RobinRTrueJoy

    I goofed giving my own vaccines

    This year again, with money being so tight, I ordered and gave my own vaccines, 5 way, rabies and wnv. I skipped( by accident) giving one mare her rabies and WNV vaccine, and now she is bred maybe only about 30 days along. Is there a safe time I can give the remaining vaccines to her? I...
  12. RobinRTrueJoy

    Is she still in my name?

    I recently acquired one of my own horses back, as I heard she ws going to an auction. I hate those sales. This mare is AMHA and AMHR for sure. But the past owner can not find her AMHR papers. I was wondering if she might still be in my name and maybe I can just get another copy( paid for of...
  13. RobinRTrueJoy

    Happy Birthday to REO!

    Happy birthday to my sister friend Robin(REO). Robin is the best. She is always there to lend an ear or help whenever she can. She has the biggest heart of any one that I know. Robin, Happy Birthday! I wish you great happiness,good health, wealth and continued and even greater success in...
  14. RobinRTrueJoy

    I bought one of my mares back to prevent her from going to BAD AUCTION

    I just bought one of my babies back to prevent her from going to a bad local auction. This pinto mare is now coming 7 years old, and after she was sold,was just trained to drive but needs a lot more practice and time( I won't be able to give her that) I feel fortunate that I was notified that...
  15. RobinRTrueJoy

    color question? What should I test for?

    HI! I have never been this confused before. I can not decide what color this colt is? His dam is a silver black( silver dapple) and his sire is a black homozygous tobiano. This colt is pinto for sure, but I can not tell what color he is. His mane is black with a a spot of white in it. His tail...
  16. RobinRTrueJoy

    Do you keep your fillies from your stallion?

    I only have room for one stallion. That's ok, because I adore him. He is Havencrofts Phantom Warrior. Split black/white face with a blue eye, homozygous for tobiano, mostly white with a chest shield and black tail and has some round black spots( Not an appy). He drives, is sweet and mannerly...
  17. RobinRTrueJoy

    ooops! Silly me!

    I have had the same water trough heaters for many years. Late last spring, I bought a new one as a spare just in case, since the others were getting old. Rarely do the heaters ever trip the circuit breaker, maybe if there is a wild windy rain storm but hardly ever. During the second blizzard...
  18. RobinRTrueJoy

    I can't find womens size work gloves!

    I have been looking for womens size waterproof, insulated and warm winter work gloves. I can't seem to find any except for mens sizes and they are too big. Where do you get you gloves. I am tired of having soggy frozen hands! Thanks! Robin
  19. RobinRTrueJoy

    Speaking of scams....

    Have you had any problems? Tell me your experiences please. I have buyers wanting to buy horses using paypal. Thanks, Robin
  20. RobinRTrueJoy

    Advice needed about buying a snow blower

    I can't find a snow blower anywhere. I waited too long. I am going to try to order one on line from Lowes. I need one that will clear a good path and areas for the horses and a 500 + foot driveway at least. Something easy for ME to use. I don't want to mix gas and oil and want an electric push...