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  1. kaykay

    Do any of you sell your arts and crafts?

    Well I guess I have to disagree a bit You do have to get traffic but that is true no matter what you are selling be it crafts, horses etc. The only good thing about the economy going so bad is that people went back to wanting more simpler handmade items verses high tech items. Shoot last year from Sept through Feb we were so busy I thought I might lose it a couple times, but thats a good problem to have. When I started my Etsy store a year ago my husband had lost his job for the 2nd time in 3 years due to the economy and he was diagnosed with severe RA. Anyway I opended an Etsy store followed by an Ebay store. This is now our full time job and income. This is what we live on! If you know how to use SEO you are way ahead of the curve. I wrote a book about it that I sell on Amazon but if anyone here wants it I will email it free. Its SEO for Etsy, Ebay and blogs with strong emphasis on Etsy. Email kayscrochetpatterns@gmail.com
  2. Yes that was the one! She had been given banamine injections in her chest. I do believe she lived though! Pictures were just horrible. I didnt mean it was bad that this got brought up again just wanted people to know it was a year old thread as some were asking for answers from the OP so I thought they may not realize this is an old thread.
  3. This is an old thread that someone necroed. I will say though that years ago someone posted on here showing a mini mare this happened to. Pics were much worse than this one. She had gotten the shot in her chest and the whole thing swelled and had to be opened.
  4. kaykay

    sweetys offical foaling thread

    This is so odd. I havent posted on these but do read them. The back porch is for non mini horse posts? Confused lol.
  5. kaykay

    Need Recipes from all you canners

    My first time making peach preserves was a success! Its not quite as firm as I wanted but the taste is out of this world. We just ate some on english muffins and its like having a fresh summer peach on your muffin. I think I didn't do the hard boil long enough so be sure you do a rolling hard boil! This is a really easy recipe as you dont have to peel the peaches. The peel just disappears. Follow the directions exactly for best results. Some cut the amount of sugar but know that if you do that it may not jell. My pectin was 1.75 oz so had to open another pack Ingredients 12 fresh peaches, pitted and chopped 4 1/2 cups white sugar 1 (2 ounce) package dry pectin Directions Crush 1 cup chopped peaches in the bottom of a large saucepan. Add remaining peaches, and set pan over medium-low heat. Bring to a low boil, and cook for about 20 minutes or until peaches become liquid (my family likes a few bits of peach left) . Pour peaches into a bowl, and then measure 6 cups back into the pan. Add sugar, and bring to a boil over medium heat. Gradually stir in dry pectin, and boil for 1 minute. Remove from heat after 1 minute, and transfer to sterilized jars. Process in hot water bath canner for 10 minutes. Let cool, and place on shelf.
  6. kaykay

    Need Recipes from all you canners

    I love making applesauce and will be making some this week. If you use naturally sweet apples you dont need sugar. I also add cinnamon red hots to the sauce to add flavor and make it pink Thats how my grandma always made it. I use macintosh and honey crisp. Seems better if you use two varieties. Heres the basic recipe I use to can peaches. No I do not hot bath them and ours are always fine. 3 lbs peaches = 1 quart 1/2 Cup sugar or honey 2 Cups water Edited to add I do put fruit fresh on the peaches as soon as I cut them Bring sugar (0r honey) water to a boil. Drop prepared peaches (skinned and halved) into the hot syrup. Simmer until fruit is tender 3-5 minutes depending on ripeness. Use a slotted spoon to remove peaches halves. Place the halves cut side down and layer in jar. Bring remaining syrup back to a boil and pour over canned peaches leaving 1/2" head space. Be sure to wipe the rim clean. Immediately put on caps and rings and listen for the jar to seal. You should hear it pop almost immediately after putting the rings and seals on. BE SURE the peaches are totally covered in sugar water. Last year I had two jars where the sugar water shrank after canning so some of the peaches turned brown. Also don't forget to run a spatula or knife down the jar to remove air bubbles * to make skinning them easy drop whole peaches into boiling water for about 2 minutes. Drop into a bowl of ice water. Skins will just fall off. Be sure though if you do this not to cook them as long in the syrup. To make them spiced I put whole cloves into the peach halves and some cloves in the sugar water. Then I add some cinnamon sticks to the sugar water. I always make sure each jar has a cinnamon stick when I pour the syrup on. You can also do this for apples etc. I just found a neat peach jam recipe that you dont have to peel the peaches so I am hoping to try that today. If it comes out well I will post the recipe
  7. kaykay

    Need Recipes from all you canners

    I just got my peaches and apples. I do regular peaches and spiced peached. Also spiced applies and a friend just told me about doing apple pie in a jar. With the spiced peaches and apples I just add cloves and cinnamon sticks to the jar before you pour the sugar water over them. Last year they were gone way too fast! Everyone loved them. I also can my spaghetti sauce
  8. kaykay

    Crock Pot Receipes

    fam favorite pork chops. Even my kids who hate mushrooms love this. If I make it for company I add whole mushrooms 2 cans cream of mushroom soup 4-6 cans dawn fresh steak sauce or campbells mushroom steak sauce Center cut pork chops I brown the pork chops first but you dont have to. Combine the soups and steak sauce. Add salt & pepper and stir. Place pork chops in sauce and cook on high 4 hours or low 8 hours. The chops fall off the bone and it makes the best gravy you ever tasted!
  9. Really appreciate everyones help watching Tease while I have been sick THANK YOU

  10. If I scream UNCLE will Tease foal?

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      Try some reverse psychology-tell her not to foal because you have to take a trip. That always seems to work...at least here it does!

    3. Maple Hollow Farm

      Maple Hollow Farm

      Its worth a try LOL!

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      Take a nap, surely thats when she'll decide to foal.

  11. I so agree Doc. I am very lucky in that my neighbor runs an equine facility and I help out down there. Feature was tested and we found the right extender that did great with him. Remember there are many facilities like my neighbors that are not as expensive as using a vet. Collection fee 100.00 Inseminate a mare 35.00 Pick up at facility 50.00 Shipping US 125.00 Fed Ex next day AI in Small Equine
  12. I do not stuff the bird as all of my family likes the crispy top on the stuffing. This is my mothers recipe and I cant tell you how many people say they dont like stuffing and then they eat mine and cant get enough. 1 Roll Sausage 1 Onion 4 Celery stalks Milk Salt Pepper 1 loaf white bread 1 Egg Fry sausage and onion until done. Let cool. Cut up celery and place in small saucepan and add water to cover. Simmer until celery is soft. Do not throw out liquid! Toast loaf of bread. run 2 pieces of bread at a time under water and, wring out excess water and tear up and place in bowl. In the same bowl add the sausage, onion, celery and egg. Salt and pepper. Add about 1/4 of the celery water. Add about 1/4 C of milk. Mix all together. It should be fairly wet. If it isnt add more celery water and/or milk. We spread it on greased cookie sheets as mine like it crisp but my mom cooked it in the turkey and in a casserole dish. Bake at 350 for about 30 mins or until evenly brown. Happy Turkey day!
  13. I got your message on my profile. Please feel free to come visit! There are a couple fun shows each year that are great for kids. one in may and the other in aug

  14. We are always down in the cambride area. I should come find you sometime. Is there anything we can take our mini to. Just for fun?? He is just 8 months old.

  15. kaykay

    Barn Cameras

    Great post! I think over the years we have used every camera out there from 50.00 to 500.00 and our experience is the wired cheap security cameras work better then anything else. Even though our barn is not far from the house we have had no luck with wireless. On the GHZ if you have a wireless phone and it has the same GHZ as your wireless cam you are going to have trouble with the pic quality of your cam as the phone will interfere. Microwaves also interfere. I do use wefoal cam service and I think its worth it to have extra eyes. There are a lot of different options now such as free sites and sites that even pay you to have your cam but I have found their viewer is too small. I do like that with wefoal and marestare the viewer is larger and can be made full page etc. Also being able to record is nice and usually the free services do not offer that.